Monday, December 5, 2016


Let me count the wayz- 
cuddlez an'snugglez, good food tue eat, walkiez, 
goin'tue Petsmart, goin'tue the park, 
yummy treatz, sleepin'in her bed with her, my Beagle bed, sharin'her naner with me, 
keepz me healthy even if it duz mean tripz tue the vet-man,
lettin'me vizit with aunt sis an'fur-cuzin Bailie,
my speshal barkday this year,
more yummy treatz frum Three Dog Bakery.
I'm shure there iz more butt
my little brain can't handle it all.
We haf bin bizy lately -
Movin'furnichure, settin'up the Christmas tree, 
hangin'up all thoze purty hangy thingiez an'settin'out the 
other dekorashunz.

This little elfie came tue vizit-

Elfie thinkz I don't c him BUTT



A speshal message frum Angel Shiloh
Mom - I know u miss me an'I can hear u still cry fer me sumtimez an'I know 
Lady Shasta still missez me a little sumtimez BUTT 
I know thingz r slowly gittin'better there tue.
I just wanted u tue know that 
I am so greatful that u had the courage tue 
help me travel tue the Rainbow Bridge.
I feel so much better now an'I 
git tue c so many furendz frum Blogville who 
left b-4 an'after me.
Yes, it wood b great tue b there with
u an'Lady Shasta on your speshal day BUTT
I know we will all c each other sumday.
In the meantime, 
I am here, watchin'over both of u.
Pleeze know this-
I will alwayz love u.
Angel Shiloh

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Until we meet again, dear Easy........

Me an'mom got sum newz yestaday that 
made us furry much sad.
Blogville'z own Easy haz gone off tue the Rainbow Bridge.
All of us in Blogville will miss you Easy.

Easy wuz such a gentleman.  On our date in 2014 fer Blogville'z Date Day, he took me tue all the best placez - the best restaurant...

the best night-club where we danced the nite away.....

Before I hadta fly off, 
Easy took me tue the Eiffel Tower where he
had a speshal message fer me.

Me an'mom will miss u sweet boy.


haf alerted us all in Blogville of a great way tue help 
Easy'z staff.
They want tue raise fundz that will cover the vet costz-
the surgeriez an'care wuz not cheap.
It iz most difficult tue deal with 
the loss of Easy butt now
all thoze vet billz tue?
Blogville iz great at helpin'their own-
if u can help in this way then 
click on that link above fer more info.

there will b an aukshun later hosted by
Mollie & Alfie One Wing.
More d-talez will b announced soon---

Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

Monday, November 28, 2016

Our 2nd November review fer #ChewyInfluencer

If u haz bin readin'any of my postz an'followin'along then u 
probably know that me an'my mom iz memberz of the 
#ChewyInfluencer team.
Az such, we pawticipate in the Blog Hop which iz co-hosted by 
held each month.

Yep - there'z  the  d-livery guy with 
anuther box-
shure due hope this one iz fer me.

here iz what wuz in it-

Yeah, I know-
that'z kind of a big box fer a bag of treatz BUTT
I did a review last week of what else wuz in that box so
if u missed it then go HERE tue check it out.

Ok, now bak tue the review at hand umm, make that paw.

 I TRIED tue open'em BUTT finally mom hadta help.

 Mom made me wait tue eat theze treatz UNTIL
she cood git a pikchure of'em.  B-cuz they r freeze-dried they 
break in-tue smaller peecez super eazy.

Ok - enuf waitin'already - 
theze r MY treatz an'I iz eatin'em - NOW!

Well there iz not much tue say'bout what iz in theze most 
YUMMERLISHUSH treatz which meanz 
they r super healthy fer us woofiez-
100% wild Alaskan Salmon
USDA inspected, free-rangin'an'grass fed
Wisconsin Bison.
Yepperz - that's it!

Here iz what Chewy sez'bout theze treatz-

Key Benefits

  • 100% USA raised and harvested Alaskan Salmon and Bison
  • Freeze dried raw for optimal nutrition
  • No wheat, corn, grains, sugar, fillers, chemicals or by-products
  • Truly the most portable dog treat around
  • Treat will motivate your dog making it easier to train
Of  course I love theze treatz cuz they taste
so yummy an'my mom lovez'em cuz
they r so healthy fer me an'cuz they r eazy tue
break intue smaller peecez 
(altho I never will unnerstand y she wantz tue due this) an'she also
lovez'em cuz I love'em.

So I guess that meanz-
4 PAWZ UP frum me'an
2 HANDZ WAVIN'frum mom!

We received 1 bag of the 
TruDog Treat Me Surf and Turf Diced Delight
Freeze-Dried Dog Treats
for our honest opinion.
We did not receive any other form of compensation.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Lady Shasta - what iz it all'bout????????

My mom left erly an'sed she wuzn't shure when she wood b home - at leest I gotz my breakfast already.

She did say she wuz gonna go c an'talk tue Santa Pawz so 
I guess it ain't a total waste.

Lady Shasta all by myself in the Beaglebratz Manor

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanks Blogville Day and giving thanks from Lady Shasta and Mom Kim

Lady Shasta here-
Of course there iz so furry much tue b 
thankful fer here in Blogville.
I haf made so furry many furrendz all over the world.
An'we all git along (peepz cood lern alot frum us)
We git tue haf dancez an'pawtiez an'selebrashunz.
(with no peepz there)
There r contestz where we mite win good stuffz
We r all there fer each other-
in the good timez an'bad.
We support each other.
We unnerstand y we r the way we r an'y 
we due the thingz we due even when
our peepz don't.


Lady Shasta still here-
I also haf anuther thing I am super thankful fer
She duz so much fer ME!
She letz me sleep in HER bed with HER!
She will cuddle an'snuggle with me.
She givez me good thingz tue eat.
She letz me b outside when I want.
Even when she hazta go tue her doctor appointment 
in K.C. - with aunt sis's help she bringz me bak
good stuffz tue eat.

Even when my mom goez out of town tue vizit her 
bro, s-i-l an'their family in Louisiana,
she makez shure tue bring me home a speshal treat.
(thanx aunt sis fur your help)

Anuther reezon I am thankful tue b here in Blogville-
Blogville iz where me an'Angel Shiloh first lerned'bout - an'now we know Ms Sydney tue.
It ain't just'bout all the great stuffz we git butt
they r all so super nise. 

An'of course I am thankful that 
Angel Shiloh wuz in my life here an'now iz 
ferever watchin'over me'an mom.

So furry many thingz tue b thanful fer.

Mom Kim here now-

I just mainly want to echo everything Lady Shasta has 
already said.
I love the fact that we know people and furrends 
all over the world.
I love that I know there is
so much support-
such caring and concern-
in the good and bad times.

I know it is with Blogville's help that 
I realized what Angel Shiloh meant to me.
I have been around dogs all of my life in some way-
whether they were the family dog or
they were ones that lived with just me.  BUT
none has ever had the impact that Angel Shiloh did.
He taught me so much - about Beagles, therapy work, the bond between a dog and their own person and 
the human-animal bond.
I have become a much better dog person because of him.
And I am thankful to him to be able to have passed that on.
He did one of the best things ever-
it was because of him that Lady Shasta is here with me today.

On this Thanksgiving, I'd also like to give a shout-out to

""my team" of eye doctors - it is because of them that I can see as well as I do today.
(still not what I would like but a whole lot better than 1/2015)
Dr. Kyle Dotson of Dotson Eyecare

if it were't for him getting my cornea specialist involved,

there is a really good chance I would not be seeing much of anything today.

Dr. Timothy Cavanaugh-
Cavanaugh Eye Center-
my cornea specialist who later realized I needed-

Dr. William White- 

Associated Ophthalmologists of Kansas City
he is an ocular plastic surgeon who
corrected as much as 
my paralyzed eyelid would do. 

The best part (really, I am thankful for this) -
I still have routine appointments
(which for me is every two weeks to 3 or 6 months depending on
the situation which can still vary day by day)

And of course I am so thankful for 
Lady Shasta being in my life.
She really has been such a joy to have here.
I do not know where I would be now if it weren't for her.
Her constant companionship, 
trust that I will do right by her.
Just that Beagle look I see everyday means 
so much to me.

Ok - before it gets any mushier around here, 
I will stop.
Besides, we need to get ready to 
leave for my sister's where
a hearty Thanksgiving meal awaits-
which reminds me of another reason to be thankful-
my sister and all that she does for me (and Lady Shasta).


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

#ChewyInfluencer time with Lady Shasta

Az memberz of the #ChewyInfluencer team, me an'mom 
link up our product reviewz tue the Blog Hop
which iz co-hosted each month by


There iza Chewy box here.
Iz this one fer me?
(we gotz one a couple dayz ago, also frum BUTT
it WUZN'T fer me - more on that anuther day)

 Oh lookie here - not shure yet what it iz BUTT
it'z gotta b good tue b frum Merrick.

HEYMOM - think I need sum help here.
Just lookie at what iz in thoze canz!

OH YES - even a whole GREEN BEAN rite there az well az
chunkz of meat an'gravy!

Uh - mom????
WHY iz the food still in the can'n
I am just sittin'here?

Well, that'z kinda better-
at leest the food iz there in the bowl with my kibble BUTT
I iz still sittin'here-

Here iza up close an'personal pikchure-
my mom likez tue uze it aza topper or mix-in cuz 
she still wantz the crunchiness fer me'n
she sez it lastz longer.
Just c that green an'orange stuffz - thoze r the veggiez.

Mom tried tue git a pikchure of me eatin'BUTT
by the time she let me eat, I ate so fast'n 
she wuz so slooooooooow gittin'ready that 
she MISSED it!
All she got wuz AFTER
I had eaten it all an'wuz 
lickin'the bowl tue make shure there wuz no more.
Mom wanted me tue tell u'all that there iz so many
YUMMER-LISH-USH thingz in this food.
Thingz like deboned turkey, turkey broth, chicken, sweet potato, carrots, green beans, apples, peas an'potato plus 
lotza vitaminz an'mineralz.
An'with all that good stuff in there,
there iz none of thoze preservativez or
atifishal colorz or flavoringz - it don't need it!
You really need tue go check it out fer yourself.

Oh yeah - u know, with all that
yummy an'healthy stuff that iz good fer me- 
me AN'mom just hadta give this 
Merrick Thanksgiving Day meal

Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

We received 1 - 12 pack of the 13.2oz. cans of
Merrick's Classic Grain-Free
Thanksgiving Day Dinner Recipe
Canned Dog Food
for our honest opinion.
We did not receive any other form of compensation