Monday, July 20, 2015

Just a note.........

Mom Kim here - I just wanted to stop by and let you all know we are still around - I think.  I also want to say a HUGE thank-you for the prayers and well wishes

  My 5th cornea transplant in my rite eye was 6/23/15 and the first post-op appointment was the next day.  It started out good but rapidly went downhill.  Oh the transplant itself was good however due to the condition of my eye - I had developed low eye pressure, lower then it had been before.  That was treated and by the next day it was already beginning to improve.  Over the next 3 weeks I also developed an epithelial defect or like a skin tear on the cornea and a Herpes Simplex eye infection, both of which I had before so I knew what I was dealing with - they have both been treated and are now healed.  Through it all, the transplant is doing good and my specialist is pleased with it - he is just a tid-bit frustrated (my level of frustration was way beyond that) with all the little bumps in the road that has slowed down the healing process.

So where does all this leave me as of now - what with those 3 complications plus the stitches my vision has not improved  - yet.  As with anything like this. it is totally uncertain how much my vision will improve. (rite before the cornea transplant my vision was a bit better than it is now).

As of now, going back to work is not an option - not sure at this time if it ever will be an option.  I am trying hard not to climb the walls as it has now been over 7 months since this all started - I do get out occasionally for doc appointments and usually weekly for other errands with my sis but thank goodness for the Beaglebratz.

Since it is really difficult to get this typed, have no idea when we all will be back.
 The Beaglebratz are doing well.  In my last post (NOT the dawgs) I told you about the tug-o-war that Lord Shiloh entertained me with while Lady Shasta watched from the comfort of her couch.  Well, this time he decided to leave me out of it and was able to get Lady Shasta off her throne the couch to join him in the game plus having a barking contest to see who could bark the loudest plus a race around the living-room.

Guess I will stop this for now - miss you all and if you have a moment, PLEASE say a prayer, especially for my sanity.


Monday, June 22, 2015


Lord Shiloh of Beaglebratz Manor & Lady Shasta

Ferst order of bizness-
 az u'all know, our mom iz havin'a
oper-a-shun tue-morrow.
This meanz we b stayin'with
aunt sis fur a few dayz BUTT
we WILL b home later this week'n
our mom'n aunt sis will b around here
a bit tue.

Now fer the 2nd thing - kinda hard.
One of the hardest thingz 'bout bein'away frum Blogville,
b-sidez missin'u'all,
iz when we can come bak'n hearin'bout
all our furrendz who haf crossed the 
Rainbow Bridge while we wuz gone.
Then there r thoze that 
cross the Bridge just az
we git bak this time.
ferst we herd'bout
Then we herd'bout
durin'the great squirrelie hunt'n
in the same day we herd'bout
We know there haf bin 
TOO MANY otherz, 
wooferz'n meowzerz who haf crossed
the Rainbow Bridge-
we iz all saddened tue hear this.

Not shure when we'all will b bak,
guess we'll bark at'ya then.

Friday, June 19, 2015


Mom Kim here - I have a cornea transplant 

scheduled for this coming Tuesday - 6/23/15.  

Outside of knowing  the schedule of post-op  

appts. up tomiddle of August, I know nothing 

else as to what will happen after that.

Since February of 2010, this was my third 

fungal infection in the only eye I have vision in.

As my specialist has said, "the condition of the

eye is deteriorating and the prognosis is poor"

and I know this past year has been the most 

difficult to maintain adequate vision to work.

Then earlier this year I had to have corrective 

plastic surgery to fix a droopy lower eyelid in

an attempt to improve the condition of that eye.

This fix is not guaranteed to work the rest of 

life and the surgery may need to be repeated.

I also had a procedure to transplant stems cells 

from my blind (otherwise healthy) eye to my 

rite eye also not a guaranteed fix for the rest of 

my life as is this cornea transplant not a 

guaranteed fix.  I still have to use this size font 

if/when I use the computer and even it is not

clear - also have to stand most of the time and 

lean in to the monitor.  Enuf of that - now on to

a happier note.


 Earlier this evening Lord Shiloh entertained me

with a rousing game of tug with one of the 

dog's floppy plush toys - since he is going on 

13, this is something of a HUGE rarity.  Lady 

Shasta on the other hand decided to sit (or 

should I say lay) this one out by staying on the 

couch and watching Lord Shiloh as if to say - 

What a weirdo - it is the night time and time to 


Ok - time to rest the eye and the back.  I will try

to be around some  Sometime, maybe I will do 

some catching up - I know there have been 

several changes in Blogville - both happy and

sad.  And I know that me and the Beaglebratz 

miss all of you.

Friday, April 17, 2015


Hi all - Mom Kim here.  Not staying long - this is still extremely difficult to b online.  Vision remains low at this time.  Remember that fungal infection of my eye that was caught early and treatment began immediately - didn;t make any difference because the condition of my eye is so poor overall. (in case someone is reading this who doeesn;t know - I am already blind in my left eye so when I have problems with my rite then it really plays havoc with my life).   So when I went to bed on December 13 vision was still decent BUT when I woke up the next day - vision was in the toilet.  There have been soooooooooo many appointments with my cornea specialist since then.  PLUS on January 2 of this year, I had plastic surgery for a droopy eyelid and to tighten up the corners of my eyelid - little to no healing of the funal infection would happen until this was done plus I would have trouble  shutting my eye if this was not done.  Ok - things began healing after that but vision did not improve since the overall condition of my eye remains damaged.  Soooooo, on March 2 of this year, my cornea specialist took stem cells of my healthy altho blind left    eye and transplanted them onto my bad rite eye in an attempt to get it healthy which as of this past Tuesday - IT IS WORKING!  

However (hate that word) the specialist found something else - a small bit of a Herpes eye infection HOWEVER (ok- this can be a good word too) I have had that MANY times and it really wasn;t that bothersome and it has already begun healing with no adverse affects.  And since I am not working anyway (no work since 12/15/14) didn;t really interfere with that. 

So now what?  Waiting for my next cornea transplant which is likely 3 months away once the Herpes eye infection is cleared.  Have no idea if my vision will improve enuf before that to go bak to work. 

The Beaglebratz are doing well - enjoying their time with mom.  Lord Shiloh of the Beaglebratz Manor remains ever diligent in keeping intruders at bay (yes, pun intended).  There has been a slight name change - LADY Shasta keeps her mom comfy and feeling safe by staying close (as in snuggling).  Of course they do take breaks so that they can continue their saga over at the DACHSIES WITH MOXIE  blog.

Ok- enuf for now - need to rest a bit (even tho I am sitting most of the time as I am typing, I do have to get close to the screen to proofread even this print)  Have NO idea when we will b bak.  Hope all is well with you all and Blogville.  I am on Facebook (Kim Brooks)  where my sis can check my timeline for me.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A bit more update – good and not so good

Mom Kim here – not a lot of time to post lately and the Beaglebratz are NOT happy about that.

 First - I MUST give a HUGE thanks to Ann from Zoolatry  for such a beautiful and festive header/background- 
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! 

Did have an appointment with my cornea specialist -  the good was that my vision had improved a bit which I knew since I am back at work.  HOWEVER, the not so good part is that it looks like I now have my 3rd Fungal infection in that eye;  There is still good news in that this infection has just started – the signs are there and I am already being treated for this infection so HOPEFULLY and I pray that it doesn’t get any worse.  The pharmacy had to order the anti-fungal eyedrop I need but it will be here tomorrow; it will mess up my vision altho to what extent I don’t know for sure since it was caught so quickly.  I am also on an anti-fungal pill (already had one) so like I said, since it was caught sooner than the other two -  it hasn’t fully developed yet – maybe I won’t even miss any work.
So that is about all I know for now - the Beaglebratz have been getting A LOR of Christmas cards and I have gotten a couple - wonder why so many for them and not so many for me?  Oh- to Denny and Riley - they got your box in the mail and theirs will go out this weekend (maybe sooner).  Our Christmas cards will be going out this weekend I hope - at least some of them.
Ok - gotta end this for now - Shiloh an'Diva Shasta do miss you all and will be back as soon as possible.
Mom Kim

PS - The Beaglebratz are doing well by the way.  Feeling good that Shiloh has slept in bed with me'n Diva Shasta the last couple of nights after sleeping on his blanket on the floor for several months.  He won't let me help him get up and kinda hesitates at first but then up he goes.  It put a smile on my face AND heart.  Maybe that supplement he is on is helping him more than I realized - I knew he has been moving and running more easily but this was a new development.