Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Shasta here-

It really iza blur - at least in the b-ginnin;.  It happened yesterday mornin'but I wuz so shaken by mom'z reacshun - just haven't bin able tu calm down.

First, when we all git up in the mornin'mom letz me'n Shiloh outside.  A little while later mom called us tu come in  - Shiloh wuz way out in the corner but I ran up on the deck where I had tu stop tu get a better hold on whatever wuz in my mouth.  Mom started walkin'tu me - I nu she wanted me tu drop it but instead I turned an'went bak out tu the yard.  Then I d-sided I otta go in b-4 mom gitz mad - I cood c that Shiloh wuz comin'up an'I wanted tu beat him in.  Az I ran intu the kitchen, mom tossed a treat tu me.  After I ate the treat an'while Shiloh came in an'got hiz treat, I ran intu the livingroom tu claim my seat on the couch.  Mom didn't c me out in the kitchen with Shiloh an'at first thought I had gone bak out.  But then I herd her comin'in the livingroom.  It wuz 'bout time - I wanted mom tu c the really neat prezzie I had brought her so I sat up all purty an'strait an'smiled at her az she came closer tu me - kinda like in that pikchur up above. 

Next thin'I herd - mom wuz yellin'an I wuz scootin'upstairz.  Mom kept yellin'she wood yell GET AWAY FRUM THAT THIN!  What wuz the
problem - I just wanted mom tu c the little MOUSE I caught - 1 less mouse in the yard.  B-sides, it wuz dead so it coodn't haf got loose in the house.  I thought she wood b so happy an'proud of me.  She finally got it in a trash bag an'took it out fer thoze men tu haul away.  A few minutez later I did come downstairz - mom wuz takin'the blanket off the couch tu run thru that water machine later.  She did say she wuz sorry fer yellin'an'that she appreciated the thought but she really didn't want it in the house.  She did say she wuz proud of me - she sed she  alwayz thought may-b Shiloh wood b the 1 tu du that.   Well I don't noze y - I mean girlz can du thin's like that tu - an'us Beaglez r really good at huntin'up little critterz  - I bet there r all kindz of 4-legger girlz out there who can du just az good az the guy 4-leggerz.  

Well I gotta go try tu calm down sum more - tellin'that story agin kinda brought bak all thoze yucky feelins I had b-4.

(Mom here - in my defense, neither of the Beaglebratz had ever done anything like this before - I never had a dog that did this and I have had a few dogs in my life.  Also, this was Monday morning - I needed to get ready for work and plus it was about 5:15am.  And being the paranoid  and overly concerned doggy mom I am, I wasn't sure if this was a mouse Shasta herself had killed  or did she find a mouse that was already dead (as in had it been poisoned) altho I could tell that it wasn't stiff - I just didn't want to get any closer to look for bite marks on the mouse.  I just wish I had gotten a picture of Shasta with her mouse.


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Shasta, way to go girl. Thunder is a good mouser too, AND he likes to catch snakes and throw them up in the air. You should see how much our Mom freaks out when that happens.

Hope you were able to get her to replace that great catch with some tasty treats.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Hound Girl said...

Awesome job Shasta!! Fred loves to catch field bunnies and he lets them dangle half out of his mouth, I think he likes the bunny moving around all over his jowls!

Nom Nom!

Fred and Haylie

JackDaddy said...

I don't think the camera would have been the first thing on my mind either! :)

Maddy the Puggle said...

Wow Shasta! That was some find you got! I haven't caught mice, but I have found dead birds. For some reason, my mom freaks out just like yours when I go near them after I sniff them out...I don't understand it at all!

River said...

We are all good mousers here! My mom won't use poison because of that. Georgia caught a bunny in the yard this week--how could a bunny be in a beagle yard?? My mom did not let us keep it.

love & wags,