Saturday, April 28, 2012

LOOKIE WHAT WE FOUND & our mini-me's

Okey-dokey.  So sum of us pupperz an'kittiez fergotz 'boutz the other day when it wuz Nashunal Assistantz Day BUTT az your Secretariez of Social Netwerkin'
 it iz our duty tu inform our readerz of sum IMPAWTENT info we just found out.  So here it iz-
tumorrow, yes that iz April 29th, iz a furry much speshal day fer all of our pawrents -

an'just stop tu think 'boutz this fer a moment-
it iz b-cuz of all of us pupperz an'kittiez that our pawrentz git this speshal day.  Our mom gitz emailz frum Three Dog Bakery an'they haf sum speshal adz just fer this speshal day they call

Pup-u-lar Treats
Yes, speshal treatz just fer us petz an'there r sum fer the kittiez tu!  So may-b it iz tu late tu GIT them in time fer the speshal day - if your pawrentz don't order them now THEN they cood order them on THEIR speshal day - APRIL 29th, SUNDAY which iz one way they can show y they r speshal.

Now we want tu show u our MINI-ME pikchurez that we sent tu Rubie's Birthday EventMom furst read 'boutz this a few dayz ago an'we told her we wanted tu du it.  Well, she iz one of thoze furry best prokrastinaterz - ya'know, one of thoze peepz who putz off stuffz so FINALLY tuday she takez our pikchurez then we git them sent tu Rubie - the day B-4 her birthday event contest endz.  Anyway, here r thoze pikchurz->
Furst iz Shiloh with hiz mini-me
 This little guy iz sooooo furry much just like me-even rite down tu hiz white-tipped tail'n
big black noze.

Now we haf Shasta with her mini-me
   We haf had a bizy day so Mini-Me an'me
r takin'a nap tugether.

The furry most bestest thing 'boutz 
our mini-me'z iz
they don't eat NUTHIN'!
Speakin'of eatin'it iz
'boutz that time soo
we gotzta go.

~Shiloh'n Shasta~
 n'our Mini-Me'z


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD OMD OMD your Mini Yous are like lookin into a mirror. THEY are Carbon Copies of you. The ONLY difference is size. ASTOUNDING!

Now about this Pet Parent Day thingy.. I did NOT Know about this at all. Ernie and I don't have ANYTHINGYS to give to my mom and dad. I am just gonna hope that THEY have not heard of it either. Otherwise they would be all sad and hurt and stuffs. Sheeesh I feel like a low down Tree Rat.

ShellePenn said...

OMD I still can't figure out who is who... its like you found your long lost twin or sumptin. You know, if you ever get in the garbage or steal all your human's socks, you could probably blame it on your mini-you.

I figure if I get my mom some plain M&Ms she would be happy for Pet Parent Day. Plain M&Ms always make her happy.

Milo (and Dixie, 'cept she didn't type cause she is off stealing my bones... stupid girl.)

GOOSE said...

Your mini me's are very cute to be sure. But I have to say you are cuter.

Two French Bulldogs said...

What a special day tomorrow will be...the perfect mini-you
Benny & Lily

Rubie and Poots (her Mum) said...

They are GREAT mini-yours and it won't be long till the post will go up for my Birthday event. Thanks so much for taking part....times is runnin' out though!!

Tail Wuggles, Rubie