Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday Selfies with a touch of Caturday Art

Thank you to the Kitties Blue from 
The Cat On My Head for hosting the  

Not shure y mom thought this wood make a good 
pikchure fer a Sunday Selfie blog post -
I mean yea, we r both lookin'at the camera while 
we iz sunbathin'butt my face, Lady Shasta, lookz
so white.  Then I guess mom thought that by
addin'a purty frame -
that wood make it even better - WHATEVER!
Floral frame from Pizap.

Mom iz gittin'a late start on this butt
 did not want to miss out on linkin'up to the
with your hostess
Athena Cat Goddess.

Oh since mom d-sided to do TWO blog hopz in one post,
she is addin'the link up fer the 
Sunday Selfies Blog Hop ferst then
the link up fer the 
Caturday Art Blog Hop second.

Friday, July 13, 2018

A late #FlashbackFriday

Joining with the FiveSibes for their
(even if it is a late blog post.)

Last week on Wednesday was July 4th and my Ladiez
Today, I am flashing back to when the original 
Team Beaglebratz played those roles.

Lady Shasta  and   Lord Shiloh
                       2011     3/26/03 - 3/9/16


                      Lord Shiloh   2014    Lady Shasta                     

So even if it does say Friday, you have all week if you want to join us
you have until next Friday to link up.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

#ThreeDogBakery makez anyday speshal

Disclaimer    The Ladiez of Beaglebratz Manor, as influencers for
has been given the opportunity to enjoy some of their products as
taste-tasters and in return the Ladiez offer their honest opinions only.
No other form of compensation is involved. 

The Ladiez also offer you a 
20% discount when placing an order with
When you go to the check-out area then
just enter the code BEAGLES to
receive your discount.
 Lady Shasta here - let me c what iz in here.

Just lookit all theze yummy goodiez us Ladiez gotz frum 
our frendz at 

(mom sez we gotzta share sum with our fur-cuzin - our mom iz weird like that sumtimez.)

Here iza better pikchure of what all wuz in that box-
We will tell u'all'bout each of them.

Lookz like Miss Maizie found the
And here iz a pikchure of what thoze treatz look like-
Our mom wuz really impressed with theze cuz 
they r so healthy fer us.
Frum our mom - they contain Faba Bean Flour which iz 
gluten free an'higher in protein content than wheat flour.
Here r the rest of the ingredientz-
turkey meal, pea flour, cheeze powder, glycerine, flax seed, dried pork fat, canola oil, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), 
beta carotene uzed fer color, 
citric acid'n mixed tocopherols fer preservative. 
The two flavorz make them twice az yummy an'theze treatz r great fer any size dog.  

I, Lady Shasta coodn't d-side at first-
they all looked so good-
do I try the Chiken an'Waffle treatz or the
Banana Split Waferz?
I choze the 
You know how peepz scream fer 
ice cream an'u scream fer ice cream well when 
we saw theze treatz they had us screamin'fer ice cream.
Theze waferz haf 3 yummy flaverz-
the mini Cherry Carob Chip Waferz, tiny Banana Nut'n the 
tiny Vanilla Waferz.  
Here r thoze ingredientz that give'em all this yumminess-
Wheat flour, honey, canola oil, carob chipz, chopped p-nutz, dried cane molasses, black cherry flavor, dried whole egg, titanium dioxide fer color, 
banana flavor, marshmallow flavor, vanilla powder, 
sodium bicarbonate (bakin'soda), 
red carmine fer color, bakin'powder, 
citric acid'n mixed tocopherols fer preservativez
Here r thoze
A lot of peepz know the yumminess of such a dish - 
chiken'wafflez - u got your savory'n your sweet'n now peepz can
share thoze flavorz with us doggiez!
Agin, theze r grain free an'gluten free makin'theze treatz good fer us doggiez with sensitive tummiez.
Az u can c, theze treatz, like the ferst two, haf dif'rent sizez in'em  so they r good fer multi-dog furmiliez.
Now pay close attenchun to theze ingredientz'n u will c where
thoze yummy flavorz come frum-
Pea flour, potato flour, chiken meal, tapioca starch, glycerin, canola oil, dried cane molassez, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), nachural waffle flavor, nachural rich maple flavor, baking powder (corn starch, sodium bicarbonate, monocalcium phosphate, ammonium bicarbonate), 
citric acid'n mixed tocopherols fer preservative.

Here'z anuther quik pikchure to remind u'all of
all the yumminess that we just told u'bout.

By the way, all theze treatz can b broken in
smaller piecez if needed.
(altho we don't unnerstand y your peepz wood want to)
And of course theze treatz r all made rite here in the USA!
Oh an'of course there iz one more furry much impawtent thing we need to tell u'all-

Monday, July 9, 2018

Awww ... Monday Blog Hop with Mom on Monday

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