Sunday, July 21, 2013

Monday Mischief - not who u mite think

Diva Shasta here tueday-

Nope, it wuz NOT me or Shiloh THIS time.

Fur sum time now, it seemed

 like Shiloh haz bin

gittin'more food in hiz dish.

I know he iz a LITTLE BIT bigger than me BUTT

I am younger an'I run more.

It wuz kinda hard fur me tue go undercover'n

still watch how much food went intue 

our bowlz sooooooooo

I just d-sided I wuz gonna hafta 


what mom put in our food dishez.

Hmmmmmmm - I don't know'boutz this-

lookz like there iz more in here than the other.

MOM iz the mischief maker this time.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

We interrupt this Thankful Thursday post ...

Us Beaglebratz here-

We uzually try tue join in the Thankful Thurzday

Blog Hop, not tue menchun the Wordless Wednezday 

one tue - at leest we got in on the Monday

Mischief Blog Hop earlier this week.  BUTT it wood

seem that since our mom went bak tue werk, she 

just can't git her prioritiez straite.  An'we 

need her help turnin'the 'puter on.

ALSO, THIS COMING WEEKEND - mom herd a commoshun

in our basement the other day - she went down 

there an'she sed she thought that big machine 

that chewz an'eatz her clothez - she thought 

may-b it had a tummy-ache an'wuz gonna start

throwin'out it'z inside partz.  Then she sed she

cood smell sumthin'funny (Hey, it weren't us - we

weren't there) - she sed no it weren't u cuz it

smelled like sumthin'wuz on fire.  So mom sed that

aunt sis iz gonna let her uze her'z so that meenz 

that OUR mom will b over at aunt sis'z house 

sumtime this weekend uzin'her big clothez chewin'n

eatin'machine - YES, SHE IZ GONE ALL WEEK AN'NOW 


Okey-dokey, it iz gittin'real close tue our 

bedtime sooooooooooo.....

  Diva Shasta'n Shiloh

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Mischief with Shiloh'n Diva Shasta - Late Edition

Yep, it'z us - altho that iz 
Diva Shasta on your left'n 
Shiloh on your rite.

We r joinin'in with the 
Monday Michief Blog Hop co-hosted by

Just a few playful picz-

And now it iz beddy-bye time-

Shiloh'n Diva Shasta

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good Stuff on Thankful Thurzday (& other dayz tue)

Diva Shasta'n Shiloh here - 

Az sum of u may know already, our mom just got bak

tue werk after a long time off(3 monthz) cuz of 

eyeball problemz - AGIN!  BUTT she STILL found 

wayz tue give us sum little x-traz without goin'

broke.  We haf talked'boutz our scrambled 

eggz'n cheeze with our kibble.  We also showed 

u'all sum blueberriez'n cottage cheeze with our 

kibble So just the other day 

fer dinner mom came up with sumthin'difrent

fer us-
 That'z our kibble with a bit of cawlie-flour, 

brock-oli, little bitz'o cheeze'n sum yummy liver 

muffinz - all torn up - oh'n sum peeze.  Mom just

goez tue what iza salad bar (wunder what that 

lookz like) when she gitz her food stuffz - she 

sez the veggiez stay fresh a bit longer'n she 

duzn't spend az much.  An'when mom'n aunt sis go 

tue the farmer'z market (NO DOGGIEZ ALLOWED - 

NOT GOOD!) mom can find us sum treatz that don't 

cost furry much green paperz - like thoze liver 

muffinz (or blueberry or p-nut butter or carob)
 There iz sumone there called a vendor -

an'u can even order stuff frum their website.

Now thoze yummy bonez were frum a difrent one of

thoze vendorz with no website.

All them little x-tra yummiez help mom make our 

kibble last longer AN'they r good fer us tue!

Now we just need tue figure out a way tue keep mom

away frum "our" fresh veggiez'n cottage cheeze.  

At leest she sharez her daily b'naner with us.

We Beaglebratz hopez u'all haz a great day!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


We Beaglebratz, along with our mom,

wish u'all-

woofiez, meowerz an'whatever else 

iz out there,

a safe an'HAPPEE JULY 4th.


~Mom Kim, Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bak tue the roo-teen, AGIN

We Beaglebratz wuz wunderin - y wuz our mom 

bein'so x-tra nice - givin'us x-tra treatz'n

givin'us x-tra stuff in our kibble like

scrambled eggz'n cheeze (no pik) or blueberriez'n 

cottage cheeze
Welllllll - we found out TUEZDAY - she wuz just 

duin'that cuz she KNEW she wuz, AGIN, gonna leeve 

us by ourselvez - ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Now we ask u - cood u leeve this face-
                   ALL DAY?????


And even then she wuz late - she SED she had tue 

stop a couple placez - LIKE WHERE SHE GOT SUM 

DINNER FER HER?  Well at leest she did 

give us a BITE.  Well we did git a few more 

scrambled eggz'n cheeze. 

Butt b-4 our tummiez start rumblin'agin, we iz 

gonna go tue bed - guess we will let mom sleep

with us.
 G'nite all 
 Diva Shasta'n Shiloh