Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Little Question From Mom Kim

Well I do have a pic I could use with this but I

am short on time so will have to go without this

time.  But I'm sure that many, maybe all are

familiar with the scenario - you have taken 

your dog to the vet HOWEVER here is my 

question - are you welcomed in to the exam 

room with your dog?  If you are not - does it

bother you?  I  USE to be - even just when 

Shiloh'n Diva Shasta got their shots or got 

their nails trimmed but now it RARELY 

happens and in fact not sure when the last

time was for the nail trim or shots.  Now 

this is NOT the vet I took Shiloh to that one 

time for his back - I was in the exam room that

time(different vet).  The one I take them to

now, really needs to retire - not so old but

he has medical issues himself and even sis 

agrees that one kinda gets the feeling that

we are in the way(even when no one else is

there).  Also, when I did take Shiloh to that 

different vet then went back to our current vet

I told him(our current vet) we had gone to the

other vet clinic because I needed to be able to 

get a time that was more accommodating to my

schedule - he(current vet) said well I needed 

say something to him(current vet) next time 

and maybe he could work something out  -

that lasted for a short time and when BOTH

Beaglebratz recently had their teeth cleaned,

I was the one doing the accommodating and 

and having to miss work.  That different vet

clinic stays open a bit longer in the evening

and Shiloh liked it there too.   Part of me wants

to stay loyal but there is a bigger part that tells

me it is time for a change.  Anyone else have

any thoughts?

Oh, something else that is totally off topic but

I just wanted to mention.  If you have a

Facebook account/page for your woofie/kitty

you mite wanna take a look at it - log in.  

Facebook is shutting down, suspending or 

whatever you wanna call it.  Shiloh'n Diva 

Shasta can keep theirs IF I change it to a 

business page or organization or brand -

 just don't use a timeline - that's for more

of an individual social type of thing


Sharon said...

I have always been welcome in the exam room when I take any of the kids.
I am thinking of changing vets myself, it's too hard for me to take both of them in when I am alone and it's a pretty long drive to do it twice.

Unknown said...

We are always welcome in the exam room and we would not have it any other way. Didn't know about FB. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Sometimes the vet takes us dogs in the back room for some nail trimmings etc. Mommy is not allowed in the back room, she has to wait in the exam room. Mommy doesn't know why the vet takes us dogs back there -- it is scary fur us dogs to be away from our humans!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Mom and dad are ALWAYS with us when we are in the exam room and while we are getting our shots and stuffs...
WE would NOT like being there without them. AND they would NOT LIKE ...NOT being there. TIME FUR A CHANGE.

We have heard this about FaceBark. Maybe everybuddy will come BACK to Blogville now.

Anonymous said...

we are welcome in the exam room, even when I'm not always a nice guy.

stellaroselong said...

MOM always goes into the exam room wif us....even at the mean frankenvets office. They have never told her that she can't. Dad just chooses to wait out in the waiting room.
We heard about the facebook crackdown...we are worried about our page.
stella rose

Unknown said...

Ma is always welcomed in the exam room at my vet. I don't think she would like it any other way. It may be time for a change. There's nothing wrong with finding a vet that suits both your dog needs and human schedule needs.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Mom always comes into the exam room with us. They take us in the back back alone only for a shot
Lily & Edward

Murphy said...

We are expected to be in the room with our pawrents! We have a good dogtur, the same one Goose goes to, Dr. Eddy.

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

PS - Murphy has a new Facebook Page to replace his timeline that the Facebook Police vaporized. He is at: https://www.facebook.com/murphyandstanley

The Daily Pip said...

We have always been welcomed into the exam room. Occasionally, the vet used to take Pip into the back to draw blood, but otherwise we were with him.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

My mommy has always been in the exam room with me,, but they used to take me in the back all alone to do my nails,, but not anymore,, cause mommy wants to make sure my back does not get hurt when they do my nails.. so she goes back, but they charge more now.
FACEBOOK grrr,, we followed the directions and they did not work,,and everything,,, photos, storys,, comments,, likes friends are all gone,, and mommy tried to set up something new- and its awful!

Mary Lou said...

Mom Kim....
I've been a stranger in these parts of Blogville--again!!--it feels so good to be back!! ;-D
Wait. What?! You are not allowed to walk into the exam room at your vet?! Now that is just wrong!! What if Shiloh and Shasta need your presence? Rose would. And what are they doing in there, behind closed door? As far as you are concerned, the doc is poisoning Shiloh and Shasta!! I mean, really. We have a trusted vet--an older gentleman who is relaxed and skillful--both Mom and I are allowed into their tiny exam room!! I strongly suggest that you seek a new vet. ;op
Sorry. Long comment!! ;-}
Love you later, Raelyn and Rose

Furry Bottoms said...

Hi!! We always go in the exam room with the dogs. But when it's time for nail trimmings or shots they take the dogs to the back alone and we wait in the exam room. Or sometimes the shots are scheduled and we just show up and the dogs are taken to the back for shots then brought out to us and we go home. At first I was upset. I wanted to be with the babies every step of the way. I wanted to know what was being done to my babies that we couldn't see. I wished there was a window on that back wall where I could at least watch. Apparently somr if not most of the animals behave better or are calmer without their humans there. I don't know if I believe that but after what I went through with Freddy I can kind of see it. He was frantic and clingy with me there but complaint and calm and cooperative when he didn't know I was there.

Murphy said...

So far your comment form hasn't come through. We never had trouble before so now sure what is happening!

Your Pals,

Murphy and Stanley

Murphy said...

We left her a message and our email. Thanks! We are gonna have to see what is happening with our contact form. We usually get the message right away.