Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Mischiff

We Beaglebratz don't git furry many spam commentz at all so this one kinda took us by surprize,
 even our mom wuz a bit surprized cuz 
it showed up in our regular commentz.  
We figured that cuz there WUZ a name on it-
that'z how it snuck by our spam d-tector BUTT,
by readin'what it sed - kinda sounded A LOT like what
sum of our furrendz haf gotten.
Here'z that comment-
"Great post regarding online auctions i will follow your instruments of Frankin. Thank for sharing."
Now this comment he/she left wuz left after the 
guest post dun by Frankie an'Ernie - BUTT we don't even r'member Frankie talkin'boutz "instruments" - due u?  An'iz
Frankin a'nuther name fur Frankie?

Then he/she sed that Frankie an'Ernie did
a great job'talkin'boutz
online aucshonz-
Iz he/she readin'sumthin'we don't?
Cuz we Beaglebratz ain't shure what
online aucshunz he/she iz talkin'boutz -
Frankie an'Ernie did a great guest post
(after all, they gave us Beaglebratz an'our mom rave reviewz fur which
we'all are most humbled by an'furry much appreciate)
BUTT we BEAGLEBRATZ don't r'member talkin'boutz no 
no online aucshon - we just
had a badge fur it on 
our blog an'it
ain't there now.

Well anywho - that iz all we haz fur now-
mom better git her fingerz tip-tappin'away
on the'puter if SHE IZ GONNA HELP us reach
1000 postz by the end of this year
(thank goodness fur the guest bloggerz we haz lined up already-
at leest we gotzTHEIR help!

~Diva Shasta'n Shiloh-Lord of the Manor~

Saturday, July 26, 2014


This iz gonna b a short post fur now-

it iz only 10:30am an'mom sez already 90 degreez-

We Beaglebratz r HOT!!!!!!!!
(that'z tempz)

Just like we Beaglebratz (mom tue)

haz set that HUGE goal of 1000 postz by the end 

of THIS year,

So tue haz our good furrend,

an'it includez giveawayz-

that'z rite, u cood b able

tue git in on TWO giveawayz!

So click on that link above tue

go over there an'find out all'boutz 

it - we gotta go cool off now.

BUTT ya gotta hurry over there-

it only lastz a few more hourz!



~Shiloh-Lord of the Manor'n Diva Shasta~

Friday, July 25, 2014


for Murphy & Stanley

One day last week the doorbell rang – of course we Beaglebratz had tue alert our mom in case she hadn’t herd it – u know how sum peepz r when they git older – she just told us tue b quiet az she went tue the door tue c who it wuz.  Welllllllllll, when mom opened the door, there wuz no peep there butt there wuz a box – a BIG box.  Now we Beaglebratz knew that when a box comez tue our door then it iz uzually fur us sooooo we d-sided tue follow mom az she tugged an’pushed an'wiggled an'wrangled the BIG box in-tue the livin’room.

Now we Beaglebratz cood tell this wuz NOT a box cuz their familiar logo wuzn’t there an’b-sidez, we had NEVER seen such a big box frum sooooooo, who wuz it frum an’what wuz in such a box?
(NOT like this box - it wuz a BIG box'n no logo)

Well, like uzual when a box comez tue the house, Diva Shasta kinda hangz bak an’let ME – Shiloh the Macho Man, the Lord of the Manor, take over. (wunder if it haz sumthin’tue due with that little nip on the ear I gave her when she wuz a pup an’we wuz after the same treat az it fell outta the Christmas stockin’BUTT – I digress)  ANYWHO………….

So mom left the box sittin’in the middle of the livin’room then walked off tue the kitchen fur who knowz what reezon.  I, Shiloh-Lord of the Manor, wuz torn – tue follow mom an’may-b git sumthin’yummerlishus OR stay here an’check out the BOX – what tue due oh what tue due.  BUTT THEN, I notised sumthin’odd (even more odd then Diva Shasta?) – yes, def’nitely furry much odd- the BIG box had HOLEZ in it!  

I had NEVER seen a box with HOLEZ in it b-4 (oh yeah, when mom took me tue Petsmart one time, the peep there wuz uzin'a box with holez in it tue carry a little critter) butt that wuz a small box-
this box wuz a BIG box - with holez in it.

All of a sudden I, Shiloh-Lord of the Manor, herd a noize - it came frum INSIDE the box!  Diva Shasta made a b-line fur mom BUTT I stood MY ground - whatever wuz in that box wuz 'boutz tue b x-pozed fur what it really wuz'n I - Shiloh the MACHO MAN - the Lord of the Manor wuz gonna b the one tue due it!

When I opened the box I was startled to find...


 "HEY MOM - What iz this, I asked - ain't me'n Diva Shasta enuf here?"

Mom - "Hiz NAME iz Hector an'he will keep u 2 company - iz hiz cage in that box?"

I didn't know - I didn't care - it wuz time fur it tue fly away.  BUTT I knew mom - if SHE wanted a Hector then Hector wood b stayin'!
"Mom - here iz hiz cage"

Sheesh, I, Shiloh-the MACHO MAN, the 
Lord of the Manor thought, 
what'z next fur 
the Beaglebratz Manor?


Thursday, July 24, 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT on Thankful Thursday an'join in the Barks & Bytes Blog Hop

Well, furst we Beaglebratz wood like tue thank

Ann & her girls over at Zoolatry

fur this most AWESOME pikchure!

Now - fur the REST of the story-

Sum of u may already know that

Team Beaglebratz iz aimin'fur

1000 postz by the end of THIS YEAR!

An'if u wood like tue help-

there r ackcually 2 wayz u can help us

acheeve that most auspishus goal.

FURST - u can chooze tue b a GUEST BLOGGER at

Team Beaglebratz.
This iz open tue
anybuddy, any speciez - even peepz here
in Blogville.

We haf already had 2 guest postz with 
at leest 2 - 4 more waitin'in the wingz!

Furst wuz Easy's guest post 

then came

Frankie an'Ernie's guest post

The other way u cood help- 
we wood gladly accept ideaz fur postz.
We still haf close tue 300 postz tue due b-tween NOW an'THEN soooo,
any ideaz r welcome!

If u wood like tue help, pleeze leeve us a comment an'we will b in touch with u.

Now if u furgit missed this furry much


due not dispair-

we will likely re-post this announcement

a few more timez later.

~Shiloh-Lord of the Manor'n Diva Shasta~
Mom Kim tue!

By the way, along with joinin'in the 
Thankful Thurzday Blog Hop,


Heart Like A Dog2 Brown Dawgs

2 Brown Dawgs

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


July 25, 2014 iz the date we r talkin’boutz! 
An’what mite b happenin’on that day u ask?
Welllll, we Beaglebratz iz gonna tell u’all–


akchully, the BESTEST way tue find out-

just click on this link tue
tue find out ALL'BOUTZ
Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails!

~Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta~ 

PeeEss - haven't bin around much the past couple of dayz- 
REALLY HOT here - mom sez even now iz 102 d-greez (same az REALLY HOT) an'mom thinkz the AC iz NOT duin'furry much good.