Thursday, July 1, 2010

A 2nd Note From Mom Beaglebratz

Me'n the B-bratz are at home now(we were at my  sister's) - actually we have been here since Monday but I have been going slow on the computer so my eye is gradually re-introduced to using the computer - don't want to overuse my eye and possibly develop another problem.  At times it seems like my vision is slowly improving but I can't believe how much improvement has occured in just a little over 2 weeks.  I am still not working altho I feel like I am close to being able to see good enuf to do my job.  I will see the specialist next Tuesday, 7/6, for a re-evaluation - I hope at that appointment I will know better about when I can return to work. 

I am also a member of a few different doggy and Beagle online groups too so I am slowly trying to get caught up on them all.  My sis has 2 female Westies - the youngest is Bailie who is 4 y.o, just a year older than Shasta.  These 2  renewed their playtime friendships and were often seen zooming through my sister's house and if Shasta stopped then Bailie mite start yapping at her while tapping her butt(Shasta's)
with her paw(Bailie) as if pressing a button or should I say butt-on(ok, BAD pun).  My sis got several still shots and I think a video also - I will try to post them when my vision allows.  Even Shiloh and Shasta were doing their usual playtime routine while Bailie tried to follow them, yapping several times to "encourage" them.

Ok, I need to stop for now.  The Beaglebratz are glad to be at home and are doing well.  I can't wait until I can start walking them again and especially get back to visiting.  Hopefully the Beaglebratz will start posting now - they have been terribly lazy since we got home altho when they are in the backyard I find it amazing how quickly they can perk up and move when they catch a scent of something good.


Frankie Furter said...

Your blog looks BEAUTIFUL. So perfect for the 4th. of July.
I am glad to hear that your vision is so improved. Don't rush things though.

Andrea said...

Thankful you are doing better. Praying your eyes continue to improve.

River said...

We love the stars & stripes!
We are hoping you will get an all clear next week!

love & wags,