Saturday, October 31, 2009

WOWSIE - We made it in the costume contest

(Whoops - not yet but tomorrow, 11/1/09)

Halloween Spooktacular costume contest

We made it - thank you so much. :)

Ready for the Halloween Ball

We are all ready for the Halloween Ball
Shiloh with his lovely date, Shasta
the Kingn'n Queen of the ball!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Furry Friends Friday

Shasta Beaglebrat here-Mom was lazy tunite'n didn't du this post.  Us Beaglebratz were gonna get tu meet r furcuzin (his mom is r mom'scuzin) this weekend - his name is Charlie-
But they live
where all that snow is so they won't be able to vicit rite now.  We think that Charlie looks like he would be fun to play with.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"There's no need to fear - the Beaglebratz are here!"

Team Beaglebratz iz on the job.  We heard from Commander Tank that our new friends, Frankie Furter and Miley were having some bad critter problems (squirrels).  We are naturally born wabbit & squirrel hunters so we just had to sign up with Commander Tank's Operation Whack-a-Squirrel
That's me, Shiloh, making shure we are following the right trail.  My little sis, Shasta, iz checking out that bush to make sure the squirrel iz not hiding there - that's how we work - that's why we are a great team.

This iz me, Shiloh.  I know that history says we were bred mainly for hunting wabbits - but really we hunt critters - wabbits, squirrels & other rodents.  So all you squirrels out there - Team Beaglebratz iz watching you - your days are numbered.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One more for "O"

This is my first ABC Wednesday post.  It is still Tuesday but not sure I will have time tomorrow.

My Onery Beaglebratz, Shiloh'n Shasta, are at it again.  They can be downright Onerous, especially at 5:30am.

Shasta has always be the Obnoxious
little One - even as a baby.

Even tho they will nap at anytime,
they rarely let their mom Oversleep.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Camera Critters #81

The Beaglebratz are here - Shiloh & Shasta.  Mom is finishing laundry & left the 'puter on so thought we would do our

Camera Critter #81 post.  Shiloh here: Mom has not been well lately, at least she says she is under the weather.  Shasta here: Well Shiloh, we r all UNDER the weather - we r down here on the ground'n the weather iz above us - 'n it duz keep on coming down so maybe that iz y mama sez she iz under the weather - she duz not smile much the past few daze.  She blames the weather.  Shiloh here:  Well you duz not help much little sis - whenever mom is home, you want to go outside all the time - never give her much time to do what she needs to do.  Shasta here: Well a doggy has tu du what a doggy has tu du.  'N besides, there iz sumthing out there - I kin smell it.  Shiloh here: Well I know that, I is a Beagle too - just like you.  Oh, our mom went to the punkin patch yesterday - here are sum pics - 
These are too big for us.

These are better-

These are some of the things they had for kids to do -
click on the small pics to see bigger

Ok - it is about time for us Beaglebratz to go to bed (mom too).  Mom is not happy - back to work tomorrow - we Beaglebratz don't like that much either.  Shiloh here:  It is raining'n dreary - has been most of the week.  We gots to go now.   Beaglebratz say g'nite.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Furry Friends Friday

This week's furry friend foto was actually more of a friend to Shiloh then he was to Shasta.  Oreo was my little YorkiPoo who was going on 

11 years old when Shiloh joined our family. Oreo became a great little "big" bro to Shiloh and they played alot together - even as Shiloh got older and soon outweighed and stood above Oreo.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Before we head to bed ...

The Beaglebratz had to get their race in - after they come in from outside, almost every nite they have to race a figure eight in my living room - using the swivel rocker to make their turn.  Shasta is in the lead with Shiloh in hot pursuit.

Last nite, when Shiloh and I went to our city library for our weekly READ session, I was confronted with a new situation that I wasn't sure how to handle.  A young girl, probably around 4th or 5th grade stopped by to pet Shiloh - she was quite content to just stay there by him and love on him - of course Shiloh was more than happy to accept her affection towards him.  Then I asked her if she wanted to read to him - at first she didn't answer so I thought she was just a little shy - some kids are when they find us there.  But then she looked at me while I was asking again and that is when she made a signal to me that she could not hear.  When I realized what she had told me, I felt so inadequate as to what to do next.  I motioned to her that I understood.  Luckily I remembered that I had a small pad of paper and pen with me - I showed her what I had then she happily took it.  She asked me what his name was - I wrote the answer then handed the paper to her - I could tell by her smile that she was happy.  Then she told me what hers was and I wrote down my name.  Then she made the connection that this Shiloh was the same one in the picture in the doorway of the kids department of the library - a copu of that picture I posted here.  I hope I see her again next week - I also hope to ask other READ teams what they do if ever faced with that type of situation.

Ok - time for bed.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Very fortunate

This is my Shiloh-boy or Shi-boy altho there is nothing shy about him.
Before we all head off to bed, I have a few thoughts I wanted to jot down first & it's the events of this past weekend (read previous post),
that makes me realize just how fortunate I have been with him.
First, he is the one that got me started with Beagles & has taught me the most about myself & my relationship with dogs -
Beagles in particular.
He has proven to me time & time again,
just how much of a challenge a Beagle can be -
ok - downright stubborn at times.
But guess what?  He's worth it & what's more is he has shown me
that what people have said about me all while growing up -
that I'm stubborn & bull-headed, sometimes is a good thing.
I wonder if that is why we have become a great team - I can match his stubborness inch for inch.
Now for why else we are both extremely fortunate;
Shiloh has crossed the same street where my neighbor's dog was hit.
He has gotten away from me altho
since I started using the martingale collar, it hasn't happened.
At first, he stayed within our neighborhood but then,
on two different occasions, he went outside the neighborhood -
having to cross busy streets both times.
Yes, we are both extremely fortunate -
now Shiloh can continue to be the great therapy dog that he is &
my 4-legged best friend & loyal companion.

And so the work week begins ....

Good Monday morning.
The Beaglebratz got me up at 5 to go out and hunt
Then THEY came in and took their nap.
As for me, I am gonna start getting ready for work.
I need some time off - the weekend was way too short.
If I have a chance later today, will stop by and write a few words.

I am adding this from work - it is about 12:30p - if you can't trust your vet then what?
Well, my neighbor’s dog, Dara a German Shepherd, that got hit by a car this past Friday, didn’t make it and she didn’t deserve having to die the way she did. The last time (yesterday) I saw her I could tell she wasn’t well. I went and talked to my neighbor and he told me what had happened and what is worse, the dog had been suffering all weekend before she was finally put to sleep – and it sounds like it was the vet’s fault . When Dara first got hit, my neighbor called the vet clinic and told them what happened. I guess there were no obvious injuries so they told him to just watch her over the weekend and if any problems, bring her in. I guess she seemed perkier on Saturday and so my neighbor waited some more. But then yesterday, when I saw her, the poor thing was barely able to walk and my neighbor had made the decision to take her in but by that time, it was too late. I am very saddened by this and mad at the vet clinic however I am also mad at my neighbor – they have been putting off getting a fence put up – I guess Dara saw a cat and chased it across one of the busiest streets in our city. I have never seen the dog on leash but in the past, she has always stayed within the boundaries – this time she didn’t. First, I am mad at the vet clinic for not taking a more proactive approach but also I feel some of the responsibility lies with the owner. My neighbor was a little concerned about the vet initially not doing more however if that had been my dog and having the medical knowledge I do (human & animal), if I was the least bit unhappy with what the vet was doing, I would have contacted another vet. It’s called being a responsible pet owner – I know not everyone has a lot of medical background but everyone should have some decent level of common sense.  Anyway, in the past few months I have been hearing more negative then positive about this vet, including having had sanctions against him; there was also an incidence with Shiloh - he has degeneration in the lower spine (tailbone actually) and the only thing the vet could tell me was if the pain got too bad then the tail would have to be amputated - whatever happened to developing a prevention plan?  I ended up going on the web and doing my own prevention planning.  Anhway, I am looking for another vet.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pet Pride

This here is the Beaglebratz and we would like to use out Pet Pride post for something special today.  Our mom just found out that our next door neighbor's dog, a pretty German Shepherd, got hit by a car this past Friday.  Her mom and dad checked her over real good and could tell no bones were broken so they decided to wait and see before taking her to the dogtor which is within 2 blocks.  They said that Dara, the GSD, was acting better yesterday so they continued to wait.  But today, she came outside, and we could all tell that she is not feeling good and her dad said they are taking her to the dogtor in a  few minutes.  So, what we Beaglebratz would like to do is ask for alot of prayers for our friend Dara.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Camera Critters #80

Ok, I am new to doing this Camera Critters #80 post so I hope I'm doing it at least halfway rite.  It has been cold & dreary here ALL week.  The sun was out earlier this morning but now I see mostly clouds. So far this morning it has been kinda lazy around here altho I did finally get the clothes dried that I washed Thursday nite.  The Beaglebratz decided they needed to go out EARLY (3:30am) this morning but after we went back to bed when I remembered it was Saturday.  Now they are snoozing again -

they had a busy morning after we got up at 8am - first they went outside for awhile, as you can see they work well together to make sure the property is all clear of any unwanted critters.  Then they came in & had some breakfast then back outside for a bit to do more surveillance work.  And now they are snoozing.  As for me, I am off to a Germanfest later - never been to one - they are even having a Weiner-dog Race which I hope to get pics of, actually pics of all activities.  Ok - gotta go get ready- hope the sun comes bak out, temps are suppose to be above 50 - 1st time all week.  Hope you all have a good day.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Furry friends Friday

Furry friends Friday Ok, so I don’t know if this will catch on. But this will be the theme for Friday on my blog. I am at work rite now but when I get home I hope to add a pic of a local furry friend of the Beaglebratz. There are not that many so I hope eventually maybe to add pics of their ‘net friendsMore later, I hope........

Ok - now it's almost too later but just now have time to add that pic.
In this first picture,that is my Shasta playing with her doggy couzin, Bailie - a West Highland White Terrier.  This next picture is of Kailie - another West Highland White Terrier cousin, with a bad case of skin allergies which has since healed.  Both of the Westies live with my sister.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Shiloh Beaglebrat reporting for duty

Ok, this here is Shiloh. I am the man of the house and it is way past time that I have my chance here. Ya'know, it was bad enuf that my mom even let Shasta have her say here first but then to put that video BEFORE I even had a chance to say ANYTHING! TOTALLY NOT FAIR!
I mean, I was her first Beagle and I achieved my therapy dog and
Canine Good Citizen status BEFORE Shasta was even thought of.
She was barely a year old when I achieved my Reading Education Assistance Dog status. When we were on stage at Paws In The Park this year, who did the tricks - ME, while Shasta was looking out at the audience. Who has won Best Pet Trick, 3 different times - ME!  Who has been around here the longest (besides mom) to keep the varmints out of the yard - ME!  And then she (Shasta) gets to have her say here first - then talk about pouring salt on the wound - I need to figure out a way to make mom pay for that.  So, I need to go for now = I've got some thinking to do.  Gotta go take a nap so maybe it will come to me in a dream - I do my best thinking that way.

Shasta gets ready for bed

Actually this video was taken in the early evening, before we went to bed. Shortly after that video was taken, I let the Beaglebratz outside and when they came in, Shasta jumped in Shiloh's chair and Shiloh slept on the dogbed and about an hour later, they switched for awhile. When I did finally go to bed, they slept with me.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just a note ........

I have discovered the website for American Humane -

This link goes to thair article about therapy dogs.


Mommy iz gonna let me talk!
(NA na na na na tu Shiloh cuz I am the 1st Beaglebratz that gits tu talk here -
iz only fair that we Beaglebratz git tu b here tu since the blog iz kinda about us)
Yep, it iz my barkday an'like the pikchur sez, I iz now 3yo.
An'I had a past few buzy daze -
on Saturday, mommy took me out tu take thoze testz -
that'z what she calls them but I no I wuz just havin'fun.
There wuz sum peeple there an'they wuz nice an'petted me
an'sed I wuz kute (but I nu that).
Then the next day mommy took me'Shiloh tu the park
an'we got blessed (just animals).
Aunt Sis brought hur Bailie (a widdle white doggy).
Mommy sed it wuz Blessing of the Animals.
An'now it iz my barkday - I iz tired so gonna go take a nap.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First, the workday then FUN

Earlier this evening, me'n Shiloh spent a couple of hours visiting at the nursing home - we did take a short break during that time. Tomorrow evening we will go to the library so the little kids can come and read to him. I am off work on Thursday & Friday - Thursday is Shasta's barkday and I plan on spending it at home & we will also go to Petsmart. Friday, me'n Shiloh are off to the hospice. I am worn out - Beaglebratz too - heading to bed shortly.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blessing of the Animals

Me 'n the Beaglebratz are off to the annual Blessing of the Animals held in our city park in a bit - this is the 27th year. Shasta has never been - I think in light of what she is now qualified to do, she (we) need all the blessings she can get. Shiloh has been a couple of times but we missed it the last couple of years so better go and update his blessings.

Introducing ........

Tess's Sparkling Shasta

The newest Delta Society Pet Partner therapy dog and Canine Good Citizen in northeast Kansas.
Shasta had a ball with the attention, treats & being outside alot. She received some nice compliments, especially when she had to come to me after I had walked away 10 feet & she had to sit & wait til I called - she came bounding to me. And in her CGC test, even during the 3 minute separation test, no problem as she was interested in sniffing and snooping (Altho what does that say for the bond between me & her) .

And I was pleasantly surprised when one of the evaluators, when reviewing Shasta's scores with me, also paid me a compliment on my training skills - I have to admit, my self-confidence moved up a couple notches. Ok - will stop bragging now.

I am just very proud of my two Beagles who both are now therapy dogs and Canine Good Citizens

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today's the day.........

Shasta had her bath last nite - not too keen on that and especially the hair dryer I used after it. Never used the hair dryer before - took a while before I was comfortable with her being dry enuf to go outside - it was only in the mid-sixties yesterday. Well, I need to go get her bag ready (and this bag too). Want to try and get some leash work in before we leave so I need to stop for now - bak with an update later............

Shasta is having her therapy dog evaluation and her Canine Good Citizen test today;

Friday, October 2, 2009

Another one ....

Adding a tad here before I leave work – may not be bak until later tomorrow afternoon. Time now is 3:33pm and I am going home - my work here is done for the day - WOOHOO!

Oh goodie – that seventh heaven feeling just ain’t giving up – still has a hold of me sometimes. I found another doggy blog – not just any doggy but another BEAGLE doggy blog here in the U.S. My Beags will be so happy, as I am :)

.... more for today

Added @ 11:44 CST - since there is so much in this post, decided to do a new post rather than add it to the last one.

Oh I hooked up with a blog of someone I know from a listserve for people who own Beagles – that led me to another doggy blog which then led me to a list of doggy blogs – oh I am in seventh-heaven now; just wish I was home so I could spend more time on it. However I have added a few of those doggy blogs to my list of blogs that I follow – bet I add more later.

However tonite and for a while tomorrow, my focus wil be on getting Shasta ready for her evaluations tomorrow and then actually doing them – one for her Delta Society Pet Partner therapy dog and one for her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) standing. Luckily, these will both be held in the same place which is really convenient for me since I don’t drive and have to arrange for public transportation. I have been working with her quite a bit this past week. Last nite and this past Tuesday evening we went to Petsmart to continue working on socialization and trying to get her to stop pulling so much on the leash – no, there were no classes as we have already been through 4 levels of obedience. Rather we went there just to practice what we both have already learned and trying to perfect a few of those skills. I have to admit, my baby girl (she will be 3 y.o. on 10/8/09) really made me proud as we walked by the many stacks of dog food, totally focused and watching me as she walked – instead of pulling the leash to try and find the few pieces of kibble that mite lay under the shelves. That really shows how well bonded and how much trust she puts in me, that she can watch me as we walk and knows that I will not lead her into danger. There may not be a whole lot done on the computer tonite - we are not going anywhere except maybe for a walk but I need to give Shasta a good bath and get our bag ready - need treats, brush, water and bowl and clean up stuff as well as her blankie. Might take my camera too - never know when that photo op might present itself and I want to be ready.

Ok - time for lunch..........
Ok – so this blog is starting to look a little better – adding pics, added a few links, changed the template a little – a little overall updating; just wish I wouldn’t do it so late at nite when I should be in bed. I have to get up in the morning at 5:30 and that comes terribly early when you don’t get to bed until almost midnite the nite before.

I would like to know why time thinks it has to go so fast. Here it is Friday – our animal shelter’s big fundraiser, Paws In The Park, was last Saturday but yet it seems like yesterday (even tho I know I was here at work). I have learned something about having time to write in my blog here at work but yet not being online to much at one time here at work – just hope this works; copy-paste from a word document that I have offline so that way just keep a rolling dialogue going all day. And I bet some of you more experienced bloggers are now saying, DUH! Give me time - I may catch up on some stuff. Bad thing here - I don't have access to my pics on my home computer nor can I access Photobucket here at work where many of my pics are stored online. Ok - I have been online here for a few minutes - will have to stop shortly and get bak to work.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

R.E.A.D. program coordinator at the library

Yep - that would be me. I have started already - minimally as currently my main focus is getting Shasta ready for her evaluation this Saturday, 10/3/09. Besides, other than me & Shiloh, there is only 1 other team going to the library this month at the library and she may be doing only this Sunday. However, we are planning on more beginning in January 2010.

However, more on this later - sheets in the dryer need to go on the bed so me and the Beaglebratz can go to bed.

Moving blog ???????????????

I wonder about this question - to move or not to move? Every other blog I am ever able to view, is in a different country. Now I have nothing against other countries, in and of themselves but I would also like to view blogs from here in the U.S. Also, when I am viewing (or should I say attempting to view other blogs like it says I can do - sometimes yes and sometimes no. I don't have a whole lot of free time to just waste away on this.

Besides, time to get bak to work..........................

Added @ 10:56pm - Ok, think I'll stay put for a while longer. Gotta remember to use the connections I have with other blogs here to find blogs of people in the U.S. or blogs by people with similar interests or both - that's how I found the blog for "dogwalkmusings". I will have to explore that when I am awake.