Saturday, January 1, 2011

Upcoming news - RE: CSN

(Beaglebratz here - mom haz sum impawtent nu'ze tu share'bout the  luggage stores at CSN where you can find things like laptop carriers to carry-ons to entire sets of luggage so we r lettin'her haf the blog tuday)

Thank you Beaglebratz - I was first contacted by CSN at the end of November 2010, about the possibility of doing a blog post review for or a give-away from one of their over 200+ websites.  I wanted to do it but with the holiday season upon us, I really could not fit it into my already hectic schedule. 

SO NOW THE NEWS - since  I did want to do it, I figured now would be a much better time since I can focus more attention on it and it fit my plans of wanting to do new/different things with this blog (nothing will change around the Beaglebratz doing the majority of the blogging.   I have been looking at CSN's online stores like that luggage store the Beaglebratz mentioned above  to stores that sell products for our furkids such as SimplyDogBeds (which also has beds for kitty) AND AllPetFuriture which actually sells a wide variety of pet supplies for your furkids - even birds, fish and other small critters.   This webpage here will take you to a directory of the many CSN online stores.

Just a side-note here - I sometimes wonder if I was born in Missouri (the Show-me state) - I decided that if I am going to do a give-away then I would prefer to test a product first so I can honestly be assured of the quality - don't get me wrong,  I have heard and read many great things about CSN but I guess that is just a quirk of mine.  Whatever it is, CSN was willing to send me a product that I will do a review of - it is something for the Beaglebratz.  So stay tuned and watch for this news.

~Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta~

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rottrover said...

Hi Beagles!! Thanks for stopping by our new bloggie. Mom's very first dog when she was born (a long, long time ago) was a beagle -- Becky! We're very interested in learning about all the work you do helping people. Our cousins in Texas do a lot of therapy work. We'll be back!

-The Rottens