Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WTF Wednesday - Yes, we haf thoze too!

We Beaglebratz r teamin'up with The Mango Man tu show u'all sum of our WTF stuffz.

We Beaglebratz r not shure where tu start – when u haf a kerazy mom like ourz, WTF examplez simply abound. 
Shasta – Ok, so this pic of me iza younger  me but it tellz u just how long we haf bin dealin'with WTF.  I will go furst cuz this WTF thingy just happened a couple nitez ago.  We were all getting’ready fer bed – az u can c frum this pikchur, 
me’n Shiloh were in bed already – purty near asleep when b-cause my back legz were stretched out that way, mom takez that az an open invitashun tu TIKKLE MY PAWZ!   MOM –  WTF!  DID I ASK U TU DU THAT – I DON’T THINK SO!  An'this wuz NOT the furst time fer that tu happen - du your hoo-minz du this?  It's like they (at least my mom anyway) can't wait tu pounce on us with their little fingerz.  Du we wait fer u tu drift off tu sleep just so we can tikkle your pawz?  NOT HARDLY!  May-b if u just went tu bed then u woodn't b so hard tu wake up in the morninz. 

Or there iz the situashun, almost EVERY nite, me'n Shiloh r asleep downstairz when mom iz putterin'around shortly b-4 we go tu bed.  Now r'member, me'n Shiloh r already asleep - y'know, Shiloh iz sawin'logz an'we r just totally asleep.  After mom turns sum litez off then makez shur the doorz r locked (AGIN!) then she will sumtimez start watchin'TV or sumthin'like that meantime us Beaglebratz r sound asleep.  Then all of a sudden it'z like mom gitz this 'brilliant'idea - "C'mon u tu, time fer bed"  Me'n Shiloh r like WTF! 'X-cuze us all tu heck BUTT can't u c, we r already there.

OK, now it'z MY (Shiloh) turn -  I have bin waitin'fer this. R'member my barkday wuz a few short weekz ago?   Sum of u may haf  read 'boutz otherz who had great barkdayz an'even barkday pawtiez or they gotz really cool stuffz fer Easter.  Did I git a barkday pawty this year?  DON'T THINK SO!  Did us Beaglebratz git ANYTHING fer Easter? NATA - ZIPPO - NOT A THING!  WTF iz that all 'boutz!  When Aunt Sis got bak frum her vakashun, she did bring us Beaglebratz (yes, BOTH of us - how iz that a barkday prezent, fer JUST ME) anywho, she did bring us a couple of theze 
 THANK U AUNT SIS - if it weren't fer theze sooper fine treatz, my barkday wood b TOTALLY FERGITABLE!

You can c in the next pikchure that I knew
X-ACTLY how tu partake of  this most yummy delikicy. 

See, I told u Shasta got one tu - so what 'boutz this sez BARKDAY PRESSIE FER THE SHILOH!- huh mom?

Anyway, that is our furry much antisipitated (????) first installment of WTF Wednesday.  Az long az mom iz here then we r shure there will b more.  We hope u enjoyed it – we r sooooo furry much glad we now haf a place tu go tu let out our frustrashunz  We can also ask blogger WTF since they r the reezon this post did not go live erlier this mornin’.  Our world iz plottin’aginst us.
PeeS  Miss Puddles  iz also havin’WTF problemz.

~Shiloh'n  Shasta~


EG CameraGirl said...

Thank you, Shasta and Shiloh, for making me smile!

Amber DaWeenie said...

WTF seems to really be catchy. I sees dis stuffs all da time in me house! WTF!

GOOSE said...

Oh I so what to start the WTF stuff on Wednesday. I have a stack a material I could use. I'm glad you all are still surviving.

Lapdog Creations said...

Our dogs LOVE antler chews as well!

3 doxies said...

Okays, my mum is overs heres laughin' likes a kerazy person cuz her does da very SAME thing to us! We be all layin' theres snorin' our brains away and hers like..."Time to go to bed!" WTF? We is already sleepin!
And mum my life very entertaing too.


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD OMD THESE are just Horrid examples of how poorly WE are all treated by our misguided Peeps.

She Tickled your Paw Hairs.. just as you were sleepin good??? WTF !

She didn't get you anythingy fur your BIRFDAY??? Well, I think you should tell her that HER birfday Present is... Out in the YARD!!

I totally LOVED this Post. I would have CRIED fur you.. if it wasn't that I was Laffin so hard.
You two just CRACK Me UP!!!

Dexter said...

SHOCKING! The foot tickles were bad enough but then totally disrespecting your birthday. As if! WTF indeed.


The Daily Pip said...

Thanks for the Wednesday smiles!

Your pal, Pip

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

We don't get much of a birthday bash, either. Mama says every day is doggie day - as if!! And mama does wake us out of perfectly sound sleep in the living room at night when we all move into the bedroom. Takes us a whole 3 minutes to get back to sleep again. Guess the only thing she doesn't do is tickle our paws.

Jed & Abby