Saturday, April 29, 2017

Speshal times = speshal friend

So, me an'mom haf a page on that facebark thing.
Once in a great while my mom will
git one of thoze private messagez'an
on just earlier this month - April 7th,
she gotz one.

I think many of u know or know'bout
Well, she sed she wuz gonna b 
vizitin'sum of her friendz around Toe-p-ka'n
havin'sum breakfast with a blogger friend here in Toe-p-ka soo
cood she stop an'vizit us tue?
Well if mom had any doubtz then all she hadta 
due wuz ask me fer the correkt answer-
An'she sed she wood bring sum Jones treatz-

So on that speshal day we had our speshal vizitor-
u'all r'member this pikchure?

Well here r the rest 
(an'the best of course)

Well ferst here r pikchurez where I guess
mom thought I hadta show sum of my trickz in order tue
show Ms Flea I d-zerved sum Jonez treats.
(Like just bein'ME iz not d-zervin'enuf?)

See - iz this just not one of the cutest facez u
ever did c? 
(that just so happenz tue b chowin'down on a 
Jones treat an'also didn't want
no one tue take it so carried it around with me)

Ok - this next group of pikchurez r onez mom took - they can b biggified if u want-

             Me chowin'down on a Jones Windee - YUMMY!

u mite r'member a couple of'em frum my Tongue Out Tuezday post

After a bit of the flashy-beest, 
I kept gittin'a lotta lovin'frum Ms Flea.  BUTT
all tue soon Ms Flea hadta leeve-
she hadta drive all the way home tue Oklahoma BUTT 
a little birdy told me we will c her agin.

~Lady Shasta~

Monday, April 24, 2017

Blogville Spring Break 2017

Sorry I iz later than I wanted BUTT
I haz bin havin'so much fun'n 
so bizy'n pawtinin'an'I gotz just sooooo
tuckered out.

Anywayz, where I live with mom, we haz bin havin'so
much rain an'dreary weather an'still more tue come that when
Mabel an'Arty came up with a 
surprize Dory an'Mr. Bailey on their trawpical vakashun 
that sounded just WUNNERFUL'n
they invited all of Blogville!
I cood hardly wait.
Click on that link'bout the pawty tue
c the hula dancin'I took pawt in if
u haz not bin there yet.

There wuz even gonna b a 
TREAZURE HUNT on the beach.
See that heart I drew on the beach?
Click on that link'bout the treazure hunt tue
c who it iz fer if u haz not bin there yet.

There r other eventz goin'on all day-
fer info an'linkz check out 
More info HERE
where it b-gan with Dory an'Mr. Bailey'n
ended with the pawty.
Ok - gotta go git sum refreshmentz.
~Lady Shasta~

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day Challenge

When mom ferst told me'bout the
Earth Day Challenge at
Then I sed -
Due we due anything fer the Earth?
(I mean I know I due just nachurally butt what'bout mom) 
So I found out that yes, me an'mom due!
An'if u wanna c what it iz we due then
all u hazta due iz clik on that link that will
take u tue Louis's department.
In the meantime, I
know that we r kinda late with this BUTT

~Lady Shasta an'Mom Kim~

Friday, April 21, 2017

Flower Friday for Angel Dory

Lady Shasta here-
Many yearz ago when both
Angel Shiloh an'Angel Oreo wuz still
here on Earth with mom, she had this graphik made.
I thought it wood b good tue uze this tue
welcome Angel Dory since she loved flowerz. 
 Now fer several yearz my mom haz not planted flowerz after
havin'a lot of problemz with'em dyin'frum ???????
Or she wood plant sum then 
we wood haf sum really cold weather'n
they wood all freeze.
Finally she planted a few just
yestaday an'tue-day BUTT
didn't git no pikchurez sooooo---
hope Angel Dory duzn't mind we uzed theze frum
yearz'gone by.

Now mom'z smartz with flowerz iz kinda like 
it iz with the 'puter-
So we iz juzt sharin'pikchurez frum dayz gone by fer 
Angel Dory.
Hope she likez'em-
we know how much the
fashunista LOVED her flowerz.

My mom lovez a whole lot of
dif'rent flowerz butt theze r really a 
super fav'rite-
sumtimez they r called Straw Flowerz cuz
that iz kinda what they feel like.

Theze wuz on the Althea Bush in our bakyard-
a few yearz ago, after the trunk split 
mom d-sided the entire bush hadta
split - frum our bakyard.
So long bush.

Shure hope Angel Dory liked theze flowerz-
may-b, when the new onez grow
(if they don't git tue cold tue-nite)
we will share them tue!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

#ChewyInfluencer makes Thankful Thursday even better

Lady Shasta here-

Me & mom, az memberz of the #ChewyInfluencer team r 
joinin'in the Blog Hop which iz hosted by

Akchually, MY latest produkt fer review
came many dayz ago BUTT
mom hid it frum me'til 
yep, Easter Sunday.
I tried tue go inkog-neetoe BUTT
thoze sunglassez just woodn't
co-operate soooo.....
Ok mom - u kept this away frum ME long enuf-
let'z due this - NOW!

Just lookit what wuz in that box-
an'lookie there - there'z even a little book that 
tellz me'bout sum of the neeto-sweeto stuff that Chewy haz.

Now my mom knowz that sweet taterz an'fish iz just'bout my
most fav'rite thing so that'z what she gotz me BUTT 
u can also git sweet taterz an'venison
sweet taterz an'bizon, sweet taterz an'chiken,
brown rice an'lamb meal an'also
potato an'duck fer small breeds BUTT
theze biskitz r super eazy tue break so any of'em
cood b fer any of us woofiez.
An'there iz NO corn, wheat or soy that sum
of us woofiez mite b sensitive or allergik tue.

Now then mom, cood I PLEEZE try sum?
 theze little pikchurez can b bigefied-
just by clikin'on'em.
I werked really hard tue git'em open-
RUH ROH - here comez that sit-stay thing 
an'they r MY treatz
 Oh well, sumtimez thoze bunny earz just hafta pay the price when I'm in the pursuit of yumminess.

Now this iz my puppy pikchur BUTT
it still sez it all.
Yessiree doggy - my PAW of approval along with

Ok - let'z git real'bout this.  
Yes, me an'mom r memberz of the #ChewyInfluencer team 
BUTT since I am the 1 here duin'this review- 
I just wanted tue say- sent ME 1 bag of the
Natural Balance L.I.T. Limited Ingredient Treats
Sweet Potato & Fish Formula Dog Treats
4 MY honest opinion ONLY.
NO other compensashun wuz involved.

An'since tue-day IZ Thurzday an'I am most thankful fer
MY new treatz frum then I am also 
havin'my mom link tue