Monday, July 20, 2015

Just a note.........

Mom Kim here - I just wanted to stop by and let you all know we are still around - I think.  I also want to say a HUGE thank-you for the prayers and well wishes

  My 5th cornea transplant in my rite eye was 6/23/15 and the first post-op appointment was the next day.  It started out good but rapidly went downhill.  Oh the transplant itself was good however due to the condition of my eye - I had developed low eye pressure, lower then it had been before.  That was treated and by the next day it was already beginning to improve.  Over the next 3 weeks I also developed an epithelial defect or like a skin tear on the cornea and a Herpes Simplex eye infection, both of which I had before so I knew what I was dealing with - they have both been treated and are now healed.  Through it all, the transplant is doing good and my specialist is pleased with it - he is just a tid-bit frustrated (my level of frustration was way beyond that) with all the little bumps in the road that has slowed down the healing process.

So where does all this leave me as of now - what with those 3 complications plus the stitches my vision has not improved  - yet.  As with anything like this. it is totally uncertain how much my vision will improve. (rite before the cornea transplant my vision was a bit better than it is now).

As of now, going back to work is not an option - not sure at this time if it ever will be an option.  I am trying hard not to climb the walls as it has now been over 7 months since this all started - I do get out occasionally for doc appointments and usually weekly for other errands with my sis but thank goodness for the Beaglebratz.

Since it is really difficult to get this typed, have no idea when we all will be back.
 The Beaglebratz are doing well.  In my last post (NOT the dawgs) I told you about the tug-o-war that Lord Shiloh entertained me with while Lady Shasta watched from the comfort of her couch.  Well, this time he decided to leave me out of it and was able to get Lady Shasta off her throne the couch to join him in the game plus having a barking contest to see who could bark the loudest plus a race around the living-room.

Guess I will stop this for now - miss you all and if you have a moment, PLEASE say a prayer, especially for my sanity.