Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Diva Speaks

(Just a note - sum may wunder y I am wearin'a crown since I ain't royalty BUTT I AM A DIVA an'divaz can wear ANYTHING THEY WANT!)
Diva Shasta here-
  This past Monday, Ranger posted the  
on hiz blog.  We all at 
Team Beaglebratz wuz 
 goin’over the list an’we gotta tell ya
 there r sum purty 
 neeto-sweeto holidayz in October.   
Of course we all
 know’boutz National Taco Day– 
we Beaglebratz thinkz it shood b renamed-

Our mom really likez the 12th which iz 
Moment of Frustration Day x-cept sumtimez she haz thoze momentz a lot – egspeshally when on our’puter.  She also likez 
Take Your Teddy Bear To Werk Day on the 11th-. only that iza Saturday an'she duzn't werk that day so she iz home where all her Teddy Bearz r.
Neether of us Beaglebratz go tue werk so
even if we had a Teddy Bear,
we coodn't take it tue werk.

We did notise sumthin'a bit strange on the 8th-
only 2 holidayz r menchoned-
American Touch Tag Day'n
Emergency Nurses Day.  
 Now while theze r both great dayz, none of us, even our mom don’t know nuthin’boutz theze – well we due KNOW’boutz them BUTT we don’t play Tag altho we cood at leest try tue play Tag on the 8th  - wunder if cuddlez, snugglez an’kissez count?  Our mom duz werk in a hoomin hospital tho she don’t know any Emergency Nursez.  ANYWAYZ – thoze 2 Wacky Holidayz r nice an’all BUTT there iz a furry much IMPAWTENT one that wuz left out an’it wuz Casey frum The Legacy Chronicles who helped me r’member when he left a comment on 
Ranger’z Wacky Holiday post-
he sed the 17th shood also b
International Casey's Birthday Day.

So what wuz the impawtent day left out on the 8th-

I, Diva Shasta due d-clare that
October 8th shall henceforth b known az 
 I AM A DIVA (an'my bruther iza Lord)
so I CAN due that! 

(An' b-ginnin'October 1st
the blog iz MINE!!!!)


Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song said...

Can't wait for Diva Shasta Birthday day

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

You are so right...As a fellow (or ummm another girl) Diva, you are definitely allowed to declare your barkday a national holiday for sure!!!

Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

Kinley Westie said...

Can't believe dey forgot your birthday too!

Julie said...

I'm in your team, should be a national holiday for all us doggies birthdays
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Unknown said...

Sounds good to us. We so will help you celebrate. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Anonymous said...

of course, that should be a howl-i-day... where all peeps&pets have to give you a kiss :o)

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

WE agree that the 8th... SHOULD be a major holiday. Since it is YOUR Birfday.

Sandra said...

oh goody, now we can see each day what the Diva has to say... take that Lord Shiloh...i looke at the list on the link and oh my that is a lot of specail days...

Millie and Walter said...

Hey Shasta that is a great idea! Walter's birthday and Millie's Gotcha day is October 10th so we think we should make that a holiday too! What do you think we should name our day?