Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dogs on Thursday (from the mom)

This week the post on Dogs on Thursday was entitled "Dogs are amazing".
Well, the mom can't resist showing pics of my own amazing duo.
So I'm gonna post various pics at different ages.

In the last post by the Beaglebratz ,
they included a graphic of the below pic
that someone had added the evening background to 
(for that I'm not crafty enuf) 
(this is the original that I added words too).
This is one of my most favorite pics that I feel very fortunate and
lucky to have gotten - it was all natural. 
Shiloh was looking out the window and
Shasta was sitting next to him when she did this. 
I just happened (for real) to be standing by the stairs-
there was an end table by the sofa where
the camera just happened to be - I am so grateful that I had the smarts to grab the camera.

Here is another one - I was outside with them with the intent of getting pics - this was taken shortly after Shasta joined our family-

One of my favs of a younger Shasta

This next one is Shiloh with his best bud and little "older" brother, Oreo before Oreo crossed the Rainbow Bridge and became my little furangel in Feb. 2007.  I was so surprised and relieved that Shiloh & Oreo became such great friends since Oreo was almost 12 when
the little 8 week old Shiloh joined the family.
I have no idea what their problem was at this time.

A 2 year old Shiloh had not yet learned that you don't bite the soccer ball. 

I love this next pic - not sure if I have posted it or not but the look on Shiloh's face as he watches his lil'sis is priceless.

This is what I saw when I came home one day - have absolutely no idea how Shasta managed this.

It's kinda hard to tell but this is Shiloh
and his first encounter with balloons.

Shiloh is a registered Reading Education Assistance Dog - we were at our city's library when this was taken.  This was one of Shiloh's early visits-
now that he has matured a little (he has?),
he  doesn't wear the Halti but a harness instead.  I was still keeping a hand on Shiloh even tho he was quite comfortable "listening" to the reader.

Look at the dog - not me.  This is Shasta on her 'graduation" from basic obedience on her way to becoming a therapy dog.

AND FINALLY!  I will end with this pic-
This is one of the Beaglebratz favorite sleeping locations, besides my bed.  I guess Shiloh doesn't mind his lil'sis sleeping like this on his back
altho I do try to limit it -
Shiloh has had problems in his tailbone with 2 missing disks,
at least that is what one vet told me a couple years ago when Shiloh carried his tail tucked so tightly that you could hardly see it and it was so painful when he pottied that he would cry out in agony. 
But like I said, that was a couple years ago and I have changed vets since-
he has had no more problems since then   That vet said that if Shiloh kept having pain with it like he did, eventually the tail would have to be amputated - maybe Shiloh heard that and figured there was no way anyone would take his tail off.

Ok - that is all the pics I will subject you to - at least for now.
(he he he).
Sometimes I get too involved when I go back and look at all the pics I have taken.  I will try to wait a while before I bombard you with more.
Right now, we are all going to bed.


jen said...

What great pictures! My favorite is the first one, it is just precious:)

Marg said...

Those are terrific pictures. And I think it is so great that you do the therapy work with those beaglebratz. I would like to do a special post about Shiloh and Shasta on my blog. So when you get a chance, send me some information as to what you did to train them for the therapy. I know you have to pass some tests etc. Or do you have a post about it somewhere on your blog. No hurry, I just think it would be fun to do.
Have a great day.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

So many great and love-filled pics. Mom once had two cockapoos who always managed to sleep on top of each other, usually the littler white one on top of the black one. She so wishes she had pics from way back then.

Have a great weekend.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara