Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two for Tuesday

We Beaglebratz just gotta haf fun sumtimez.  
We wood like tue thank www.dogbarkcollar.com
fur bringin'u'all tuedayz post.
Ya'just never know what u mite c 
when we start our funtimez-
By the way, theze pikchurez wuz taken
B-4 me, The DIVA Shasta, had my recent problem-
mom STILL won't let me play much or
jump up'n'down off furnichure. Then, Shiloh iz
not playin'like this yet, butt one day soon.
Make shure tue go tue the bottom-
Mom wantz tue add a little tue-
kinda down mem'ry lane, AGIN!.
SHILOH:  My snake!

A lull in the playtime-
sibling love/rivalry.

A surprize attack under the belly. 

The DIVA Shasta headz Shiloh off at the pass.
Ok - mom'z turn.

Thank you to Shiloh'n The DIVA Shasta.
I have noticed that Team Beaglebratz has picked up a few new followers in the last few weeks.  Soooo
I wanted to take a little trip down memory lane &
provide a little history.
When Shiloh joined my family at about 8 weeks-
(Spring, 2003)
it was just me and Oreo - a YorkiPoo.
As Shiloh got older, they loved playing together

and soon became best buds in spite of 
their size difference.
By late spring of 2005, Shiloh had become a 
therapy dog,

altho I had no intention of this when 
he joined the family-
we had attended our local 
animal shelter's fund raiser one year and
learned there was a local therapy dog group-
I was hooked.
Eventually Shiloh became a 
great therapy dog which is part of the reason
The DIVA Shasta joined our family 

in the Fall of 2006.

The other reason-
by the summer of 2006, my little Oreo was having 
increased health problems at age 15.  
And since Shiloh and him had become best buds who kept each other company when I was gone and-
admittedly I liked having two dogs around, I was already thinking about the time my little Oreo 
would cross the Rainbow Bridge - what would happen to me and Shiloh.
And knowing that Beagles really like 
to be part of a pack-
I didn't want him to have to stay home by himself-
he RARELY had been alone his entire life.
So, with all these things going thru my head-
I began thinking about a pack-mate for Shiloh and
another dog for me.
Meanwhile my little Oreo was doing well
 altho the health problems continued-
almost blind and deaf, incontinence and a few months earlier, had some kind of vestibular attack.  He kept to himself and rarely interracted with either me or Shiloh.  He slept in the kitchen and would slowly walk into the living room-
act like he was looking around then walk back out to the kitchen to sleep some more.
He didn't appear to be in any pain, was eating ok and would go outside only 
long enough to take care of business.
I began to wonder about his quality of life and wrestled with the question of was I just keeping him with me for my own selfish reasons?
I wrestled with that most difficult issue 
any responsible pet owner faces.
Finally a friend of my sister's told me-
"When you look into their eyes and 
there is nothing there-
no signs of recognition, 
no signs of happiness then 
they are telling you it is time".
It was not my decision-
I was just a tool to make 
Oreo's final wish happen.
He really did make it easy for me and 
Later at the vet's, as Oreo fell asleep in my arms
so quickly and without a struggle, 
I knew indeed that this was what he wanted.
Oreo was 16+
Oreo was tired.
Oreo was at peace and
finally home.
Mommy will always miss her little fur-angel.

Shiloh had big "little" paws to follow-
he had been the baby brother for over 3 years.
Had Oreo taught Shiloh how 
to be a great big brother?
Shiloh had many opportunities over the next several months to show us all what 
he had learned-
(of course all pictures can be bigefied)

 As you can see, the admiration The DIVA Shasta
has for her big brother developed as she grew.

And it is still there today-
This was the scene once again the past few days as
Shiloh was going through his recent struggle
with his IVDD.
UPDATE on Shiloh-
still no meds since Sunday afternoon.
Walking well and no pain. 

  A little truth here-
I didn't do this little trip down memory lane just for our newer followers-
I like looking back too now and then.
That first New Year we were all together.

and today

~Kim, Shiloh'n The DIVA Shasta~


Molly The Wally said...

Lovely post today and we liked going down memory lane with you and nice to see the great pix. Glad all is well healthwise. Have a terrific Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

Agnes B Bullock said...

What a wonderful post- full of memories and lvoe!
Glad that the Team are doing better!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Perfect Post Today! {Even though Mommy is a little teary}. Maybe Blogville should declare a "Memory Day" where we can all post some good memories!

Hap-Pee Toes-Day!

Anonymous said...

Hey! memory lane is great. Mom & Dad are always talking about stuff we did , and still do, that their previous pups did, kinda makes the rocky road through life better!

Your Furiends
Susie & Bites

Anonymous said...

What a nice post. I love that pic of the under belly attack! Bol.

Indigo and Malach the Great Danes said...

What a wondeful post! Love perspires from your words Kim, it is so touching! You have given your dog an amazing life and thats why they are so amazing themselves! Thanks for sharing this walk down memory lane!
Lots of love, Indigo and Malach

Two French Bulldogs said...

Nothing better than memory lane!!! And also bitey face
Benny & Lily

GOOSE said...

Wonderful post! Memories is one of the gifts from God. Oh and I love the way you two play tug with the snake.

Charlene and Storm said...

ahhh what a wonderful post, im glad you shared, its nice to know a few of your memories, shiloh and shasta look so cute as babies too, isnt it cute how there hair changes colour xxx

Charlene and Stormy