Friday, June 23, 2017

Wayyy #Flashback Friday plus 2

Every Friday the FiveSibes host the Flashback Friday Blog Hop.  If you have a special photo (or 2 or 3 or ...) share them in a post each week then link up below to join the fun.

This week, I was looking through some old photos and ran across several I want to use for a FF post - I tried to narrow it down to one but I couldn't so these two ended up here.  Not real sure when these two pictures were taken - my Angel Oreo went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2007 and in this picture, my deck had not yet been built.  I know that Lady Shasta joined us in late November of 2006 and in this picture, Angel Shiloh was pretty young so I'm guessing early 2005 which would have made him around 2 years old.

I do remember this next picture was of our 1st Christmas together - 2003. Angel Shiloh was already a big boy - being born in March of that same year.  Angel Shiloh and Angel Oreo were best buds (future FF posts?).

~Mom Kim~

Friday, June 16, 2017

A late Flashback Friday with Angel Shiloh & Lady Shasta & Miss Maizie

I am sooo very late getting this post up-
hosts this Flashback Friday Blog Hop & you still
have 6 more days to add a Flashback Friday post.

Something took place earlier this evening that prompted me to look for this picture of Lady Shasta using the sofa table as a safety zone to get away from Angel Shiloh during one of their many play-times.

You may be wondering what it was that 
prompted me to first search for that picture &
then share it here-
in a few years it too could be seen on
Flashback Friday but
I will not make you wait that long.
Here they are-

Even tho Lady Shasta is a bit bigger now she remembered what a 
good safety zone that table made and 
she could still fit when she
used it when Miss Maizie kept pestering her.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

An evening of Sunday Selfies with the Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor

Us ladiez r joinin'in the
hosted by
The Cat On My Head.
You still haf time 2 join in-
it lastz fer 4 more dayz.

HEY MOM!  It'z time 2 eat - NOW!
                             I'm Miss Maizie            I'm Lady Shasta
We're gonna share a couple of pichurez with u.

MOM - I'm tryin'2 git in a snooze here!

MOM! - Do u have a problem with me snoozin?

So I fetched an orange tennis ball - whatcha starin'at?

I know - I am just so furry much stunnin'u can't help starin!

That'z all!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Flashback Friday Blog Hop on Saturday

This Flashback Friday post is 
actually going to end up on Saturday-
just read about this on Facebook.

Some of you do a 
flashback Friday blog post so why not just
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Flashback Friday Blog Hop hosted by 
every Friday but it continues until the following Friday so
you could go ahead and link up what you did today
or Friday, 6/9/17.

Ok - so this was not so long ago-
only a little over a month.
The day Miss Maizie came to 
live with me and Lady Shasta-

If you haven't had a chance to read about 
Miss Maizie then 
to get caught up.

~Mom Kim~

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Don't let this cute face fool ya on Wordless Wednesday

We r linkin'up with this week'z

This iz me, Lady Shasta-
matriarch of Beaglebratz Manor.
Mom sez my cute little face cood fool ya butt 
I just don't unnerstand y she sed that.

THIS face iz really the one that can 
fool ya into thinkin'she iz sooo
cute an'sweet!
THIS iz Miss Maizie

You'all can judge fer yourselvez-
                            needz to lern sum mannerz'bout                            respektin'their elderz!

You'all c what I hafta put up with now?