Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Remember this - Blogville Dino Dig Fest?

A wize an'former mayor of Blogville once told us 

Beaglebratz that

we cood due this anytime soooooo

Mom sed our ‘puter’z little black box (modem) wuz messed up fur a few dayz 
(we Beaglebratz say yeah, rite– 
messed up by thoze rascally squirreliez iz more like it) so we MISSED 
Blogvilles Dino Dig Day 
(butt like Frankie told us, Blogville makez it’s own rulez) so we iz postin'that tue-day.

Diva Shasta got an erly start on 
practisin'her diggin'skillz

Diva Shasta an'Shiloh-Lord of the Manor-
The Diggin'Duo-

The next 2 pikchurez show how
I, Shiloh-Lord of the Manor putz
whatever I need to make shure the hole iz
dug prawperly.

I, Shiloh-Lord of the Manor - may look like
I am lyin'down on the job but my pawz r still movin'

Shiloh wuz checkin'out under the deck while
Diva Shasta b-gan her diggin'

 Yep - I, Shiloh-Lord of the Manor can
dig wherever it'z needed-

Here I am, Shiloh, even 
diggin'in a snowstorm-

I, Shiloh-Lord of the Manor - needz tue
keep practisin'whenever I can-

Never know when thoze diggin'skillz will b
put tue the test-

Ok - so may-b not diggin'straight down BUTT
there just MIGHT b a reward out fer what iz on the other side-

Lookin'fer a place tue dig-

Nope - can't dig here-
Diva Shasta nozin'out the pawfect dig while
Shiloh iz still sniffin'

~Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta~
The Diggin'Duo

Sunday, September 14, 2014

2nd post on National Pet Memorial Day - Angelz Oreo, Kryket & Kammie

September 14th iz Nashunal Pet Memorial Day.
It wuz listed on 
we don't c nuthin'wacky'boutz it.
We think it iz a furry much great holiday!

Way bak in February mom fergot tue 
due sumthin'that wuz furry much impawtent sooo-
we Beaglebratz wood like tue 
take this time tue r'member our own angel-

Fer any who mite not haf herd,
I, Shiloh-now Lord of the Manor,
grew up with my little "big" bruther Oreo

While Diva Shasta wuz only'boutz
4 monthz old when
Angel Oreo left fer the Bridge
an'cuz of hiz health an'her rambuncshunus,
they never really knew each other well sooo-
it wuz MY job tue tell her'boutz her 
little "big" bruther Angel Oreo'n
how great a job he did raizin'me.

My little "big" bruther Angel Oreo taught
me, Shiloh-Lord of the Manor how tue
b a good big bruther tue Diva Shasta
My 2nd Christmas(2004) with my 
little "big" bruther.

Here iza couple pikchurez of 
Angel Oreo when
he wuz a puppy

All the wimmen loved Oreo

Oreo wuz a furry much happee woofie

Tributez fer Angel Oreo
(our mom got the birth year wrong)

Here r 2 other woofiez our mom had long b-4 us
This iz Angel Kammie.
Mom adopted her frum our local shelter who sed
she wuz pawt Sheltie
 (Theze 2 pikchurez r old an'were scanned which 
mom sez iz y they r poor quality - WHATEVER)

Here iz Angel Kryket- 
mom got her frum a pet store B-4
she knew better
Pet store sed may-b pawt Rat Terrier BUTT
Mom thinkz may-b pawt Border Terrier.

Theze were mom'z - there wuz family 
woofie angelz butt no pikchurez.

Rememberin'little (big) GRETA on National Pet Memorial Day

We Beaglebratz LOVE this pikchure of Greta-
it sez so much'boutz her.  We can just imagine a converzashun Greta wood b havin'with anuther woofie-

WOOFIE: You can't due that, u r tue small.

GRETA: Who - me?  Tue small?  Are u shure?
I don't think so - may-b u need glassez.  

No matter what she wanted tue due - she'd due it - u coodn't keep her frum it.  She wuz in-tue EVERYTHING - frum the b-ginnin'-

                "Naughty" Greta
Little (big) Greta wuz only 2 yearz old when she left this world fer the Rainbow Bridge - far tue young.  We all miss u dear Greta.

Team Beaglebratz

Friday, September 12, 2014

This iz s'poze tue b Furrendz on Friday - NOT - INSTEAD it'z mom'z mischiff

 an'it'z all mom'z fault!

R'member this post?
an'this pikchure that
our friend Ann at Zoolatry so grashushly made fer us?

Well, x-cept fer one guest post we haf waitin'tue post an'all
the otherz who haf helped us out-
An'due u know y we haf no more?
Well, it ain't cuz of no offerz-
no sirree bob!
We haf had many more offerz BUTT
our mom iz bein'kind of a
Imagine that - our mom.
After SHE convinced us Beaglebratz tue
agree tue a goal of 1000 postz by the end of THIS year.

Ok - enuf mom bashin'fer now-
she SEZ she realizez the error of her wayz'n
will help us werk on it this weekend.
She SEZ she will b reviewin'an'contactin'otherz who
haf so willingly offered their help.

After all, we due need tue b nice tue her
(y we ain't shure)
Oh yeah, the food, treatz, toyz an'sum of
this other stuff

~Diva Shasta, Shiloh-Lord of the Manor~ 
~an'Mom Kim~

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Late Tribute - Remembering 9/11 (our 2nd post today)

We all at Team Beaglebratz wanted to take a moment to remember and pay tribute to all those who lost their lives and those whose lives were somehow forever changed on this most horrific day.