Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday and Dogs on Thursdays

Right now, this is from the mom. Since in my life, being thankful is often intertwined with dogs, I thought doing 1 post for both would work just fine. After the past few months, I realize that I have so very many things to be thankful for. First and foremost (I always knew this but something like the vision loss I endured for months brings it out) is my faith in God and all that He has done for me in my life. One of the biggest of course is my love for all animals but especially dogs and in the last few years, especially the   
       Beaglebratz - Shiloh & Shasta
When Shiloh & I finally achieved his therapy dog status and started visiting, I felt like that was a role God wanted for us – that was the reason Shiloh was in my life. Then when Shasta passed her evaluation last fall and finally got her I.D. badge early this year, I figured that was a double blessing. I really enjoyed the visits that me & Shiloh made (he did too) and couldn’t wait for Shasta to get started. But then shortly after that badge arrived, my vision began to seriously mess up and Shiloh’s & Shasta’s therapy dog talents were really put to the test when I found out that I would end up having to stay home for almost 6 months. I do believe they literally kept me sane. There were so many times when I would ask God, “How am I going to get through this?” Then I realized – He had put the answer right in front of my face in the form of my 2 little 4-legged furkids, Shiloh & Shasta.

Ok, before I give all the credit to the B-bratz, God blessed me from the very beginning - I was born into a family with a loving and understanding sister who without her help, I would indeed be in dire straights right now. In that family God had also put a brother who maybe couldn’t be there physically right now but was able to provide the financial help I needed. I also had some great support from friends in my community. Then of course, no thanks would ever be complete without thanking all the bloggie friends that me and the Beaglebratz have gained here. Knowing you all were here to come back to, helped get me through the last few months. It really was great to read your comments to the very few posts me and the B-bratz were able to leave – I so appreciate all of you and finding this blogging pet community was such a great thing. I started blogging back in 2008 but then when I “turned it over” to the B-bratz in October of 2009, things really took off and I do believe that was one of my greatest moves.  I never realized there could be such a wonderful community of bloggers who were so into their dogs as I was.  We had been members of several the old MSN groups - when MSN disbanded their groups,  many of the group managers scrambled to find other hosting sites.  I still maintain membership in a few of these groups but here in Blogger, the dogs have a "voice" and it is easier for them to "communicate".

Ok, before I get any mushier, I will stop and hopefully the next post you see here will be from the Beaglebratz.


Frankie Furter said...

I have followed you throughout some of these trials and celebrations. I know that there is some higher power that keeps a score card of the good thingys that get done. Then when the time is right heaps good on the doer. Your sister and brother are ROCKS!!! How wonderful for you. They were there when you needed them, each in their own way.
Shasta and Shilo have been with you daily to provide the constant comfort and.. reason to continue to move in the right direction.
Yes... You are truly blessed.. butt those whose lives YOU Touch are Truly Blessed. YOU are an inspiration.

Pooch said...

How wonderful that you and your doggies can bless others. I understand your experience because I have chronic illness which my dogs have made so much easier to bear.