Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday woe is me

Even tho Shasta asked me to let her tattle on her big brother, I did tell her no – that was not the right thing to do really – a lady doesn’t tattle. She was not real happy about that and said that she wanted to get back at him for tattling on her – I told her that was not becoming of a lady like herself (I don’t think I convinced her).

Anyway, she wanted to tattle I mean tell you all about the cross-country journey that Shiloh took yesterday. Ok – before I go any further, I will tell you that both Beaglebratz are home safe & sound. But yep – within an hour after that post they did yesterday, Shiloh was out gallivanting in the neighborhood. He got out of the same place I thought I had just blocked – at least that is what it looked like, at first. Upon closer inspection, the escape route is right beside it – he has really messed up my chain-link fence between pushing it back and up – he didn’t have to dig, between pushing the fence out of his way and the nice slick ground cover – he soon wiggled his way out. And me not being able to run – well as they say, you know the rest of the story. However, I do have a permanent fix in mind – just need to arrange for the work to be done – a concrete base at the bottom of my fence line. Then, when my neighbor put up his fence, he left (why I have no idea because he has a privacy fence) there is around 4 – 5 inches between his and my fence – just enough space that when Shiloh wiggles out then all he has to do to gain freedom is follow that corridor to the wide open spaces. EXCEPT I am going to fasten gates at either end so that IF by some weird chance he ever does wiggle through again – I can just walk into that corridor and nab him.

But I just can’t figure it out – Shiloh is now 8 y.o. – he was neutered around 6 or 7 months – it’s not a female dog he is after, he wants to hunt and roam but this time he really had me concerned; when my nephew was able to bring Shiloh home, he was on the verge of over-heating, a very common thing in Beagles because once they are on a scent – they become lean, mean hunting machines and nothing will stop them or slow them down (except maybe a car or worse) as they keep going full-throttle, darting back and forth. I love watching Shiloh out in the SAFETY of our BACKYARD (when he isn’t trying to escape) when he catches a scent – I wish I could take him on a hunt – definitely poetry in motion. But, in the process, talk about living for the moment – Beagles don’t care about drinking or stopping to rest. And it got up to 90 degrees here yesterday and very windy. When he got home I made him lay on the linoleum in the kitchen and put wet paper towels all over him – I have NEVER seen a dog panting so rapidly.

I do have to wonder sometimes where Shasta’s Beagleness is though – she saw him run out to freedom – she made a ruckess but no move to escape – gotta love that mama’s lady diva.

Ok, I am rambling – actually I am past rambling – gotta stop for now. Next time, the Beaglebratz will be here.



Nichole said...

Shiloh you stop that now... no giving your Mama a heartattack!

Frankie Furter said...

Shiloh... WHAT were you THINKING???
Buddy you are NOT supposed to go rushing around like that...

Hummmm in OHIO you must have your fence INSIDE your property 12 inches and the IMPROVED side (the NICE side)must face the NEIGHBORS... Maybe you could have your neighbor "MOVE" his fence. He would HAVE to ..HERE. I'm just sayin.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Ummmm,maybe Shiloh has some siberian husky in him - if we could get out of our fence, we would be gone, gone, gone. It is just part of the nature.

So glad all are safe.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Pee Ess - we got hit with horrendous hail last night. No big problems, could have been so much worse.

Sharon said...

That's not good, his getting out! I would hate for him to be a grease spot on the road!

Benny and Lily said...

Oh my word Shiloh!!! Tattling is fun by the way, BOL
Benny & Lily

K9 + Grace said...

Oh no! I am glad Shiloh is fine now. Silly boy! Maybe he was trying to come visit us!


JackDaddy said...

Well I'm very glad he got back home!!

3 doxies said...

Shilo, if dat had been me, I would haves had my butt whooped big time...but, I knows you meant no harm...other than giving your mom a heart attck.
I ditto what Frankie said bouts da fence. Heres it is law dat there be space between da two owners.
I am just glad yu is home safe.


georgia little pea said...

Shiloh is 8 and looking for the open road and some wind in his face? Sounds like a mid life crisis to me :p

Seriously though, I'm sure it was frightening. I hate it when I don't see Georgia in the park for 5 minutes and have no idea where she is. Talk about being a mother hen. Really good thing Shasta was a lady and there was a happy ending :)

Maddy and Owen said...

OMD! Shiloh-don't you ever do that again?! Your poor Mommy and Sister! Owen can't be trusted either (the Beagle in him is strong)...such troublemakers!
Maddy and Owen

Wyatt said...

Shiloh you be a good beagle and stop scaring your mom!!


p.s. I jumped out of the car the other day when mom was putting a sack of dog food in the back seat. I ran into the store all by myself before she could catch me...I thought it was funny, mom did not!

Cinnamon said...

I am glad Shiloh came back home safely. The ending of his adventure could have been much worse. That's why my humans never let us stay out in the backyard when they cannot watch us closely. But, to be honest, I think my humans worry too much. I want more freedom!! So, I envy Shiloh!

Hound Girl said...


I feel your pain. Fred is a bloodhound and was neutred at 5 months old but his nose is STRONG.
He doesnt get out of the yard though but he cant ever be off lease not even for a second of the nose goes to the ground and zig zagging begins and he is off.

Hang in there!

Alien said...

Ah, Shiloh. You have the heart of an adventurer!


Alien said...

And I left a comment on your last post.

Thanks for the love! :)


Dolce said...

Shiloh have you been barking with my sister Stella ... she decided to go for a midnight walk when Daddy left her off the leash to come inside ... thankfully she is safe with us ... there's coyotes out there...

You needs to give your Mommy lots of paws and licks .... Dolce

Sapphire said...

oh dear! secure the fences! a beagle gotta do what a beagle gotta do!

Minnie and Mack said...

Oh boy, Shiloh! You better watch it or you'll be outside a lot less!

We saw your commnet, thanks! We're looking foward to the auction item.

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Andrea said...

Oh Shiloh,

My mom would have flipped if I had pull a fast one like you do I know...well, I tried it once and she was NOT happy!

Would love to have you guys hike with us. I am sure my parents would love to have the human company, too.

Behave yourself so you will be able to go hiking one day!

woofs and wags,