Angel Ringo's Little Boy Shiloh

 AKC Ringo's Little Boy Shiloh

My little Shiloh-man became 
an angel at the Rainbow Bridge on
March 9, 2016

My little man left me way to soon.

Yes you were a cutie-pie baby
but what a handsome little man you became.

Shiloh came to live with Mom Kim as an eight week old pup.

Shiloh and Mom Kim began obedience training at Petco, successfully completing his puppy class. We moved on to a more extensive puppy training at Petsmart then moved on to Basic and then Intermediate.  He had completed each level very successfully so Mom Kim decided Shiloh should have a chance to earn his Canine Good Citizen standing from the American Kennel Club.  

We also worked together to become a therapy dog team-
an honor we earned in 2005 with Pet Partners.
This was the picture for our ID badge with them.
We began in September of 2005 visiting a nursing home and
a domestic violence women's shelter.
Shiloh loved all the attention bestowed on him.

I'm not sure this page will ever be completed-
Shiloh was taken from me way to soon.

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