Thursday, July 23, 2009

And once again ............ is late and work tomorrow so will keep this short. Shasta Beaglebrat has graduated from her intermediate level obedience class - they had no one teaching advanced so we did intermediate - again, graduated both times but now I am more interested in developing her socialization skills. She will be evaluated for her therapy dog work in September, 2009 where the socialization is pretty important - she has got several of the obedience commands down pat so now it is onward and upward. I hope that when she is evaluated for her therapy work that she can also be evaluated for her AKC Canine Good Citizen title too.

Meanwhile, back at the homestead - Shiloh Beaglebrat seems to have reclaimed his fenced backyard. He kept getting fixated on the pet rabbit next door (hmmmmmm - Beagles do that doncha know). In order for me to get him away from that corner - Mr. Rabbit lives in a small wire cage outside by the wall of the other half of the duplex - by the kitchen window which is maybe a foot from my fence - I HAD to keep him on a leash with his no-slip collar. After some time spent in the far corner of the fenced yard, plus having to go immediately inside if he barks much, I am happy to report that Shiloh Beaglebrat can once again roam his own fenced backyard off leash (the way he always should have) - bad neighbors.
Ok - we are off to bed now.