Thursday, July 21, 2016

Round and round it goes - #ChewyInfluencer

Mom reminded me 2 make shure I linked this post 2 the Blog Hop hosted by

Thanx u 2!

Like sum of u, my mom gitz an email frum
Miss Sydney @ each month with
all kindz of dif'rent goodiez we can try in x-change fer
our honest opinion - well July wuz no dif'rent.
Mom d-sided 2 surprize me an'did NOT
discuss with me what 2 git this month.

I herd a knok on the door an'barked 2 let mom know sumthin'wuz here-

Here iz what it wuz-

Outward Hound Treat Chaser Dog Toy

Mom r'membered that even Angel Shiloh coodn't open the 
Chewy boxez WITHOUT her help an'helped me open this 1.
Hmmm - wunder what I gotz?

Anuther box-

I checked it out-

May-b there wuz a way I cood git in 2 it- 

It did look promisin'BUTT 
alas, it wuz not meant 2 b-
I hadta ask mom 4 help.

Now pleeze x'cuze the quality of theze pikchurez-
az uzual mom sed I moved 2 much an'that iz y sum r blurry-
Az u'all can c....
once mom got the 
Outward Hound Treat Chaser Dog Toy
out of the box with MY help then she
added sum treatz... 

it wuz full speed ahead!

Me an'that treat ball went here, there an'everywhere!
Now az u'all can c here-
I am totally in2 this treat ball so
while I keep on chekin'it out 2
make shure it ain't hidin'anymore treatz, 
I will let my mom fill u in on the stuff your peepz want 2 know.
Oh butt first I wanted 2 tell'ya,
if I can keep my pawz frum hittin'that treat ball long enuf - 
I give the Outward Hound Treat Chaser Dog Toy-
As I have mentioned a few times before. I am always on the look-out for anything that will keep Lady Shasta's mind busy and her body active and this treat ball filled both of those requirements.  I like the way it is made because it wobbles and may go in different directions no matter which way the dog hits it.  Lady Shasta has knocked it about quite a bit - on carpet and hard floor and it has stood the test of use.  I did read the reviews on Chewy's website - I think the few complaints there were centered around the holes in the ball being too large so that the treats came out too easily - REALLY?  That's the worst?  What about the hundreds of dog treats out there - all different sizes; what about just finding a treat that would not come out so easy?  I think that would just add to the fun activity you could share with your dog - finding the treat that works best!  And right now, with our daily temps averaging between 95 and 100, having something fun for Lady Shasta to do indoors is an added bonus.  Yep, if I could, I'd give it 4 paws up too!

Here is a list of key benefits that is listed on's website-

  • Interactive, treat-seeking doggy fun
  • Keeps your pup playing longer
  • Made with durable food-safe plastic
  • Spin & whirl action
  • 2 treat chutes
  • BPA, PVC, & phthalate free

We were sent one,
Outward Hound Treat Chaser Dog Toy
for our honest opinion only.
There was no other compensation involved.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Speshal vizitorz

Mom an'me wuz out walkin'the other day on the groundz of
the Kansas His'try Museum-
we stopped by this bridge an'mom sed 
"Lady Shasta, u haf speshal vizitorz comin'tuday!"

Oh I wuz so x-sited - I looked an'looked.
I coodn't wait fer my speshal vizitorz.

  Stop by an'vizit
tue read all'bout our vizit.

Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Almost Wordless Wednesday with Lady Shasta

I haf linked this post 2 the

I wood like 2 show u sumthin............
Theze r MY own flowerz.

I take furry much speshal care of MY flowerz.

MY mom gave me theze flowerz cuz
she knew I wood take furry much speshal care of'em. 

Now, pleeze x-cuze me while 
I take furry much speshal care of MY flowerz.

Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Mom Kim here - No - not us.

In case you have not heard yet - 
KB. Bear -  everyone at 

have had to 


Fire is threatening their home.

Please check their blog for more info &

to send words of comfort, prayers &

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy July 4th on Memories Monday

Team Beaglebratz - July 4th, 2011
Lady Shasta & Angel Lord Shiloh

Team Bealglebratz -  July 4th, 2012
Lady Shasta & Angel Lord Shiloh

Team Beaglebratz - July 4th, 2014
Angel Lord Shiloh & Lady Shasta

We celebrate our continued independence all because of the many sacrifices made by those proud men & women of our military forces.