Friday, September 16, 2011


Well still a bit better - kinda.  I mean I am reading one line better on the chart, 20/200  as compared to barely being able to count fingers at less than 4 feet - so farI have been improving about a line every 7 to 10 days so just maybe I MIGHT be able to return to work in 2 or 3 weeks.  HOWEVER,that is using more of my peripheral vision than central       which is what is normally used (but then I never did proclaim to be normal).It seems that now there is a haze covering the center of my eye-
this is not really a new problem and may still improve - just one more reason to want to 'wait and see'.  
At least me and the doc did discuss my financial situation a bit and he did try something new that CAN help others sometimes so he wanted to try it with me since it might help me get back to work sooner than later.  HOWEVER as I already knew, I am NOT like so many others who have been helped with adding a hard contact on top of the bandage contact lens I was already wearing.  So here I sit, here at home
just me and the B-bratz, each of     us enjoying the others presence- them REALLY sleeping late with their mom (mom enhoys this too) going outside almost anytime they want and getting a few extra treats  (are diets in their future?)
Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta

Thursday, September 15, 2011



Why is it so %T#$% friggin difficult, especially for a MAJOR FEDERAL health care agency with tens of thousands of patients with chronic illnesses to understand that just maybe it cannot be determined or specifically stated when an employee with a chronic disease will be healed enough or well enough to return to work.  Then you have to deal with the doctors who insist on taking a 'wait and see' approach to the improvement or healing of that condition. Now if I could win a million dollar lottery so I could pay my house off and pay other bills including mounting medical bills and needed prescriptions as well as over the counter meds that insurance won't cover plus the food for me and the Beaglebratz then sure, I would be more than happy to take that same "wait and see".  But are those same doctors willing to pay any of those expenses - I don't think so.  My specialist is helpig me a little with small samples of the eye meds that I need but believe mewhen I say that is a small fraction of the total cost of those meds. Then these same doctors who want to 'wait and see'are slow to complete the paperwork you need to guarantee that your job will be waiting for you and that your employer will cover the cost of your health insurance until you get back to work (so you can pay it back - but at least it is there when I need it).  Ok, enough venting for now.

As I spend my day, thinking about the above and wondering ifit will lead to bankruptcy oand selling my house - having to retire due to my disability, those positive thoughts sometimes are downright impossible to maintain or seem to come and go.  Sometimes the depression and sadness try to take hold BUT then I think about ALL ofmy great Blogville friends - both 2 and 4 legged and all the positive and pawsitive vibes they are sending my way.  Thank goodness for the computer and being able to enlarge print - I love reading all your comments, I feel like that is still 1 thing I have.


How does one stay sad and down when this (Shiloh) is looking at you with a wagging tail?

or you look over and see this(Shasta)

Yep, new pictures just like this one

Ok, gotta go finish laundry then get ready for eye doc appt.  Back later or tomorrow.
Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta

Friday, September 9, 2011


I know we have all been doing this (and my tanks are sooooooooo great) but it seems to be more important now then before.  Yes, improvement is still happening which I found out at my appt; yesterday. However what would normally take a NORMAL and HEALTHY eye maybe a few days to heal - the normal healing process of my eye is non-existent (nothing new-been this way for years which is a main problem for all my vision problems).  So what that means, what my doc told me - with normal healing, the epithelial defect or the skin tear on my cornea would be healed by now.  HOWEVER,because of my compromised immune system involving the eye it could take my vision at least two to three more weeks to heal.  Now IF I were married (maybe) or at least had some type of a sufficient second income that would not really be a problem. One good thing is that I can elect to have my employer cover the cost of my health insurance but I will have to pay it bak once I return to work.  However they offer no disability type of insurance or coverage unless it is workman's comp which of course this isn't    So then, what am I getting at?  That two or three weeks is just really NOT acceptable to me altho I am sure that Shiloh'n Shasta would not have a problem with it (at least until their dog food ran ot and no more treats in the drawer) however as you all are aware, there are just a tad more to living than that (Of course whatever the time limit is - that is really something determined by God but I can still try and do something)  

ANYHOW OR ANYWHO - as the subject of this post says - positive - pawsitive thinking. I know you have all been doing this along with your so many prayers and healing vibes - if it isn't TOO much trouble maybe you could mention this in your blog or Facebook page if you have one?   I even worke  some clothes I usually reserve for work to my doc appt. - maybe as a hidden motivator????????????????

I am just so very much in awe and appreciative of all the kindness and support and comments we have all been given.    May be bak to my blog over  the weekend or the Beaglebratz may put in an appearance - not sure at this time - rite now I need to go.  Thanx again so very much for all your help.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

We r here tu!

Yepperz - we the Beaglebratz r here tu!  Mom sed we cood leave a message tu so here we iz -WOOHOO!  So this iz gonna b kinda shor fer now butt may;b more sumday REAL soon.  We just wanted to share sum pikcurz of what we haf bin duin - u may haf seen theze b-4 butt mom hazn't got any new onez on the 'puter yet.  'k - here they r-

this iz what we haf bin duin the most-

Then we bin duin a little bit of this tu-
and this tu-

we bin duin az much of this az we can

We r tryin'tu figur out sumthin'-
Mom will b eatin'sumthin'an 
we tell her we want sum tu 
she sez we already had our meal.
We ask u-

Hope we can come bak soon tu c u all-
~Shiloh'nn Shasta~

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hello all - Update

This is late in coming but there has not really been as much change as I would like to  report, it is now in a kind of wait and see phase.  There was also a problem with my computer, had to end up resetting it.  I guess there really has been good improvement since this all began - my vision got as bad as barely being able to count fingers at a couple of feet and now up to 20/300 but I still have no real idea of when I can get bak to work.  

I have been really concerned after hearing about all the wildfires in Texas and bad weather and the hurricane along the East Coast. Can anyone leave me a messageon anyone in these areas and other?

Shiloh and Shasta are doing well.  We have been having some of the most lovely weather for September I have ever seen - temps in the mid 70's  the last few days so they have had many trips out back and I have started using baby carrots ALOT for treats - they love them and come running when they see I have some.  If I did not use the carrots the Beaglebratz would have gained who knows how much by now.

Ihave another eye doc appt tomorrow so I hopeI can come by with another update in thenext day or so - hopefully my computer will behave itself now so maybe the updates will be a little more regular.  Hope to b bak soon
Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta