Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy note an'a concern fer Twix

Furst - the happy note.  
R'member the 2 Pekingese that mom wuz 
helpin'with tryin'tu find homez fer?
Tiger     and        Lady
Well this weekend they will b goin'tu
a foster home in Colorado.
Oh we iz sooo furry much happy'bout this nuze.

Now fer the MAJOR concern we haz-
Our neighber an'good furriend
iz havin'sum bad health problemz an'her
mom wonderz if u mite haf any thoughtz.
Pleeze stop b their blog an'offer sum of 
that Power of the Paw that iz such a great thin'.


3 doxies said...

Oh yippie bouts da doggies bein' ables to go into foster care! Hopefully they will find furever homes soon though.

We has went over to Twix's but we didn't have any outstanding advice to gives...but we give our hearts and thoughts.


Oskar said...

I'm happy that those doggies are on their way to a good place.

We are very worried about Twix too.

Nubbin wiggles,

bbes tribe said...

Good to hear those 2 cuties are going to a foster home. Hope they get a real furever home soon!!!
Sorry about Twix. Don't like to hear about other pups being sick or in pain. Will stop by & leave good thoughts & crossed paws fur Twix.