Sunday, August 29, 2010

Paws In The Park - fund raiser for our local animal shelter Pet Pride

(The Beaglebratz are letting mom do this post.)
September 18, 2010 @ 9am
Gage Park, Topeka, KS

 This event is the major fund raiser for our local animal shelter.   
This year is really important as they are renovating 
a larger facility which will hopefully allow for more time 
for dogs and cats to be adopted.  
Me and Shiloh began attending after his 1st birthday.  
The little white dog is my sister's West Highland White Terrier.  
Shasta has been twice - the first year she went the weather was 
damp, chilly and drizzling bad - 
we left shortly after the mutt strut, a one mile walk through 
the park and before any contests so no pictures.  
Last year, I'm not sure why except I forgot my camera.  
Last year we tried doing a duo in the best pet trick contest - 
Shiloh'n Shasta do tricks together really well at home - 
when we were on stage Shasta was more concerned at looking 
out into the audience to make sure everyone was 
watching her instead of doing tricks.  
Shiloh tried his best to make up for her but 
it wasn't good enough.  
This year, it's just me and Shiloh competing in the best pet trick and 
I mite try best kisser with Shasta.  
They also serve breakfast (pancakes and sausage donated by a local restaurant), variety of vendors there and an agility-type coarse for those wanting to try that. 

The next two pictures are Shiloh with 
the "hardware" he won for best pet trick - 
I didn't get a picture of him after he won it a third time.  

Saturday, August 28, 2010

FINALLY! Mom getz her butt in gear tu help us ...and Pet Blogger Blog Hop

G'mornin'everybuddiez out there in bloggie world - this iz r editshun of The Pet Blogger Blog Hop.  Uzually we don't need help with r postz but today we r bringin'u sum of thoze movin'pikchyrz of us so we had tu wait on mom tu help.

SHiloh haz ALWAYZ bin more vocal when we play like this - he really gitz intu the game of tug-

SHASTA: Now in the next couple movin'pikchurz it'z MY turn tu git vocal plus u will c a clever little move that I haf mastered tu git the toy asay frum Shiloh-
(oh and mommy had tu stop the moviez kind of short cuz the content started gettin'a little not nice fer r blog-thanx tu "stud" Shiloh, if u no what I mean - even tho he can't really du nuthin)


An'we wood like tu thank  Phantom, Thunder and Ciara fer remindin'us how greate thoze ventz can b.  The weather iz startin'tu heat up here agin an'after all that play, we needed a fast cool down.  Here'z r  vent pikchurz-
first, Shiloh

now that Shasta joined him-

Ok - we gotz tu go now cuz mom sed she iz gonna go git her hair cut - that wood b a good thin'so she can c tu feed us.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Impawtent stuff comin'r way

Ok - mom haz told us that we haf sum impawtent stuff that we need 
tu make shure we git taken care of 
in the next couple of monthz.
We no that part of it won't b a problem but 
then there'z a part that we r not shure will happen.

It wuz sumtime in October of 2009-
about the 23rd or so that 
mom let us take over duin'the blog 
fer the most part anyway.
Mom sez this blog NEEDZ tu make 
200 postz by then-
this shoodn't b a problem since
we have over 170 by now.
(Mom started the blog so we figure she put in 'bout 100 posts)
She also sed- 
an'this iz what me'n Shasta can't really control-
she wood like tu c more followerz.  
So we hope that in the next few daze
we can get stuff figured out, 
mom will git more organized an'she she startz    leavin'the 'puter on when she iz at werk so'ze
we can get around tu more blogz 
an'leave more commentz an'git
more followerz.
October is a great month anyway b-cuz
Shasta'z barkday an'Halloween
(NOT same day).
C U later..................

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We got tu go agin ... and better tu

 Hello all-

We got r walkiez agin.  We still had to go separatly but that iz ok cuz we each got sum alone time with mom since she wanted tu test us duin sum trikz.

SHASTA:  Yep, an'I almost can du "give paw" - that made mom really happy an'mom tested me fer speakin'on cue an'sit up.   

SHILOH:  Yea, well I can alredy du all that stuff but......

SHASTA:  Well, u iz older than me so u shood b able tu du that stuff.

SHILOH:  Az I wuz sayin'b-4 I wuz rudely interrupted.  Mom tried walkin'me with sumthin dif-rent so may-b I woodn't try tu race so much.  This past weekend she had gone tu a therapy dog meetin'where sum peeple talked 'bout this certin type of harness they had an'how well it werked tu stop their dog frum pullin'much at all.  Mom remembered she had got one fer me a long time ago but hadn't bin uzin'it fer sum reazon when we go walkin'.  So tonite she d-sided tu uze it but still had me wear the nylon slip collar but didn't uze it with that stringy thin'.  Oh WOW!  Az we wuz walkin' - sumtimez I wood hear MOST EXCELLENT!  An'mom wood give me a treat.  Mom sed r walkie tunite wuz a lot more enjoyable an'a little bit less stressin'.

SHASTA:  An'agin I say, u r older soooooo .......

SHILOH:  Oh hush - u just think u r all that an'then sum.   U shood go bak tu sleep - NOW!

Ok, us Beaglebratz r worn out frum r walkiez so we think it iz time tu go nite-nite.  Oh MOOOOOOOOOOOOM............
 (Mom here - don't ask me why I stopped using that harness because I have no idea.  Anyway, it's called the Sense-ation harness - Shasta has a Sensible harness - both made by same company but only difference is the type of material used.  You can see it HERE )

Monday, August 23, 2010

Here comez sum more ............

After mom got home frum werk then let us out an'bak in, she wuz sittin'at the 'puter when all of a sudden she just got up an'walked over tu the front door - didn't say anythin'tu us but just got up.  She opened the door tu go out but woodn't let us go with her but instead came bak in, carryin'this -
(from the mom - how do they know it's for them?)

She held it out fer us an'we cood smell sumthin'good in there.
When it fell on the floor - we cood smell sumthin'good in there - an'it smelled like sumthin'mom woodn't want so'ze it HAD tu b fer us!

Of course, Shiloh wanted ALL of whatever wuz in
there fer his-self

but me, Shasta, didn't
think much of that idea.

But then mom took the box away frum both of us an'sed the werdz we most hate tu hear-
(b-sidez letz go tu the vet)
"U 2 hafta share!"

Mom got the box open (why didn't she leave it with us-
we wuz duin'fine with it)
Anyway, this iz what wuz in that box-
Remember that give-away at
Well thoze biskits were what wuz in that box!
Thank u so much fer r biskitz - we wuz starvin!

It lookz like me, Shasta, gitz the last snoop.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

We cood've danced all nite ............

. . . Oh yeah, we did.

We mite haf posted erlier tuday but we wuz soooooo tired.  An'since we had tu pilot the Sopwith Camel bak an'the sun wuz just comin'up - don't like flyin'intu the sunlite, we waited a bit b-4 we flew home.  Then when we FINALLY got home, we slept ALL day-

We did wakr up fer a bit only tu hear mom havin'werdz with
the 'puter so we just went bak tu sleep.

Shiloh wuz dreamin'bout all the dancin'he did an'all the pretty ladiez who obliged his queschun-

"Wood u grace this old hound with a dance?"
With a look like this, how cood Shiloh b refuzed?

Meanwhile, Shasta wuz duin'her share of minglin'an'dancin' -
she wuz lookin'kind of prim an'proper-
when the recepshun began but many soon discovered that
wuz just a "look"
az she quickly proved tu all that
she cood git down an'boogie with the best of'em.

If'n u wood like tu c more pikchurz of the recepshun an'the
weddin' just go

Az fer us Beaglebratz, we iz goin'bak tu bed

Saturday, August 21, 2010



SHASTA - Oh I think I gonna cry - I never bin tu a weddin'b-4.

SHILOH - Oh wimen - they git sooooo emoshonal over nuthin.
That iz r Sopwith Camel up there - I just set it on auto pilot an'we were able tu parachute down tu the weddin.  Coodn't take pikchurs of us
parachutin'cuz we had tu watch where we wuz gonna land soze we
didn't land on any-1 in the weddin.
Ok - we gotta hush now -

Friday, August 20, 2010

Saturday morning.................

We will be hopping intu r Sopwith Camel
in the morning to fly up north

fer the wedding of Frankie, Ruby'n Penny. 
This time we will b shure tu leave mom a note tu remind her where we r.
No sirreeeee, mom wuz royally ticked when we
went tu the bachelor/bachlorette pawtiez'n didn't let her no.
We wuz scared if we told her she mite not let us go but we
wanted tu go tu b where all r furriendz were'n wantin'tu c r good furriendz Frankie, Ruby'n Penny b so happy.

 SHASTA:  I HAFTA talk tu mom 'bout gittin'a tiara fer this dress.

SHILOH:  Women r just never satisfied with their lookz.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dogs on Thursday (from the mom)

This week the post on Dogs on Thursday was entitled "Dogs are amazing".
Well, the mom can't resist showing pics of my own amazing duo.
So I'm gonna post various pics at different ages.

In the last post by the Beaglebratz ,
they included a graphic of the below pic
that someone had added the evening background to 
(for that I'm not crafty enuf) 
(this is the original that I added words too).
This is one of my most favorite pics that I feel very fortunate and
lucky to have gotten - it was all natural. 
Shiloh was looking out the window and
Shasta was sitting next to him when she did this. 
I just happened (for real) to be standing by the stairs-
there was an end table by the sofa where
the camera just happened to be - I am so grateful that I had the smarts to grab the camera.

Here is another one - I was outside with them with the intent of getting pics - this was taken shortly after Shasta joined our family-

One of my favs of a younger Shasta

This next one is Shiloh with his best bud and little "older" brother, Oreo before Oreo crossed the Rainbow Bridge and became my little furangel in Feb. 2007.  I was so surprised and relieved that Shiloh & Oreo became such great friends since Oreo was almost 12 when
the little 8 week old Shiloh joined the family.
I have no idea what their problem was at this time.

A 2 year old Shiloh had not yet learned that you don't bite the soccer ball. 

I love this next pic - not sure if I have posted it or not but the look on Shiloh's face as he watches his lil'sis is priceless.

This is what I saw when I came home one day - have absolutely no idea how Shasta managed this.

It's kinda hard to tell but this is Shiloh
and his first encounter with balloons.

Shiloh is a registered Reading Education Assistance Dog - we were at our city's library when this was taken.  This was one of Shiloh's early visits-
now that he has matured a little (he has?),
he  doesn't wear the Halti but a harness instead.  I was still keeping a hand on Shiloh even tho he was quite comfortable "listening" to the reader.

Look at the dog - not me.  This is Shasta on her 'graduation" from basic obedience on her way to becoming a therapy dog.

AND FINALLY!  I will end with this pic-
This is one of the Beaglebratz favorite sleeping locations, besides my bed.  I guess Shiloh doesn't mind his lil'sis sleeping like this on his back
altho I do try to limit it -
Shiloh has had problems in his tailbone with 2 missing disks,
at least that is what one vet told me a couple years ago when Shiloh carried his tail tucked so tightly that you could hardly see it and it was so painful when he pottied that he would cry out in agony. 
But like I said, that was a couple years ago and I have changed vets since-
he has had no more problems since then   That vet said that if Shiloh kept having pain with it like he did, eventually the tail would have to be amputated - maybe Shiloh heard that and figured there was no way anyone would take his tail off.

Ok - that is all the pics I will subject you to - at least for now.
(he he he).
Sometimes I get too involved when I go back and look at all the pics I have taken.  I will try to wait a while before I bombard you with more.
Right now, we are all going to bed.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FINALLY !!!!!!!!!

We have bin here ... or iz it there?  Mom finally wuz able tu git us both out fer walkiez 2 times this week.  She hasta walk us separately tho an'that takez time.

SHASTA here - Yep, mom sez I am a better walker than Shiloh iz cuz he thinkz goin'fer a walk meanz goin'tu the racez an'he'z 1 of the racerz -neener neener neener  - the lady iza better walker.

SHILOH  That'z b-cuz I am lookin'out fer critterz an'intruderz that mite hurt mom or git in r way.  U r tu bizy bein'a miss priss - all prim an'proper.  An'mom haz bin bizy tu - she sez she iz creatin'in the kitchen - all I no iz whatever she iz duin'there - we ain't gittin'nuthin.

SHASTA  Yeah - she sed we gotta wait 'til the weekend cuz she needz tu fix her supper.  Well, 'scuze me but what r we 'spoze tu eat?

Ok, b-4 we git tu upset, we r gonna go  nite nite.............

PeeS - Fergot tu add - All last week it wuz really HOT here,
mom sed102 with a heat index 110 or higher,
yep all of the week it wuz over 100. 
This week haz bin better butt
it iz almost bak up tu the 90 an'this weekend may git VERY CLOSE tu 100.  No more walkiez! 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our first awardiez and more .................

Beaglebratz here -
We gotz r first 2 awardiz within the last couple of day'z. 
The one we gotz tuday seemz tu b a very popular award -
we c it alot on many good blogs. 
We kinda gotz it a couple of day'z ago frum r good friendz Phantom, Thunder'n Ciara when they first shared it with us -
they got it from Mr. Pip who was also sharing it today.
Tuday, when mom gotz home an'turned the 'puter on,
we found out that 
specifically b-cuz we all share the Beagle howl.  Here's the  
Versatile Blogger Award-

Then, when
were sharing some awardiez they had gotten,
they  also shared this with us

Another Versatile Blogger Awardie!

Ok, we gotz sum other great nu'ze to share!
We were vizitin'the bloggie-home fer
who wuz showin'eferyone her nu collar.
The best part -
b-sides her lookin'boo-ti-ful az she modeled her nu collar -
iz that she iz havin'a give-away fer a nu collar.
She gotz the collar from her furriendz an'hoomin at

It's easy to enter Miss Kylie'z give a-way
so git yourself on over to her blog an'du it!

Oh - almost fergit - 
we r 'spoze tu tell ya'all 7 thingz 'bout us Beaglebratz.
Welll, since there r 2 of us here,
we r gonna split it, kinda an'sum
of it may be thingz u already no but
we will try tu come up with sum nu stuff.

SHILOH:  I am a REALLY good counter-surfer.
SHILOH:  One of my niknamez iz My Little Man.
SHILOH:  I snore sumtimez.

SHASTA:  Shiloh barks at me sumtimez - really LOUD.
SHASTA:  One of my niknamez iz Little Lady Whoo.
SHASTA:  When I wuz a baby on my 1st Christmas Day, Shiloh nipped my ear an'I had tu haf a stitch in it.
US BEAGLEBRATZ:  Even tho Shiloh iz 7 an'Shasta iz only 3, we came frum the same hoomin home - Shiloh iz Shasta's uncle.

Now we r also 'spoze tu share it with sum friendz BUTT
what we wood like tu du-
whether u iz an old or nu friend an'espechiallly
fer thoze who do NOT haf any awardiez - we wood love it if u'all wood accept BOTH awardiez now tu display on your blog.

peeS - Whoopz!  Almost fergit agin. Jasmine an'her mom
over at Marge's Pets, r also duin'a give a-way fer sum yummy biscuitz.  U'all shood go on over there an'sign up - it'z eazy tu!

Now that wuz a lot of bloggin'we just did -
we took turnz but
we iz still tired so
we iz gonna go take r nappiez now b-4 dinner


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kind of late with the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop but ...

The mom here - Shiloh & Shasta have been gone all day and if fact they left shortly after they had their dinner yesterday evening.  Shasta finally showed up a bit ago- I was upstairs and I heard her come in - funny, it almost sounded like she was staggering a bit.  Anyway, I was trying to talk to her as I came  downstairs but she never said anything.  When I did walk in to the living room - this is what I saw-
I tried talking to her but
you can see she just kind of had that look like
the lite is on but nobody's home. 
I could tell she had fixed her something to eat but
in this picture you can tell that she would rather sleep than eat!
You know what they say
- let sleeping dogs lie -
so that is what I did.

Now I wonder when the wandering Shiloh will get home?