Tuesday, August 23, 2016



The area that WUZ the garden iz in FRONT an'mom 
thinkz I will run off if 
I am not on a walkin'string.
(now we all know it iz our PEEPZ who will run off, NOT us)
Anyway, while out there I got tue
haf a meetin'with Saint Francis of Assisi-
he iz there tue keep us safe.
~Lady Shasta~

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Clozin'Ceremoniez an'Wrap-Up Pawty - Blogville 2016 Pawlympikz

It iz hard fer this little Beagle mind tue realize that the 
Blogville 2016 Pawlympikz iz comin'tue a cloze.

There iz so furry much goin'on
all over Blogville.
Fer the best seat in town an'tue git
the lo-down on all of what iz happenin'then
head over tue

if u click on this link-
Pawlympiks Wrap-Up Pawty
u will b magikally transported there. 

Now I can hear an'c that all the festivitiez r
well under way so I am headed over there now. 
~Lady Shasta~

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Pawlympics - Smileys event - final event

Well since this post iz late in the day
(thank-u furry much mom - NOT!)
it will b one of thoze short butt sweet kind.
Az u can c, tue-day'z event - Smiley's - wuz 
the event on this, the final day of 
Blogville'z 2016 Pawlympicz!
Tue-morrow r the clozin'ceremoniez.
You can also click on that link fer
more infermashun'bout that.

Smileyz hosted by 

at leest my mom r'membered tue send in my entry-

If, fer sum reezon,(like u haf a mom like mine) u haf not bin over tue 
c all the athletez in this event-
by all meanz click on that link above.
So furry many great smileyz, 
no wunder we all received

Don't fergit tue check on the
Blogville Pawlympicz
I will haf a link here tue it.

~Lady Shasta~

Friday, August 19, 2016

Pawlympics Today - Stuffy Deading & Freestyle Napping

The 2016 Blogville Pawlympics r windin'down tue the end.
On this, the next tue the last day,
there wuz TWO eventz-

In no pawtikular order we had the 
Freestyle Nappin'hosted by HAILEY.
I, Lady Shasta, got in sum good nappin'time on my
Beagle bed
All of the athletez in this event put in such 
most pawsum performancez that we ALL received-

This next event wuz a little speshal fer me'n mom cuz
Angel Shiloh requested tue b a pawt of it.
Angel Shiloh loved Stuffy Deading -
the other Pawlympic event hosted tue-day by
With the truly endless supply of stuffiez at the 
Rainbow Bridge,
Angel Shiloh haz no truble maintainin'hiz 
gold medal winnin'teknique

And like wuz pointed out over at Dory's Backyard
a lady can b coy an'still b a stuffy deader
(not tue menchun overstuffed sofa armz)
Once agin, there wuz just so furry much 
ENORMUS amount of
skill in this event that 
efury single one of the athletez hadta b
awarded a

Tue-morrow will b the final day of compitishun which
will b the 
Smiley event hosted by
Arty also at Dory's Backyard - 
I, Lady Shasta, will agin b pawticipatin'so
b shure tue stop by.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pawlympicz - an'a Speshal Birthday, #Smile4Sugar

 Tue-day wuz anuther fun-lled day at the
 2016 Blogville Pawlypicz.

There wuz 2 eventz tue-day -
Raspberries/Tongue Curling hosted by 
(thank-u furry much mom fer 
NOT gittin'my entry in - NOT!!!)

The other event, which I did compete, in wuz the 
Ear Flappin'event hosted by
The Daily Bone.
Just look at all thoze most pawsum athletez-
iz it any wunder we wuz ALL 

Tue-day iz also a speshal day fer a dear furrend tue 
all of Blogville-

I, Lady Shasta wishez Sugar a 


I am givin'Sugar one of my best

#Smile4Sugar, smilez.