Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our first awardiez and more .................

Beaglebratz here -
We gotz r first 2 awardiz within the last couple of day'z. 
The one we gotz tuday seemz tu b a very popular award -
we c it alot on many good blogs. 
We kinda gotz it a couple of day'z ago frum r good friendz Phantom, Thunder'n Ciara when they first shared it with us -
they got it from Mr. Pip who was also sharing it today.
Tuday, when mom gotz home an'turned the 'puter on,
we found out that 
specifically b-cuz we all share the Beagle howl.  Here's the  
Versatile Blogger Award-

Then, when
were sharing some awardiez they had gotten,
they  also shared this with us

Another Versatile Blogger Awardie!

Ok, we gotz sum other great nu'ze to share!
We were vizitin'the bloggie-home fer
who wuz showin'eferyone her nu collar.
The best part -
b-sides her lookin'boo-ti-ful az she modeled her nu collar -
iz that she iz havin'a give-away fer a nu collar.
She gotz the collar from her furriendz an'hoomin at

It's easy to enter Miss Kylie'z give a-way
so git yourself on over to her blog an'du it!

Oh - almost fergit - 
we r 'spoze tu tell ya'all 7 thingz 'bout us Beaglebratz.
Welll, since there r 2 of us here,
we r gonna split it, kinda an'sum
of it may be thingz u already no but
we will try tu come up with sum nu stuff.

SHILOH:  I am a REALLY good counter-surfer.
SHILOH:  One of my niknamez iz My Little Man.
SHILOH:  I snore sumtimez.

SHASTA:  Shiloh barks at me sumtimez - really LOUD.
SHASTA:  One of my niknamez iz Little Lady Whoo.
SHASTA:  When I wuz a baby on my 1st Christmas Day, Shiloh nipped my ear an'I had tu haf a stitch in it.
US BEAGLEBRATZ:  Even tho Shiloh iz 7 an'Shasta iz only 3, we came frum the same hoomin home - Shiloh iz Shasta's uncle.

Now we r also 'spoze tu share it with sum friendz BUTT
what we wood like tu du-
whether u iz an old or nu friend an'espechiallly
fer thoze who do NOT haf any awardiez - we wood love it if u'all wood accept BOTH awardiez now tu display on your blog.

peeS - Whoopz!  Almost fergit agin. Jasmine an'her mom
over at Marge's Pets, r also duin'a give a-way fer sum yummy biscuitz.  U'all shood go on over there an'sign up - it'z eazy tu!

Now that wuz a lot of bloggin'we just did -
we took turnz but
we iz still tired so
we iz gonna go take r nappiez now b-4 dinner



Minna Krebs said...

Congratulations on your pawsome AWARDS!!!

I'm am glads to be your new furrend! Looking forward to good times together in Blogland


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about my contest!! You guys now have two entries to win!! Good Luck!!


Oskar said...

How fun to have so many nice awards.

I'm off to check out those contests!

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Lots of Golden Congrats on your award. Will check out the other blogs ... sure lots of things going on. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

3 doxies said...

Good gravies at da stuffs going on....awardies and give aways!
And I gots say how awesome dat ya'lls got your VERY FURST awardies, dat be's special.
I'm hungery now dat ya'll mention them biscuits...hehehe!


♥MONA + MOMMY TOO♥ said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my bloggie. Nice to meet you!! We been so busy I don'gt get to visit much but I will be back. I love making new friedn s.


Agnes B Bullock said...

Much deserved recognition!!!!

Marg said...

Congrats on your awards. They certainly are well deserved. And thanks so much for giving us a shout out.
Guess what you are the winner of the doggie biscuits. Yipppeeee.
So if you could send me your address, we can get those shipped to you. My email is margaretmsan at