Monday, March 31, 2014

POTP one more time - this week it's Diva Shasta's turn

Whether it is next year or ????, teeth cleaning

for the Beaglebratz will be scheduled for one 

early in the month when there is a special and 

the other will be done the end of that month

(two separate paydays) plus a bit more time


At least Diva Shasta will have "company" - kind 

of;  her fur cuzin Bailie will also be having
her dental cleaning done also.  I was wondering

if maybe both these cutie divas could be sent 

some POTP - yes, Bailie is a diva at her house-

she even has a pink hoodie.  I know Bailie is not

a resident of Blogville but she has shown up here

at Team Beaglebratz a few times.
Thank you  - Mom Kim, Shiloh, Diva Shasta 
                        and Bailie too!


Thursday, March 27, 2014 product review on Thankful Thurday


Shiloh here - since this IZ still March'n
March IZ MY barkday month,
mom sed I cood due this review.
May-b u cood say theze treatz were an
early barkday prezent fur me. Mom didn't tell us
Beaglebratz'bout the email sh got frum 
Mr. Andrew at so theze were a 
really yummy surprize.
(Now fur sum reezon, 
like the peep takin'the pikchurez
none of the pikchurez turned out furry much good) 

 Old Mother Hubbard Gourmet Goodies
Soft Bakes With 
Applesauce and Oatmeal Moist Baked Dog Treats 
 So we Beaglebratz got theze earlier this month an'haf alreay d-sided we NEED MORE!.
Now az u can c, we tried the onez with 
Applesauce an'Oatmeal 
(an'they due smell fresh baked)
there r TWO other kindz-
P-nut Butter an'Carob plus
Carrotz an'Pumpkin- 

We Beaglebratz haf had other 
Old Mother Hubbard Treatz b-4 an'they wuz 
ALWAYZ yummy so 
we had tue find out 
y theze were sed tue b GOURMET - what else iz so furry much great'bout theze treatz?

 Wellllll, how'boutz bein'made in the USA?
How'boutz the 
unique an'artisan-like texchure of 
each gourmet treat-
theze haf a crunchy outside butt the inside iza
nice moist texchure.
Mom likez'em b-cuz she can break them intue 
smaller pieces  
(altho y wood u want tue?)

Now the stuff momz an'dadz like butt
us woofiez don't care'boutz-

Nutritional Information
Crude protein  not LESS than 9.0%
Crude Fat  not LESS than 12.5%
Crude fiber  not MORE than 2.0%
Moisture   not  MORE than 13.0% 

And us woofies KINDA like tue know
what'z in'em cuz that iz what makez'em so
In the applesauce an'Oatmeal kind there iz-

Whole Wheat Flour, Honey, Canola Oil (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Apple Puree, Oatmeal, Cinnamon, Cane Molasses, Natural Vanilla Flavor.

Ok - now a werd'boutz
(see link above)
We LOVE them-
they bringz us yummerlishus foodablez
super quik an'they haf
so much great stuffz
(an'NOT JUST fur us woofiez-
r'member, click on their link above fur 
more info).
Mom likez'em cuz they haf such a
variety of stuff at
reazonable pricez.
Mom sez the BEST pawt iz they 
d-liver rite tue YOUR door an'this 
iz furry much impawtent tue her since
she can't drive tue the store.

Oh - almost furgot-
u mite r'member our 
Westie cuzin, Bailie-
 She iz uzually finicky when it comez tue 
treatz HOWEVER our mom shared a couple of
Old Mother Hubbard Soft Baked Gourmet Goodies
Applesauce and Oatmeal - 
Bailie got one whiff an'thoze treatz 

I convinced mom that I wuz indeed furry much thankful fur theze treatz so she d-sided 
we shood pawticipate in 
We all r thankful b-cuz now we Beaglebratz haz 
sum new yummerlishush treatz - yes
we STILL haf sum.

DISCLAIMER - we were sent these treats in exchange for this 
honest product review - no compensation was involved.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shiloh here - a bit of an update on me

Shiloh here - can't talk furry much long-
my eyeballz just don't wanna stay open much at all rite now.
How cood my mom due this tue ME'n 
I know y-
b-cuz she didn't haf
NUTHIN'fur MY barkday!
NOW she sez we will haf 
MY barkday this weekend BUTT
I wuzn't born this weekend-
Anywayz, I AM duin'good-
x-cept fur noddin'off a bit much.
An'I am tryin'tue figure out 
y oh y the dogtor stole 
THREE of my teethumz.
Whatever cood he be conjurin'up tue 
due with'em?

Well, there AKCHUALLY WUZ a 
furry much great pawt of the day-n
it wuz a total surprize tue me.
Just b-4 the dogtor took over-
just who due ya think showed up tue 
hold my paw thru the whole ordeal???
Oh yeah - my sweetie, Miss Tasha frum the 
Now I ask u-
how cood I haf anything BUTT sweet dreamz with 
my sweetie holdin'my paw'n 
whisperin'sweet nuthin'z in my ear?
An'her purty face wuz 
the furst I saw when
I woke up!

Ok - my eyeballz r takin'over'n 
tellin'me it iz time tue 
go nitey-nite.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Shiloh wants to know (POTP for Shiloh please)

No, that iz NOT this year'z grassy yard - old pikchure.  No - Mother Nachure can't seem tue make up her mind if it iz spring yet.  Where'z that over-grown tree-rat suppozedly a gopher- 
it'z bin MORE than 6 weekz.
We keep havin'SNOW! 
Hey all - Shiloh here.  
Ok - sumthin'iz goin'on an'I DON'T mean 
 any barkday stuff either.
We Beaglebratz had our uzual dinner then 
'boutz 3 or 4 small crunchy good treatz.
We DID NOT even git 
our bedtime snack!
SO WHAT'Z UP????????
HUH MOM??????? 

(Mom Kim here - I feel like a sneaky, rotten dog mom.  Shiloh's birthday is this Wednesday and
TOMORROW (Tuesday) Shiloh goes in for a teeth cleaning.  If the vet was not having a special on dental cleaning this month, Shiloh would not be going for it at this time. I know - "just a dental" but it involves anesthesia which I never feel good about.  So, can he get some POTP please?  I always feel better when the Beaglebratz are covered by prayers. Now all I have to do is figure out a way to feed Diva Shasta without Shiloh knowing- I have to drop him off on my way to work so both will be here until I leave.)

Sunday, March 23, 2014


(No - not for either Beaglebratz or mom)
 We Beaglebratz wuz stunned just now!
Our furrend, 
Mason over at Big Stinky Dog blog 
wuz vizited by that stoopid
seizure monstah'n
now it duz not look good at all
fur Mason-
he iz NOT duin'good'n
may hafta go over the Bridge.
We all know how hard this iz fur hiz mom.

PLEEZE stop by hiz blog (link above)
an'leeve sum POTP an'prayerz fur hiz mom.

Shiloh'n Diva Shasta
Mom Kim

Monday, March 17, 2014

2nd post fur St. Patrick's Day

Mom Kim here - when I got home from work earlier, the Beaglebratz kept asking me - WHY WHY WHY?  I asked them - Why what?

The Beaglebratz asked - Why wasn't our new picture in our St. Patrick's Day post?  What happened THIS time - forget AGAIN?

Mom Kim here again - Do you all see what I have to put up with?  They never give me credit for what I do.  Sometimes I wonder if maybe us assistants should go on strike but then I stop and think about all the cuddles and kisses and tail wags and happy dances 
and .....

and a bonus
Diva Shasta
(Shiloh will likely be mad at me since 
it is his birthday month) 


~Thunderous McTavern~


We Beaglebratz were over vizitin'the 
blog home of
earlier this month
and she had a cute poster that
wood help u find your
Leprechaun Name.
We d-sided tue haf a go at it-

       Me, Shiloh, iz Golden McTavern-
yep, I may not akchually b golden in color BUTT
I still like tue think of me az GOLDEN.

My lil'sis Diva Shasta,  haz a
sumwhat less flatterin'name -
Bunyon McTavern.

Then there iz Mom Kim -
Thunderous McTavern.
it duz seem tue fit sumtimez.

~Mom Kim, Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~
wish you'all a

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday, almost - with Shiloh

 That header up top sez it iz 
Iz that rite?

Mom Kim - Soon Shiloh butt not yet. 

Shiloh - Butt I want it NOW!
I'm all ready. 
(from mom - pic from a few years ago) 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Anuther new furrend - anuther contest


Az u'all may remember we introduced u'all tue 
a new furrend,
an'the neeto-sweeto contest she wuz havin'

Well, guess what?
We Beaglebratz just ANUTHER new furrend an'he
iz havin'a contest tue!
Yepperz - butt agin u gotta hurry on over 'n meet
an'u can read all 'boutz hiz 
ST. PATRICK'S DAY contest.

(think of our pikchure az sort of a clue BUTT
u really NEED tue read Dobby's post tue find out more an'make a new furrend tue.
After all, life iz more fun with furrendz in it)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Quick update on Diva Shasta

I was able to get Diva Shasta into the dogtor Tuesday evening 

after work which was a good thing.  She did have an abscessed anal 

gland and it had ruptured sometime during the day on Tueday while I 

was at work.  She is now on antibiotics and at times already acts better 

and is eating better and even played a bit earlier Wednesday evening .  

I hope this will be the ONLY time she (and me) have to deal with this - I 

could tell by her behavior that she was in a lot of pain.

Now for not so quick explanation of my "house malfunction".  A few months

ago, the handle on my backdoor came off and even tho it was still 

usable when the handle was on the door - I could get the door open 

lock it, however the handle would VERY OFTEN fall off. Then early last 

week, I was going to let the dogs out before we went to bed - I lifted 

 up  on the handle to turn the latch which would unlock the deadbolt 

HOWEVER instead of unlocking the deadbolt, the latch kept turning 

around and around and the door remained tightly locked shut - and 

this door is the ONLY way out to the fenced backyard.  So my sis went

to the hardware store to see what could be done - the door was

Andersen which I had installed a few years back and the place that

installed it had gone out of business - the hardware store didn't have

what my sis needed to fix the door.  However they did have a phone

number for her to contact for the parts she needed for that brand of

door.  Now to shorten this story a bit - sis had to order the parts and

they finally came in about 6 days later and my sis was able to fix it that

day.  Now you ask - so how does that interfere with posting - well, since

that IS the ONLY door to the  fenced backyard -I was getting up at

4:30am during the week so that I could take EACH dog SEPARATELY

out the front door, around, the house and thru the gate to the bakyard - .
this would not usually be such a big deal EXCEPT this routine was done 

BEFORE AND AFTER they ate and I was still getting ready to leave for 

work by 7am.  Plus this was when we were having those frigid temps

and snow/ice.  Then when I got home from work, that routine was 

again repeated - before and after dinner plus at least once before bed - 

more often twice.

Well, that was an ordeal to me  HOWEVER  like I said, my sis was able 

to fix it and I now have a new appreciation for a good working bakdoor 

as well as my sis being able to fix it. 

Still not sure about more time to post - seems like when me and the 

Beaglebratz get ready to do a post - something interferes - like life.  

And March is Shiloh's barkday month so gotta git bizy on sumting here 

and there.  Ok - MY dinner time - the Beaglebratz have already eaten.

Mom Kim

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Mom Kim here - I have just a few minutes before I need to finish getting me and the Beaglebratz ready for my workday.

It looks like Diva Shasta may have an inflamed or swollen anal gland.  She will be going to the dogtor later this afternoon if I can get an appointment for her.  It is bothering her at times and also at times she is a little reluctant to eat - being a chow hound this is what bothers me the most.  She is drinking and pottying ok.

I wish I had more time so I could give you all some info why we have been more scarce lately - NOT related to any health issues - mine or the dogs but simply a house malfunction.

Ok - gotta go for now - will try to update when I know more.
Please send some POTP and prayers for Diva Shasta - thank you.

Mom Kim