Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bizy on Sunday (mom that iz)

Shiloh'n Shasta here.

Our mom iz gonna b bizy tuday - translashun, won't b around so much fer tuday - we probably won't b gettin'a whole lotta mom time either.  It iz real nice outside so we will get a lotta outside time which iz good an'mom thinkz she needz tu du sum cleanin'outside an'in so at least she will b around us a lot. Now for yestaday - a SATURDAY - a day tu b home with us - she wuz NOT!  She wuz GONE in the mornin'then came home fer a bit then GONE in the afternoon.  She just duzn't git it - she iz gone all day at werk durin'the week - the weekendz r fer US, SHILOH'n SHASTA!  Anyway, she did spend a little time outside with us yestaday an'she got sum nu pikchurz - Shiloh here - I'll d-scribe theze next few pikchurz since they kinda r 'bout me-(u can biggefy theze if u want tu git the big pikchur)

 Thoze furst 2 show my nu-est possible escape route - they also show mom'z feeble attemt tu block it - akchually thoze stakez (not the kind u eat) r where an old escape route wuz.  BUTT b-4 u'all git concerned 'bout me gittin'out agin - didn't happen cuz mom got the nu-est blocked tu.

Now theze next few pikchurz also show sum FORMER possible escape routez - sum mom blocked B-4 I got out-
This furst one - guess mom got really smart?  (Duzn't happen often tho) butt she put a big stone down so I coodn't dig more.

 Yep, theze r all at dif'rent places in our fence.  Now this next pikchur showz sumthin'kind of interestin' - iz there sumthin'hidin'in that hole?
There is 'bout 5-6 inchez b-tween our fence an'the neiborz an'sum wood got left b-hind when they built their fence.  I started diggin'BUTT az u can c - mom blocked it with a stake (agin, NOT the kind u eat).  BUTT gotta wunder - woodn't that make a nice place fer a mom wabbit tu live with her baby bunniez?  Never found none tho so that meanz I AM DU'IN'MY JOB keepin'the kritterz away!

Ok, Shasta here now.  When mom wuz gone yestaday - I didn't no that she wuz gonna bring me a nu friend home (no, not the furry, 4-legged kind).  BUTT yep, that'z what she did-
I wunder if my nu friend no'z Sallie's Alien ?  My nu friend duzn't talk much just haz that dumb look all the time.

Anyway, us Beaglebratz r gonna go fer now - mom iz headed towardz the door so we gotta follow tu make shur she duzn't get in truble out there - or git blown away cuz it iz kinda windy tuday but nice'n warm an'sunny.
Iz spring here?
~Shiloh'n Shasta~

(mom here - a few days ago Shiloh tattled on Shasta about her peeing in my bed - since she had to go to the vet for a couple vaccinations, I also talked to the vet about it - he went ahead and did a urinalysis.  Everything it could show checked out fine except (isn't there always an except) for one thing - there was no color to her urine - no concentration.  Now this could just be a sign of her being a nervous pup - she has always been this way.  However (and a however will often accompany an except) no concentration in her urine could also be a sign of early renal failure - she is going back to the vet on 4/9 for a repeat urinalysis to double check - the results will guide the vet on the next step.  To give you all an idea of Shasta's nervousness sometimes - as Shiloh said earlier, it is warm and sunny but kinda windy - I have my windows open a little and just as I have been typing, the wind came up and blew through my window blinds - well you are probably aware of the noise that makes plus something outside was banging around so all the noise, plus the curtains blowing around scared her over, clinging to me.  She calmed down a bit (the wind went down) and she laid back down on the sofa.  The wind came back up, the noise started up and this time she jumped off the sofa - I guess she didn't get enough comfort from me, looked at the sofa but ran upstairs as the wind came up again.  I looked up and there she was, sitting as close to the wall as she could get.  I don't remember her ever acting this bad before so not sure what is new.  July 4th fireworks have never bothered her this much.  Ok - this could have been a whole separate post so I am going to stop for now)


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Phantom has your answer to Shasta's nervousness - bad storms in the area later today - may not hit here directly but he is telling us they are around. And good luck to you getting anything done outside if your wind is anything like ours today. Mom is hoping to go to the little biped's soccer game and is worried she will get blown away.

Dakota had very dilute urine too. Have you noticed Shasta drinking a lot more lately? Could also be early signs of Cushing's.

Good luck with the tests for her.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Frankie Furter said...

Shiloh you are prolly gonna have to give up the Pawsible escapes. I'm thinkin your mom is onto your attempts. hehehe Just go ahead and dig a HOOOOOOOGE hole in the center of the yard.. like I do. My dad just LOVES those. You should see how excited he gets.

I kinda agree with the OP Pack.. it is worth asking about. Esp. if there is a lot of drinking.

JackDaddy said...

Oh no!! Don't escape. You won't be able to get no cookies if you're not at home!

Dolce said...

WOOF! WOOF!! we are too little to be out in the big world...stay put...Dolce

Sharon said...

Jack here: we (Jill and I) wear radio fence collars, I don't dig anymore.
Jill here: I love to dig, Mom always gets upset, she even gets upset when I pull out the plants that keep us from having a level yard, I thought I was helping!
The Mom to Mom: Glad you asked about the "bed" wetting at the vet's. I do hope it's something simple.

Benny and Lily said...

no escaping unless you continue the hole and make a tunnel....
Benny & Lily

Sapphire said...

Poor Shasta. All the best with the tests. Hugs to Shiloh and Shasta.

Alien said...

Hmmm. I think I know him.