Friday, October 29, 2010

Friendly Friday #3 - Oskar the Miniature Schnauzer

Screaming Mimi

SHILOH: I think I can speak fer every-1 here at Team Beaglebratz when I say that this week’z Friendly Friday choice iz:
OSKAR - a Miniature Schnauzer an'good furriend of ourz.

We just found out that on sum occazionz (probably not very many at all cuz I never hear it), Oskar haz bin known az Mimi's Oskar Diamond Magic but whatever, we like just plain Oskar the best. Now when we furst got tu no Oskar, he had just 1 blog or home on the Internet, 
The Daily Oskar   BUTT 
a little while ago, Oskar an’hiz mom-person, Pam, d-sided they needed another blog (iz that their vacashun home on the Internet?) so-
wuz born which iz a place where all us bloggerz can come tugether.
A blogger can b a guest blogger or haf their pikchur put on PBU.
Even this blog hop iz hosted by Oskar an'hiz mom Pam at PBU.
BUTT, Oskar'z talentz duzn't stop with the Internet - 
recently he showed us all a hidden talent he haz-
after I found out what a brilliant artist he iz, I asked him tu 
pleeeeze paint MY pikchur fer my mom-
Such BRILLIANT werk, doncha think - what a likeness.
I wunder what'z next?
Well, if u haven't met Oskar an'Pam, hiz mom then
head on over tu PBU an'The Daily Oskar-
just follow the linkz above.

Geesh - u let an amachur handle this an'this iz what u git - 
he fergitz a critical part - Anyway.
Also, at PBU, Oskar an'Pam, along with a cool
place called Fido's Closet - u will c it listed at PBU,
gave away a nu, handmade collar - I WON!
They (PBU) have already sed there will b more give-aways 
(there haz already bin anuther) so
stay tuned.

Ok -  so that shood be enuf infermashun tu
peek your interest so 
u'all just need tu head on over there an'tell them 
the Beaglebratz sent u.
Remember, the linkz r listed above
(at least my bruther 'membered tu put thoze here)


3 doxies said...

I had no idea dat Oskar was such a talented, I wonders if dat portriat will be in dat louvre place.

pees...hehehehe...I likes his vacation home!

Hound Girl said...

we enjoy oskar and he is a very good artist! we did the friendly Friday last week and had a ton of fun but we accidentally posted our new friend the other day instead of waiting :)

Santa, Minnie and Christmas said...

Yeah, Oskar and his Mom Person has done a great job coming up with PBU for all pet bloggers to get together. Aren't we proud to be members!

Peggy Frezon said...

I love that painting Oskar did. It is perfect! I can't wait to check out PBU too.

Oskar said...

Aww, you guys, thank you so much for featuring US! (I know you just mentioned my mom person so hers feelins wouldn't be hurt.)

Nubbin wiggles & big hugs,

Oskar & Pam