Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2nd post fer tuday

Shiloh here - it'z late so this iz not long.  Mom told me'n Shasta that the doc tuday told her that her vizion iz gittin' more better - mom sez she iz able now tu read a little on the wall chart (whatever that iz).  Hopefully she will stop by an'tell u more.  She also sez she will b goin' bak tu that werkplace a little each day fer a few daze.  Me'n Shasta r sad 'bout that but we no mom iz very happy - she sed so but she also sed she will miss us an'b real happy tu c us when she gitz home each day so I no we will b ok.

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Andrea said...

Glad mom is doing better and hoping she will let you guys keep us informed..
woofs and wags,