Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SHILOH'S entry in MM 2011 - the Good Old Boys an'Gals category

Well I figur if my little sis Shasta can 
put her name in big letterz then so can I.
This post iz all'bout me an'my entry in
MM 2011 - the Good Old Boys an'Gals category

I thought 'bout enterin'the Cracker Dog category -
Mom haz bin tryin’tu find a category fer me tu enter – she thought she could find pikchurz of me fer the Cracker Dog category butt it didn’t happen even after she looked’n looked – she had one specific one in mind butt never found it (b-sidez, the daze of me bein'a cracker dog are mostly a thin'of the past - I haz matured an'mellowed - that'z what mom sez sumtimez, even Aunt Sis sez that).  
 I finally told her she better fergit that one b-cuz the deadline wuz fast approachin’an she had plenty of pikchurz of me fer the 
Good Old Boy category – she sed “Oh yeah, u wood fit in there pawfectly”.  So here I iz with my Good Old Boys an'Gals entry-
 This iz me at a Valentinez Day ball askin'a fair maiden
fer a dance -
DEFINITELY Good Old Boy material.
One time, Aunt Sis told mom- 
"He'z gonna du just'bout anythin' u want him tu-
he haz grown up so much"

This next one mom took shortly after Shasta joined the family-
look how patient this Good Old Boy iz-
wood a cracker dog just stand by while 
a pup-squeek invaded their toy box?
I think NOT!
However a GOOD OLD BOY wood du that.

And  just look at the next pikchur- 
now how many cracker dogz wood allow their little sis tu lay on top of them an'this is not just a one time thin'butt
u'll haf seen the many pikchurz of difrent wayz she layz on me,
SHILOH - The Good Old Boy.

Ok - last pikchur tu show that I am definitely qualified tu 
b in the Good Old Boy category-
the followin'pikchur showz me in one of my impawtent rolez-
Reading Education Assistant Dog
Tu do this I had tu already b a registered therapy dog then mom 
had tu attend an all-day seminar-
now therapy dogz cannot b your insane cracker dogz BUTT
A Good Old Boy - that'z ME, 


Frankie Furter said...

Shiloh I am very much glad that you are entered in MangoMinster2011

Don't furget to let the RH know that you are.

It has been most .... interesting
so far!!!
PeeS... your Cabinet Badge Looks GRRRRREAT!!!!

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

You are a perfect Good Ol' Boy, Shiloh! All of doggie blogdom has recognized it already, as Mayor Frankie picked you and your sister to be the social center of blogville. You are patient with the little kiddies learning to read and even with your mom when she dresses you up, not to mention your exemplary tolerance of your little sister who sleeps on top of you and takes your toys. Wonderful entry! Good Luck!

Jed & Abby

3 doxies said...

Daggumit! Blogger is being wonky today!
You is definately a good ol' boy Shilo! I has matured too since I has gotten older...bwhahahahaha...just kiddin'. Anyways back to is super sweet to Shasta and I knows you loves her but just don't won't to admit it.


Oskar said...

Excellent entry, very good old boy!

Nubbin wiggles,

AFSocksScylla said...

We don't thinks we have ever seen a doggie in a tux before. U looks very handsome.