Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here we r

R mom thought we shood leave a post here since we haven't bin here lately.  It seemz our mom iz still havin' problemz with her vizion.  Her doctor sez it iz lookin'better tu him but she gitz mad when he sez that = she sez yea, better tu him but she iz the 1 havin' tu look out at everythin which duzn't look good tu her.  But she sez she understandz cuz he iz a really good doctor an'explainz it tu her.  Anyway, now she can't read much unless it iz really big an'she haz bin home with us all week.  She haz bin able tu take pikchurez but can't get them on the 'puter - we kan't du that since we kan't git that kard out of that little pikchure thingy.  But az soon az she kan git them on the 'puter, we will show them tu u all.  Ok, we gotta go now an'snuggle with mom.  B bak sumtime.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

To Oreo - our little "big" bruther - in memury

Hello furriendz - Shiloh Beaglebrat here. I am gonna du the talkin'here tuday 'cuz Shasta wuz just a wee little thin'an'barely nu our little "big" bruther where-az he wuz here for the furst few yearz of my life.

Mom sed Oreo wuz a mix of Yorkie an'Poodle but whatever, he wuz my bestest bud (at least until Shasta b-kame my bestest bud) an'that'z all that mattered tu me. Az u kin see, I wuz just a little thin'when I moved home- Oreo wuz a wunerful teacher an'so patient with me - he taught me everythin' I needed tu no about playin'-

even as I grew bigger than he wuz.
Yep, we had sum good timez tugether 
b-4 he went to his final 4-ever home at the Rainbow Bridge.

He taught me everythin'I ever need tu no about raizin'my little sister Shasta

(note from mom - for some reason I thought Oreo's  anniversary date was 2/7 which is why Shiloh posted it when I asked him to)


Friday, February 5, 2010

It'z all white

Yep, we got sum tu – SNOW an’mom iz NOT happy ‘bout it. It’z not az much az last time – neether 1 of us sink down in it. Mom sez it iz a very wet snow – hello, snow iz snow an’it iz all wet stuff tu us. Anyway, mom sez we may git more on Sunday – uh oh, hope we don’t git tu much. That iz the day of the Puppy Bowl an’we don’t want tu haf tu ground our Sopwith Camelz in case the puppyz need us to provide air support an’relief.

Well, the best thing tu du in weather like this - take a nap so we will see u all later.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Good morning tu all our furriendz.  Fer the past couple of yearz, our mom haz watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet - it iz on around the same time az the Super Bowl.   They even haf a half-time kitty show.  But we herd sumthin' that may b a bit disturbin' tu our fellow pupperz.  This year there will be a blimp providin' sky coverage - this is not so bad but it iz thoze 2 varmits that were hired tu "man" the blimp.  We think the best way fer u tu understand the full gravity of the upcoming situatshun iz tu watch theze VIDEOZ There r 3 videoz plus the stupid commercialz. U never no what other varmitz mite b hidin' in that blimp - just waitin'tu drop onto thoze poor unsuspecin' an'defensless puppyz.  Sum of us may want tu b at the reddy in case we need to provide some bakup an'relief fer the puppyz.  I no us Beaglebratz r reddyin' our Sopwith Camels - may-b we cood even drive that blimp away b-4 any truble startz.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Beaglebratz here-

Since coming tu this fine doggy blog community last year we haf come tu no many fine pupperz - 1 of them iz Maxdog  Well  now he an'hiz family r goin' thru sum tuff timez - Max haz gotten really sick an'he an'hiz family cood uze our prayerz an' healin' wishez.  Pleeze go vizit their blog for more newz an'tu leeve your prayerz.

We r sendin' Max an' hiz family our prayerz an'healin' good thoughtz.

OH WOWZERZ !!!!!!!

Good morning tu all my furriendz-
Shasta Beaglebrat here.
(Now, du u all see a diva here?)
(Itza ruff job but sum-1'z gotta du it)
Ok - I know I didn't win the Hound Dawg grupe over at Mango Minster - Bunny wuz the winner an'Twix got Reader'z Choice.  An' that skyscraper of a Hound with the crazy tail, Groucho got third.  But I did git a 2nd an'that tu me iz sumthin'really grate!  Thank-u tu Ms'z Martha an'Bailey fer choozin'me.  There were a lot of most egzellent houndz, like my brother Shiloh so I no it wuzn't eazy tu chooze.  I just want tu tell every-1 congrat-chu-lashuns an'wish good luck tu all thoze still competin'.

Monday, February 1, 2010

RABBIT ALERT! HedgeHog, GroundHog or ??????

Shasta B. here-

I haf herd, an' Shiloh no'z tu, tumorrow iz GroundHog Day.  All u pupperz out there need tu really-really watch all your stuffies really close.  Gotta 'member - thoze rabbitz r rascally - u never no what they mite du.  They cood even impersonate one of your stuffiez.  I showed u all a pikchure of that HedgeHog that mom gave us Beaglebratz fer Christmas-
Well u kin bet that I am really gonna watch
this "HedgeHog".
Did mom unknowingly bring a 
rabbit'z hide-away tu us?
Pleeze - pleeeeeeeezee - watch your stuffies - we kannot haf a bunch of rabbitz run amok an'cauze truble. 

Just a reminder..........


The voting is open and u haf until later today to vote for the Hound Dawgz (us Beaglebratz) over at Mango Minster 2010 There iz a lot of good competishun there - lotz of good pupperz.   Make shure to git on over there an' VOTE!  (may-b even fer 1 of us)

Now bak tu our regularly scheduled napz...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz