Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Chewy Review on Friday Fun Fotos

(Just a little side note - anything in this blog post in RED should be a link)

If u follow that link, it will take u tue
the ferst thing that wuz in THAT box.
NOW I, Lord Shiloh,
will show u'all what the OTHER
thing wuz.

Yepperz - that'z what it wuz.
Since they were already outta the box, 
I'll git rite tue the bag.
(By the way, not shure where Lady Shasta wuz b-sidez stayin'outta MY way BUTT
all the pikchrez r of ME, Lord Shiloh)
An'b-sidez, I know how tue open theze bagz.

AHHHH - the sweet treat smell of SUCCESS! 

An'yep - even tho Lady Shasta wuz 
outta the pikchurez fer this review,
I still had tue share .
Sooo - we due give theze 

Ain't they cute?  Even haf a buffalo on'em!
Ok, now while I go look fer any otherz that 
just mite've fallen out of the bag,
my mom will fill u in on the stuff our peepz wanna know.

Thank you Lord Shiloh - As you can see from the above picture, these treats are really for any size dog.  I like them because 1 - they are super crunchy; 2 - I feed Blue Buffalo kibble so I am real familiar with the quality of their products; 3 - my dogs love both blueberry and yogurt and both of these ingredients are good for them;
4 - these treats contain other ingredients like flaxseed, barley and oatmeal which all benefit the overall health of the Beaglebratz.  

I also found this handy-dandy list of the key benefits of 
Blue Buffalo Mini Bars at
Key Benefits
  • Wholesome whole grains, fruits & Veggies
  • Smaller size for smaller mouths
  • No chicken/poultry by-product meals
  • No corn, wheat or soy
  • No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
  • Made in the USA

DISCLAIMER - we were sent a bag of Blue Buffalo Blue Mini Bars Blueberry & Yogurt Dog Treats in exchange for our honest opinion-
no other compensation was involved.  

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 on Tasty Tuesday

We Beaglebratz r gonna join in the 
Tasty Tuezday Blog Hop hosted by

Earlier this month we Beaglebratz gotz a box in the mail frum-
our frend Sydney at

Lady Shasta wuz NOT happy when
I, Lord Shiloh grabbed the box away frum mom.
(What can I say - age B-4 beauty ya'know)

Az I continued with the box, I cood hear Lady Shasta whinin'
"Mom, Lord Shiloh won't let me haf a turn with the box." 


Well az u'all can c, it took sum diligent werk frum me
an'sum help frum mom
Butt I FINALLY got it OPEN!

THIS wuz only ONE thing in that box.
(I'll tell ya'bout the other sum other time.
Wellness Petite Treats Crunchy Mini-Bites with Duck, Mango & Coconut Grain-Free Dog Treats

Az Chewy sez on their website-
they r perfect fer small dogz
(which we ain't of course)
But our mom likez'em fer what else it sez-
they r perfect size fer trainin'
(Not shure y she thinkz she iz trainin'us Beaglebratz,
we already know it ALL an'we iz PERFECT!)

I did let Lady Shasta check out the bag butt 
she coodn't git it open.

I, Lord Shiloh, had tue show her how it'z dun.

Well, I thought mom gotz more pikchurez of us Beaglebratz
enjoyin'our treatz BUTT
guess not.
Now I will let mom tell
u'all 'boutz the OTHER stuffz that 
we Beaglebratz r tue bizy tue due.

Mom Kim here - thank-you Lord Shiloh.
Az for the ingredients, the main ones are listed on the package but these treats also contain FLAXSEED that aids in your dog maintaining a healthy and shiny coat.
And I like that these treats are made by Wellness-
a well-known and respected brand-
these treats, the bag they came in, was stamped with
made in Canada which is one of the 
VERY LIMITED locations I feel safe and comfortable with
when feeding my dogs food and treats.
Here is a list of the key benefits I found on 
Chewy's website for these treats-

Key Benefits

  • Delicious taste & healthy ingredients
  • Flaxseed for healthy, shiny coat
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Perfect for training or treating

Of course the Beagebratz gave these treats a total of 8 paws up.
I love them because the small size AND
what I consider to be another KEY BENEFIT-
I know how easy it is for our furry companions to
become overweight and cut short a dog/s life so 
I was very happy to see this.

DISCLAIMER - we were sent a bag of Wellness Petite Treats in exchange for our 
honest opinion-
no other compensation was involved.  

honest product review - no compensation was involved.

Monday, November 9, 2015

HEY MOM -where r u?????????

Us Beaglebratz haf noticed that many of 
our Blogville furrendz r havin'the 
same old problem-
Well, we r tue!

This iz just 1 of the thingz our
mom duz INSTEAD of
cuddlin'with us-
she thinkz she iz sum kinda cook...

She made this last nite - she sez it iz
chili with hamburger'n Italian sausage.
Why wood she hafta cook it if it iz just chilly?
She had sum tonite tue BUTT woodn't let us haf any.

She haz made this tue-
butt a while ago-
it iz Mexican stuff with
hamburger, beanz'n rice BUTT 
we did NOT git any even tho 
we like it all tue.

She sed this wuz
creemed peaz'n taterz.
We like peaz'n taterz BUTT
we didn't git any.

She also made sum 
fresh green beenz with a ham shank'n bakin.
We like ALL that BUTT
did we Beaglebratz git any?

Oh she duz other stuffz tue-
even WITHOUT us! 
We will try tue sneek in 
an'due what we can by OURSELFZ!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

We Beaglebratz are MIA today

R'member this....

Well after our mom d-sided she wuz dun with
OUR photo shoot she then 
moved almost EVERYTHING (x'cept us)
around tue the front of the Manor fer 
that photo shoot...

Yesta-day, our mom finished takin'down all the decorz'n
FINALLY let me, Lord Shiloh'n also Lady Shasta
play/eat OUR punkinz that she had got 
just fer us!

the REEZON she gotz rid of all the decorz'n 
the REEZON we r MIA today - 
we Beaglebratz r spendin;the day with our 
Westie cuzin Bailie'n Aunt Sis while

our mom stayz at the 
Beaglebratz Manor

 tue over-c the guyz
werkin'on a new roof (not a ruff)-
our mom iz tired of settin'a pan out tue catch the raindropz.
An'our mom thought it'd b better fer us tue 
b with our furcuzin an'b able tue git outside a bit.
We shood b bak tomorrow.

Lord Shiloh'n Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor