Monday, February 29, 2016

Another review for more Monday muchies


Lady Shasta here comin'tue u frum the Beaglebratz Manor.
I know it'z the last day of the month butt we r still 
linkin'tue the Blog Hop hosted by 
Sugar the Golden Retriever
Oz the Terrier
Remember that BOX us Beaglebratz gotz frum earlier this month?
That box link will take u tue the first item review of 
what wuz in that box.

Now I, Lady Shasta, iz gonna tell u'all 'bout the
OTHER thing that wuz in that box->

Zuke's Z-Bones Clean Apple Crisp Dental Dog Treats

Mom got us the mini-size cuz with all the toothemz we haf lost 
when we had our dental cleanin'z, 
she thought they wood werk best fer us.
I didn't care what size they wuz, 
I just wanted sum
Mom fergot tue git a pikchure of the Z-Bone butt 
if u click on their name above, u can c what they look like.
They r soooo furry much yummy!
Even Lord Shiloh, who u may know haz 
the sickiez'n 
iz not eatin'ANYTHING butt what mom cookz fer him-
Mom wuz so surprized he ate it that 
she didn't git a pikchure of that either.  
Ok so since Lord Shiloh ate 1,
I asked him what hiz opinion wuz->

Yep - u c rite - that iz 4 PAWZ UP!
I also give'em 4 PAWZ UP!

That is a grand total of
Ok - so we Beaglebratz haf dun our pawt,
now we turn it over tue our mom.

Thank you Beaglebratz and thank-you to for providing such excellent information -
Because Z-Bones contain healthy things like alfalfa, parsley, rosemary, and fennel and NOT nasty things like wheat gluten, cornstarch or synthetic chlorophyl your dog's breath is freshened naturally.  Then the potato and pea-based formula makes Zuke's Z-Bones highly digestible - which I really appreciate since the Beaglebratz sometimes eat ANYTHING.  And that potato-base actually does double-duty by maintaining dental hygiene by scraping and polishing your dog's teeth.  I thought it showed a good sense of responsibility from both Zuke's and by stating that these chews are not suitable for dogs under 10 pounds or less than 6 months old.  They have put that vital piece of information out there - now it is up to US as responsible pet parents to adhere to that. 

They come in four different sizes for all different size of dogs - Mini Z-Bones for dogs 10 to 25 pounds, Regular Z-Bones for dogs 25 to 60 pounds, Large Z-Bones, for dogs 60 to 90 pounds and Giant Z-Bones, for dogs over 90 pounds.  They also come in 3 different flavors - Clean Apple Crisp that we got, Clean Berry Crisp and Clean Carrot Crisp.

Key Benefits
  • Potato and pea-based formula which is highly digestible
  • Alfalfa, parsley, rosemary, and fennel naturally freshen breath by supporting digestion
  • Helps polish teeth, freshen breath, and maintain healthy gums
  • Nutrient-rich apples are a powerful source of antioxidants
  • Available in four sizes to accommodate all dogs 10 lbs or larger
  • This product is not suitable for dogs less than 10 pounds or less than 6 months of age
  • Made in the USA!

DISCLAIMER - we were sent one bag of the Mini, 18 count, of
Zuke's Z-Bones Clean Apple Crisp Dental Dog Treats
in exchange for our honest opinion.
No other compensation was involved.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Once Upon A Time.......

Once upon a time....

many years ago and in a land far-away, there were two little Beagles who were part of a traveling carnival.

Along with the other side shows in this carnival,
 the Beagle brother and sister, he Shiloh and she, Shasta, were the "stars" of a live puppet show - this is all they had ever known.  You see, these two little Beagles had been born into this carnival life but they were left there when their mother ran off with the owner of another carnival.  There was nothing else for them to do but work to earn their keep. 

Then one day, after Shiloh and Shasta had just closed their show for the day, a local nobleman who
had been attending the carnival and watched their show, stopped by the Beagles tent to deliver a message-

"My employer - my late employer, was the Lord Beagelo -
he had one daughter, your mother - Lady Victoria.
After an exhaustive search, she was never found."

"If you have come here looking for her, 
you have wasted your time kind sir.  
We haven't seen our mother in years and besides, we never 
really knew her.", said Shasta.
"She had already left us before 
we were old enough to know her very well.
We have been here our entire lives.", added Shiloh.

The nobleman continued-
"Oh no - please let me finish.  I am not here to
look for HER -
rather I am here to bring YOU HOME!

Shasta could not believe what she was hearing -
"Whatever do you mean?  We ARE home."

Shiloh spoke up-
"Do you mean what I think you mean?"

"Yes" the nobleman said, 
"You two are now the new tenants of Beaglebratz Manor." 
"Henceforth, you two will forever more be known as
Lady Shasta and Lord Shiloh of Beaglebratz Manor."

This little fairy tail of these two Beagles is definitely a tale of rags to riches.  And yes, they lived happily ever after.

We Beaglebratz hope u enjoyed our little fairy "tail".  Ferst, we wood like tue thank Ranger fer inspirin'our mom with hiz Wacky Holidayz list fer February.  Then we wood like tue thank 
Dory and her Mama fer duin'that purty badge fer our blog hop an'also Jakey who helped with the Pizap review.  And of course we hafta thank Oz the Terrier fer handlin'settin'up the blog hop linky.  We know there r otherz our mom an'us may haf contacted fer help an'we didn't mention - pleaze know we r ferever grateful fer any an'all help.  Without your help, there probably woodn't b this great collecshun of fairy "tailz".  Hope u'all enjoy!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

MORE POTP NEEDED PLEASE - a new update for Lord Shiloh on Wednesday can't be wordless

Lady Shasta is being the good nurse this picture shows.,  She does not like it when her big brother, Lord Shiloh is not feeling well.  And I hope we are over the roller coaster ride we have been on.  He told you about the new vet we went too - found out he had developed a skin infection and that his ringworm was not the problem now.  Also at that vet visit we found out he had a couple of swollen lymph nodes that were a little painful too.  Also get a new antibiotic which in turn ended up doing a number (and not a good number either) on his appetite.  Ok - in all fairness don't know for sure if the antibiotic was responsible for this, it is a rare side effect after all and the vet was wondering if there was something else going on - he wanted to do a biopsy of those swollen lymph nodes and they would have to do that under anesthesia.  That really worried me because of Lord Shiloh's overall poor condition and his age ( next month).

So while I was thinking about all this, our other vet called with the test results of the skin culture from Kansas State Vet School - no wonder Lord Shiloh was having problems fighting this skin infection - he had not one, not two but THREE strains of bacterial infection going on.  He also had a new med based on these results.

Ok, time to regroup and rethink this process.  I called back the new vet clinic - explained to them this whole thing and what I had just learned.  And that I had decided, given Shiloh's current state of health and age, hold off on the biopsy which would mean putting him under anesthesia.  Now Lord Shiloh is only on the med recommended by K-State based on the results of that test.

He also appears to be at least a little more interested in food - just not any dog food that he was eating.  He has eaten bites of cheeseburger, boiled chicken, soft dog treats.  I had boiled some veggies yesterday so they would be easy to make into a mash - still didn't want them until I drizzled a little honey on them then I saw the Beagle gusto in eating.  Today he is eating raw cauliflower.  He is eating pieces of a hamburger bun - a while ago I was sitting on the floor and he was lying on the sofa - he saw what I had and jumped down to come over and get it.  I am a bit more optimistic - there is still the issue of swollen lymph nodes but I also know that could be due to the infection - just have to wait and see.

Just in case anyone was wondering - the link to some info I read about Doxycycline - 


reading some of the bacteria that it is used to treat showed me just how bad Lord Shiloh's infection is especially with 3 different kinds.

By the way, if anyone has ideas what I could feed him besides kibble since he won't touch it,  I would appreciate it if you could let me know. 

 AND PLEASE - could I get a bit more prayers and POTP for my little man - he looks so sad and not feeling good at all - FAR from this pic-

Lord Shiloh before.................

Monday, February 22, 2016

A Chewy review solves our Monday Munchies

We Beaglebratz r linkin'this post tue the Influencer Blog Hop 
hosted by
Wuz that the doorbell we herd?
Yep - by golly here'z anuther one of thoze boxez.
Wunder what'z in this one?

Look-ee what we gotz-
We Beaglebratz haf seen so furry many
of our furrendz enjoyin'this on their food-
our mom finally got the hint.

Iz it time tue eat yet?

Thoze Raw Boost Mixers
r the lighter color stuffz on our kibble.
Now then, we iz gonna go eat our food'n Mixers
while our mom talkz tue ya.
Oh, by the way, b-4 us Beaglebratz go take care of our food,
we wanted tue leeve u with this-->>>

Did u count'em?
Yep - that'z what we Beaglebratz give theze

Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Mixers-

8 PAWZ UP!!!

Mom Kim here - I love these Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Mixers.  It gives a pet parent all the benefits of raw nutrition but in the convenient form of a kibble.  The lamb formula contains wonderful ingredients such as lamb, lamb kidney, lamb liver and veggies and fruits like carrots, apples, butternut squash, broccoli and blueberries.

Key Benefits:
  • Great topper for kibble
  • High quality, raw nutrition in a convenient and easy-to-serve form
  • Pure protein for lean muscles and strong bones
  • Natural ingredients for optimal nutrient absorption
  • Nutritious oils for healthy skin and coat
  • Freeze dried and all-natural for an irresistible taste
  • Grain-free and gluten-free
  • No artificial colors or preservatives

DISCLAIMER - we were sent one 6 ounce bag of the
 Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Mixers Lamb Formula Freeze-Dried Dog Food Topper
    in exchange for our honest opinion-
no other compensation was involved.

Friday, February 19, 2016

New update frum Lord Shiloh (an'Mom Kim)

Ok - I know the vet-man stealz toothumz BUTT
this vet-man akchually stole sum of my 
Yepperz - he most sertenly did!
Now I haf herd sum of u talk'bout a groomer duin'that BUTT
this wuz a VET-MAN!
An'mom sat rite there watchin'him due it tue!
(mom here - that was to see if it would grow any fungal strains in the next few days)
(More from mom - he also did a smear slide from the drainage from one of the lesions which indicated likely much infection but no ringworm.  He also used that blue light that would show up ringworm if there - MAYBE one spot.  Lord Shiloh is on a good dose of antibiotics for the next 19 days - he had his first of 20 earlier this evening - and what I really appreciate the most-
he wants ME to call HIM if Shiloh is not starting to look better in a few days.)

Ok - I, Lord Shiloh iz bak.
Mom also liked how he got rite down on the floor - 
sat on it rite by me while he talked tue mom an'aunt sis 
an'ME TUE!
He also gave me a couple of cookiez.
I NEEDED'em after he stole my hairz AN'MY
Mom thinkz this vet-man iza keeper-
me tue think that.
The other one wuz so-so BUT
like aunt sis sed - this vet-man cood just deal with me-
no recepshun/bookkeepin'(whatever that iz)
Fer a vet-man, he gitz

Yep, that'z 4 pawz fer a vet-man an'u
know me - I don't give thoze fer just anything soooo
he musta bin a gooder one.

Now I haf bin nappin'off an'on all evenin'an 
I REALLY NEED tue git bak tue it.
All that stealin'stuff an'my toenailz - wore me out!
 Lord Shiloh

Update on Lord Shiloh

Mom Kim here - I was really hoping that I could tell you all that Lord Shiloh's ringworm was just about all cleared up....................

HOWEVER - that would be a lie.  If anything it may have rallied itself (the ringworm) and has now spread further - it is now on the inside of his back legs, around his tail and there are small lesions on the outside of his backlegs and also all over his tummy.  I still have not heard back from the vet we usually have gone to - in fact when I called him to ask about the test results, he reminded me that he would call me when they came in.

At least me and Lady Shasta are still showing NO lesions.

There is something else I'm not sure I have mentioned before.  Lord Shiloh also has a movable lump under his chin - sort of where his head joins his neck.  He still eats altho not with his usual Beagle gusto - he is drinking good and pottying good.  Last time we were at this same vet - the vet looked at it, moved it around but said he would biopsy that later because he didn't have time right then.

I have been a bit dissatisfied for some time with this vet (I know I have posted about it before).  Oh, and after that initial 10-day course of antibiotics was done, I mentioned continuing them or some anti-fungal - this was a no go since the vet said not needed.

What now?  We have an appointment with a different vet this afternoon.  I have already been told that he will want to do a full exam and likely a skin culture.  I also mentioned that lump and it will likely get checked out too.  I will try to do an update later today.

Please keep my little man in your thoughts and prayers and send some POTP.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


We Beaglebratz just wanted tue pass along this reminder of
a couple of 
fer our blog hop comin'up 
NEXT FRIDAY, 2/26/16.

FIRST, the

This first deadlion iz if u want tue dress up your character(z)
BUTT can't due it yourself. 
Madi an'her Mom
have grashushly volunteered their talent  tue help u 
this Friday, February 19th,
email your pikchurez tue 


Now this next thing iz not really a deadlion BUTT 
it IZ an impawtent date.
TUE -MORROW, February 18th,
u can vizit

  Dory's Backyard

then on that bar rite under their big pikchure
where it tellz u what iz there,
if u click on where it sez


they r duin'a refresher course uzin' 

piZap an'piZap with PicMonkey.

There iz alwayz a tutorial up there BUTT 
there will b the refresher class 

Ok - so we Beaglebratz r outta here fer now-
time for our mid-day nap.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


We Beaglebratz herd that 
over at 
Mona, Prissy, Sammie Jean an'Angel Weenie'z bloggie 
iz havin'sum health issuez'n
fightin'that horrible C monstah.

Miss Sarah iza a speshal lady'n
we Beaglebratz wanted tue join in the blog hop tue 
send all theze speshal get well wishez'n POTP tue her'n
let her know that all of Blogville iz here fer her.