Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ESSENTIAL Beagle Owner's CONTRACT - Part B

Shasta Beaglebrat here tuday-

As my big brother Shiloh promised yestaday, here iz the 2nd part of the CONTRACT.   I wanted tu read it tu – mom REALLY NEEDS to read it again. I r’member – I wuz just a little bitty baby an’she had me sittin’ on sum stranger’s lap who wuz dressed in red. An’she still won’t let me out when I furst tell hur – noooooooo, she makes me wait. May-b, when me n’Shiloh give hur r stories, we shood slip in a r’minder about the CONTRACT-


• I will not sneak around the backyard, wearing funny clothes and a face mask, to test whether my Beagle is a good watchdog.

• I will not yell at my Beagle to "HURRY UP ALREADY" when he's just looking for the right spot to take care of business.

• Once he has found an acceptable spot, I will not stare while my Beagle is doing his business.

• I will not ask my Beagle to retire to his crate anymore.

• I will open the back door as soon as my Beagle sits by it.

• I will never again leave my Beagle at home if I intend to go driving in the car.


• I will not bring home anymore cats.

• I will get rid of all those cats we currently own.

• I will not feed the cat before I feed my Beagle.

• I will protect my Beagle from all obnoxious little human things at all times.

• I will not have another one of those obnoxious little human things.

THE CHRISTMAS SEASON (I thought this wuz a REALLY good thing rite now)

• I will not make my Beagle wear silly looking antlers or red Santa hats.

• I will not make my Beagle pose for pictures with some fat stranger in a red suit.

• I will not tie leftover ribbons, tinsel and bows all over my Beagle and call it "Christmas Spirit".

• I will accept that my Beagle shall play with the green tree covered in shiny ball-like ornaments.

• I will remember to stuff a stocking and buy several presents for my Beagle.

An' yes, she DUZ put ribbons an'bows on us then laughs sumtime - how RUDE iz that!


Frankie Furter said...

Shasta you did a gggreat job of posting Part B. I have already copied Part A and have it saved.
This is a wonderful contract. Did you and Shiloh make up all the rules all by yourself or did you find it somewhere???
I am going to use it to make a NEW sign for my room. I will be sure to give you the "written by" line. Thanks a pawful.
I am soooo very much proud of the two of you. You are doing a grrreat job of taking over your blog while the two legger is gone!!! We 4-leggers rock!!!

Beaglebratz & mom too said...

Frankie - Shasta here
I asked Shiloh since he uncovered it yestaday but there iz no name on it an'we didn't write it - but totally agree with EVERYTHING. Mom iz REAL good about 1 thing - we ALWAYZ haz a stocking an'a prezent under that tree.

Beaglebratz & mom too said...
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Jazzi said...

Frankie sent me to check you guys out. Nice to meet you. I was reading your contract and I totally agree to the NOT wearing antlers etc. Go visit my blog and you will see what I mean. My mom made me wear Blinking antlers, I mean serioulsy!!!

And....I agree with the not saying hurry up when you are doing your business. Geee,, she hardly gives me a chance!!! and then stands there and watches, excuseme!!!!!
some privacy here please?????

Hope we can be friends,
Paw knocks