Monday, September 19, 2016

Talk like a Pirate Day

Avast there me mateyz-
this fair maiden, Lady Shasta 
comez talkin'like a pirate tue-day kinda late. 

My mom seemz like a bit of a Squiffy sumtimez cuz
I ain't postin'or commentin'like I want.
Butt she really ain't no skallywag-
how due u say in pirate speak that 
she'z weedin'out an'packin'the house sum more so
we can set sail tue 
a'nuther pirate cove.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Treats for Lexi Day

This iza blog hop hosted by 
aza tribute tue 
hiz sweetheart,
who left fer the Rainbow Bridge
bak on September 4th, 2016.

I, Lady Shasta,
like a whole lotta other woofiez an'kittiez,
share a love of treatz with Lexi sooo
theze r sum of my fav'rit treatz that
mom can git me tue 
due trickz an'obedience stuffz fer-
Mom got me theze in Kansas City after
1 of her doc appointmentz.

Then I got theze yummy treatz in my Easter basket.
Sumtimez treatz on a holiday r the best cuz u don't 
hafta due nuthin'fer'em.

 Dearest Angel Lexi-
I miss u an'wish I cood share all of my treatz with u.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

#TongueOutTuesday with Lady Shasta

Hey all - it'z time fer

this ain't me-




THIS IZ ME!!!!!!!

Hope u'all haf a
Happy Tongue Out Tuesday!

~Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor~

Monday, September 12, 2016

Me and a friend on a lazy Monday

My mom iz 
around here sumwhere duin'stuffz while
I iz just kinda hangin'out with 
one of my friendz

What'z this?
An introoder!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't u c this iza 
lazy sesshun an'u
iz not pawt of it!
Now u go due what u due an'take
your finger with u OR
it just mite majikally disappear!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Can't b Werdless This Wednezday

I just can't b werdless on this speshal Wednezday.
There iz sum neeto-sweeto stuffz goin'on in Blogville tue-day!

So ferst of all-
due u'all r'member bak erlier this summer,
bak on July 11th?
That'z when Dougie Dog an'me ferst got tue-gether fer
Christmas'z Blogville Summer Dance.

Tue-day Christmas iz hostin'the
an'once agin, Dougie Dog an'me iz there-
If u hazn't bin by then
just click on that link above.

Now then, there iz sumthin'else 
speshal happenin'tue-day!

Sumbody iz havin'a speshal day tue-day -
I herd that he iz selebratin'hiz
12th barkday tue-day an'he iz
havin'a GIVE-A-WAY 
tue selebrate!
Make shure tue click on that link tue
go over an'wish Oz a happee barkday'an
check out hiz give-a-way.

Ok - I gotta git bak tue the Tea Pawty'an
Dougie Dog now.

~Lady Shasta~