Saturday, February 22, 2014

Az your Secretariez of Social Netwerkin' we haf impawtent newz


We r feelin'a bit remiss in that az your rezident Secretariez of Social Networkin'we haf not told u'boutz one of our recent new furrendz. (We wuz furst appointed by Blogville'z furst mayor Frankie an'then our appointment wuz most grashushly upheld by Blogville'z current mayor, Diva Mayoress Madi- ANYWHO - our new furrend iz Enid.  You can read more'boutz her at

You also NEED tue know that Enid iz havin'a CONTEST BUTT u NEED tue haf your entriez in by
The contest iz

 The contest deadlion HAD been erlier this month BUTT Enid didn't git much entriez at all SO her an'her mom d-sided tue postpone the deadlion BUTT npw that deadlion  is once agin fast approachin'so u'all need tue click on that link fer the contest tue git the full d-tailz.  An'we Beaglebratz KNOW there r sum doggiez out there who(an'their peepz) who love tue dress up so u best git tue readin'what her contest iz all'boutz.

~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~

Pee-Ess Just a thought here at one time we wuz kinda new here an'didn't haf tue many furrendz butt then Blogville came tue our rescue - may-b we all cood help out Enid that way-
we know sum of u haf an'we haf tue.  May-b sum more cood tue - may-b?  

Friday, February 14, 2014


B-4 Shiloh'n Diva Shasta left 4 
The Queen of Hearts Dance-
they took a moment tue wish u'all a 
We hope tue c u at the dance!

Shiloh with hiz two fav'rite wimmen-
on your rite iz hiz most loverly Miss Tasha an'on
your left iz hiz lil'sis, Diva Shasta-

For a complete list of eventz 
an'tue c 
many of the beauty-ful woofiez an'kittiez  who inhabit Blogville with a 
listin'of eventz fer tueday, go

Of course it iz I, Shiloh - lookin'quite dashin'tue
I mite add 
most loverly lady, Miss Tasha of the DWM clan-
WE r celebratin'our TWO YEAR datin'anniversary tueday!

Diva Shasta iz hopin'Mr Cupid will help her find a dance pawtner an'a beau

If anyone wantz tue check out our planez - just find us at the dance an'we will b more than happee tue help u out - even take it fer a spin ALTHO
we gotta warn u-
after knowin'sum of the stuff sum woofiez (Puddles) haf dun,
we haf a return system on the planez so after so much time

Thursday, February 13, 2014


(NARRATION)  We are standing nearby a big building behind the house of Team Beaglebratz – it appears the building is being used as an airplane hanger.  There is much activity however you would never know unless you were lucky enough to catch sight of the two workers going in and out of the building OR you heard the banging, clanging and hammering of metal hitting metal.  Let's see if we can get a word with the workers-
"Sir - sir, may I have a word with you?"

SHILOH - "I'm sorry butt we r purty bizy rite now."
Reporter - "Yes, I can see that.  Is there a problem some where?"

SHILOH - "A problem u ask - oh heavenz no- NUTHIN'at all like that.  Quite the opposite really.  Here iz my little sis - Diva Shasta - PLEEZE talk with her - I MUST git bak tue werk cuz I haf a couple more thingz tue due an'she is dun."

Reporter - "Done?  Done with what?"

SHILOH - "Diva Shasta - wood u pleeze talk with this man?" 

DIVA SHASTA - "Will due bro - what can I help you with sir?"

Reporter - "Yes - I was just wondering what all the commotion and noise was about?"

DIVA SHASTA - "Oh my - haf u fergotten what tuemorrow iz - it IZ VALENTINE'Z DAY an'Blogville iz havin'just the biggest bash u ever did c topped off THE QUEEN OF HEARTS DANCE!  We NEED tue hurry an'finish here tho cuz we NEED tue leeve az soon az we can - fly out in our sopwith camelz

 then head tue St. Lewis, fly UNDER the Gateway Arch

 of course THEN make a stop tue pick up Shiloh'z sweetie, Miss Tasha 

THEN git on our way tue the dance which b-ginz early TUEMORROW!  Now, if u will pleeze x-cuze me. all good pilotz go thru a final inspekshun of their plane - I NEED tue go due that NOW!


Friday, February 7, 2014

For thoze who r new here

Hello - my name iz Shiloh - I'm the handsum guy on your far rite in that pikchure (If there r any ladiez out there - sorry butt my heart already b-longz tue my loverly Miss Tasha over at the Dachsies With Moxies.  Rubbin'nozez iz my lil'sis Diva Shasta an'our mom who iz known az Mom Kim around here - whether u iz talkin'just'bout us woofiez or all 3 of us, we iz Team Beaglebratz.

Now since we Beaglebratz(this uzually meanz just us woofiez) r takin'pawt in this week's 
(our mom iz soooooooo slow tue help us sumtimez)
Blog Hop.
we thought we'd due a little intro.
(We Beaglebratz HAD hoped tue take pawt LAST week BUTT 
it didn't werk out that way)

Ok - furst I will tell ya a little bout me - Shiloh.
 Yep, I haf one of thoze long namez that sum dogz haf butt it iz hardly ever uzed, 
even by my mom. 
I have lived here with mom since
she brought me home az a itty-bitty pup-
At that time, my mom had a little YorkiPoo named Oreo - we b-came best buds
Even tho a few yearz later Oreo wood 
cross the Rainbow Bridge
 he had taught me how tue b a great big bruther-

this came in handy b-cuz 
my lil'sister Shasta had joined our family
Now I will let my lil'sis talk a bit.

Thank-u Shiloh - I really prefer the name
Diva Shasta
 (Shiloh here agin - Shasta wuz once crowned a co-queen at a Blogville Valentine'z Day Ball a couple yearz ago an'ever since 
 she THINKZ she iza diva)

I, Diva Shasta, iz 3 yearz YOUNGER than 
my old(er) bruther Shiloh BUTT I really am
just az smart (may-b smarter even).
BUTT gotta admit - he wuz a good big bruther tue me when I wuz a wee pup
 an'he iz still a great tug-o-war pawtner
You wanna hear sumthin'kinda funny?
Yeah - u due then good cuz I, Diva Shasta 
wanna tell u.
In this family - mom, Shiloh'n me-
Shiloh iz my bruther.
 Shiloh'n my doggy mom 
came frum the same litter!

Now a werd'boutz our mom.
 She lovez us furry much - after all,
what'z not tue love'boutz us Beaglebratz.
An'of course we love our mom furry much tue-
she givez us good food, 
yummy fresh berriez with cottage cheeze,

 fresh veggiez,
an'p-nut butter, yogurt, doggy ice cream'n
only thoze doggy treatz that r good'n safe fer us
She takez us tue the dogtor when we hurt
(altho we don't alwayz want tue go)
We just had a whole lotta snow an'it iz 
really cold.
Soooo, our mom shoveled a path across 
our deck so it wood b eazy tue git tue
the bak yard.  An'she also put theze sweaterz
on us tue keep us not so cold.
 Altho Shiloh wuz still not warm enuf tue
stay out in the yard with ME, Diva Shasta.
We didn't haf any other good pikchurez of 
our mom x-sept that 1 up to an'this one cuz there ain't no one around tue take'em.
(mom set the camera so 
she cood git the onez here of all of us)  

Ok - we iz gonna stop now so we can go git

hooked up with the blog hop.
Hope u enjoyed our intro an'if 
u r new here then we invite u tue look around.
they make life better.

n'MOM KIM tue!

Pee Es - You just mite wanna go check out that blog hop - u still got til 2/14/14 if u wanna link up tue it. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Late Mostly Wordless Wednesday

We Beaglebratz got more snow than what we really like an'it iz really cold tue.  Our mom sed it will b like this fer a while - we wunder if that meanz 87 dayz? That'z almost twice az much az what that stoopid groundhog sed.

Diva Shasta liked the snow better than Shiloh- she went out in the yard-

...and then she came bak in

Shiloh may haf bin havin'sum 
minor bak problemz-
he woodn't go out in the yard - the cold wuz botherin'him-

(from mom - nothing serious - he hasn't liked the cold much for 
the past few years)

~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~