Wednesday, August 30, 2017

#ChewyInfluencer makes Wednesdays Wonderful

Today, we Beaglebratz Ladiez haf anuther installment of the Blog Hop 
which iz hosted each month by
Our mom lovez that d-liverz rite 2 our front door-
 we love that 2 cuz our goodiez git here faster than 
if mom hadta go git'em.
Our mom wuz gonna haf Miss Maizie do most of this review cuz
it iz her birthday month. This started out ok
(she had the paw ackshun goin'n everything)
HOWEVER, az u can c,
she wuz more interested in the tape that came off the box-
(well u will just hafta b-leeve since the pikchure iz kinda fuzzy, thanx mom)

So then mom d-sided that I, the good old stable-mabel, 
Lady Shasta
(I don't know who this stable-mabel iz)
shood do the review so I sed shure, no problemo.
(an'u can bigefy the next 2 pikchurez)

           See, I gotz rite into it with 
no hezitashun at all- 
I, Lady Shasta knew x-actly what 2 do.

Here iz what wuz in that box-
(akchually only 1 of the goodiez in that box)

Mom wuz gonna let Miss Maizie try 2 open it BUTT 
she didn't want what happened last month 2 happen agin so-
she gave the job 2 me -
 oh well, that'z what happenz with maturity'n experience.

Now r'member - the name of theze treatz duz 
include the werdz MINI REWARDZ - 
our mom lovez the small size'which also helpz keep'em
low in caloriez so we Ladiez don't git fat with
all the trainin'Miss Maizie NEEDZ!
MOM - now just y do u tempt us that way?

We love the duck taste an'we love the small size cuz 
that meanz we can haf more an'mom duzn't worry so
much'bout us gittin'fat.
An'bout that duck kind we gotz-
well they also come in chiken an'lamb.
They all haf yummy stuff like brown rice, dried taterz, 
dried sweet taterz, cane molassez'n
even salmon oil which makez'em even more healthy.

So, what duz that all mean?
Well of course that meanz that us 2 Beaglebratz Ladiez 
give theze YUMMER-LISHUSH treatz-
our 8-paw seal of approval!

The Ladiez of Beaglebratz Manor are part of the 
Chewy Influencer team.  As such, they received a 4 oz. bag of the
Natural Balance Mini-Rewards Duck Formula Dog Treats for their honest opinions ONLY -
no other form of compensation was involved.


easyweimaraner said...

that are super good rewards... and I love that they are best for keep them in the pocket of a pants without causing a mess... 4 paws from me too...

Molly the Airedale said...

Those are the perfect sized treats for training AND the perfect size for my interactive toys! Great review, girls!

C.L.W.STEP said...

Those treats look extra yummy! Hope you got to eat a lot of them!

Wyatt Airedale said...

I can see we are gonna need some of those!!

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

Wowsers, those look nommy and having more than one is always good!!!
Jakey and Arty