Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sepia Saturday with a Lord Shiloh Update

Team Beaglebratz with Mom Kim at the helm today is 
going to join in on the 
Sepia Saturday Blog Hop 
hosted by 

(this picture of me and Lord Shiloh was taken a couple of years ago then sepia-nized last year)

It would appear that Lord Shiloh may have turned the corner to healing of his 
possible ringworm infection.

For those who have not had a chance to read 
my previous post-

It was first "diagnosed" about 12 days ago.
I did take him back to the vet for a skin culture of one of the lesions but the results won't be back for about 2 weeks.
However the open lesions do appear to be drying up and the 
skin and hair starting to cover the lesions.
Now we just wait and see what happens next I guess. 

Oh and before I go off and forget this-

I really was overwhelmed with all the 
POTP and prayers that 
Lord Shiloh and Lady Shasta 
and me too, received from all of YOU!

By the way, it would appear that
Team Beaglebratz
has some kind of 
announcement they will make come 
this MONDAY, 2/8/16.
Nope - don't try to bribe me -
can't give you any kind of a hint either.
I can tell you that no - it does NOT include the 
addition of another Beaglebratz altho I sure wish it did.
 You all will just have to come back this Monday.

Monday, February 1, 2016


Mom Kim here -
Here is Lord Shiloh this past late summer

...and here he is now

These pictures, some taken today and other times at 
various stages of the lesion's development -
they get worse then heal then come back.
Oh - you can't tell but some of the lesions are on different parts of his body-
side, tummy and he has a couple along his spine but
they never have opened into sores.
They do itch a little off and on but
he rarely bothers them.

The vet said it was ringworm and after checking out
I would likely agree EXCEPT
'Ringworm is contagious and Shasta is showing
ABSOLUTELY  no lesions-
the vet put him on an antibiotic and not an anti-fungal and
the vet diagnosed it WITHOUT further testing after 
looking at it.
Maybe the vet has seen this enough times to know
when he sees it and
no anti-fungal med is not really needed-
this is the first time I have ever seen it on
ANY of my dogs or my family's.

I am asking if any of you have had experience with
ringworm or do you have any other thoughts?
Yes - Shiloh is still eating and pottying fine.
When he is outside his energy level remains the same

And please
could I get some POTP for my Lord Shiloh?
Thank you.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Our Heartz Wuz Inspired Tue Due StuART

Ok so we Beaglebratz know tue well that 
our mom iz kinda creativity-challenged when it comez tue 
we pleaded, MOOOOOM, PA-LEEZE?
we really really really wanted tue take part in the
hosted by 

We tried hard tue git mom tue due 
this iz the best we cood due.

Akchually, we kinda like it-
hope Stuart duz tue.
This iz fer u buddy.

Lord Shiloh'n Lady Shasta

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Something else frum

We Beaglebratz did this blog entry az part of the 
co-hosted by
R'member earlier this week we Beaglebratz did a 
review for
Well our mom surprized us earlier tue-day with 
ANUTHER Chewy box

This iz what we found in that box-
Dr. Harvey's Sweet Potate'r Chews Dog Treats

I, Lord Shiloh, tried tue open the bag an'then 
Lady Shasta wanted tue check'em an'c if 
she cood open the bag-

We NEED u tue open this bag of 

Dr. Harvey's Sweet Potate'r Chews Dog Treats!

Ok - so u got the bag open - wood u 
give us sum an'not just hold'em!

Ah YES!  That'z good - NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM
Oh, pleeze x-cuze us.
So the ONLY ingredient in theze treatz--

Yep - that'z it!
Then we Beaglebratz also borrowed this list of key benefitz frum Chewy'z website (so we didn't hafta bother mom much)

Key Benefits
  • 100% dehydrated sweet potatoes
  • A healthy, one ingredient treat
  • High in vitamins and minerals
  • Low in calories
  • Great for training
  • Great for teeth and gums
  • Nothing artificial and no added salt or sugar
  • Suitable for all life stages
  • Made in the USA!
So of course with all theze great thingz 'bout 
Dr. Harvey's Sweet Potate'r Chews Dog Treats 
the YUMMER-LISHUSH nommy taste,
we Beaglebratz cood not tell a lie-

DISCLAIMER - we were sent one 7 oz. bag of 
Dr. Harvey's Sweet Potate'r Chews Dog Treats
    in exchange for our honest opinion-
no other compensation was involved.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A review with the Beaglebratz

Bak on January 19th,  there wuz this blog hop fer
(c that pikchure up above)
co-hosted by 
Sugar The Golden Retriever
Oz The Terrier

butt az uzual our mom coodn't help us link up tue it then.
Sooooo, we Beaglebratz r duin'it now cuz 
that blog hop linky iz open til 
the end of January.
Shortly after mom got the email frum Ms Sydney at Chewy'n
discussin'it with us,
mom let Ms Sydney know that this toy wuz 
ONE of OUR choicez fer January. 
Outward Hound Kibble Drop Puzzle Dog Toy
Hey - hound iz a part of the name'n
we r Houndz so it must've bin made fer us Beaglebratz!

Ok mom - I, Lady Shasta, did the hard part of gittin'it outta the Chewy box, now u gotta git the puzzle toy outta it'z box.

In this pikchure, Lord Shiloh givez u
a better idea of what this puzzle toy lookz like
(an'after stealin'it frum ME, Lady Shasta, he also
showz u how even hiz big snout it werkz).

I, Lady Shasta, TRIED tue x-plain tue him (in a nise way) 
that this new puzzle toy wuz fer BOTH of us
BUTT az u can c-
I finally had tue git ruff!
A lady can only take so much doncha know.

Ah ha - FINALLY!
Now I can show the world that there iz just az
much brain tue this lady az there iz beauty. 

Both of us LOVED this puzzle toy an'we give it
a total of EIGHT PAWZ UP!!!

Our mom loved it b-cuz it iz made of a sturdy plastic that
even when we Beaglebratz started pushin'it around,
it didn't crack an'it didn't tip over.  
Also she liked how we cood smell the treatz butt
still hadta figure out how tue git tue'em.
(Even old man Lord Shiloh cood figure that out).

DISCLAIMER - we were sent the Outward Hound Kibble Drop Puzzle Toy
  in exchange for our honest opinion-
no other compensation was involved.