Thursday, January 23, 2014

A late report on our Christmas 2013 on this Thankful Thursday

Even tho our mom duz NOT make any formal-like, specific rezalueshunz, 
she still thinkz'boutz stuff she wantz tue change.


One thing she thought'boutz changin'wuz helpin'us
Beaglebratz due more postz -
wellllll, we Beaglebratz haf dun x-actly 2 an'mom haz dun 2 since the New Year b-gan!
HEY MOM - New Year'z b-gan over
An'that BLOG POST she did where
she sed "the next post shood b by the Beaglebratz"

Ok - so we digress - we r here tue 
talk'boutz OUR Christmas.
Like sum of u out there,
our mom wood NOT let us open OUR
gift x-change prezziez 
UNTIL Christmas mornin'.

(note from Mom Kim - I tried to get more pictures but when the Beaglebratz started working on their stockings - where some loose treats were - then I had to go into a go-between mode beside the picture-taker mode) 

Maggie Mae frum The Three Little Pugs
wuz Diva Shasta's little Santa Elf
(this wuz kinda funny b-cuz Shiloh wuz 
Maggie Mae's Santa elf)
Millie frum 
 Bird Brains an'Dog Tales
wuz Shiloh'z Santa Elf.
On with the show-

While finishin'up with treatz frum her stockin'
Diva Shasta checked out the new bed frum 
Santa Pawz'n one of her new toyz frum Maggie Mae.
(the purple one)
Later she wuz seen givin'it sum 
intense investigashun. 

Here iz the pink(fav color) Fat Cat toy which she
tried tue sneek outside with later-
(From mom - I know there were treats but
they didn't make it into a picture before
they were GONE!)
Here r my(Shiloh) prezziez that were
made just fer me by Millie'z mom-
I knowz there wuz close soupervizion 
by Millie tue make shure they were just rite.
Furst there wuz a blue unstuffie with 
many squeekerz an'then also this with a squeeker
a blue plush bone'n u can c what it sez.
(Bite Me)

I(Shiloh) also got this neeto-sweeto bandana
(may-b if u bigefy the pikchure u can c it better)

(Ok - a little confession fom mom Kim - yep, both
Shiloh'n Diva Shasta got treats but at this late date I can't remember  who got what - this was one of the time's I had to go into the go-between mode. The Old Mother Hubbard biscuits are the ones that didn't last long enuf to get in a pic - bad mom.  In light of Zuke's being recently bought out by Nestle Pina, so glad these are still around altho I'm a bit surprized the way Shiloh was going after these.)

Oh, we Beaglebratz also got prezziez frum a former co-werker of our mom'z-
we each got a
They each haza squeeker in the hat.

We Beaglebratz want tue say a
furry much HOOGE THANK-U
tue Maggie Mae (frum Diva Shasta)'n
Millie (frum Shiloh).

We r takin'pawt in this week's
Thankful Thursday blog hop.
We r furry much thankful tue
Jazzi'n her Mom 
fer duin'the Christmas gift x-change'n
of course Maggie Mae an'Millie 
(an'there momz fer helpin'tue) fer such
wunnerful Christmas prezziez.
(From the mom - I am so very much thankful that we have been, not just accepted/welcomed into Blogville but supported with encouragement, your prayers, your compassion and your love.  There is something about this Blogville and the Cat Blogosphere too, communities that could only be matched by one thing - if we all could meet in one place at the same time.  Until that special time-
we have our special 
pet communities in Cyberspace.)

~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~
~an'Mom Kim~  

PeeES - An'in case u hazn't herd - there r sum sickiez goin'on over at 
The Chronicle of Woos 
Thunder haza boo-boo on hiz tail an'had tue haf surgery'n
Ciara iz bein'watched fer the 
seizure monster-
if u hazn't yet, 
PLEEZE stop by their blog an'leeve them sum of thoze werdz of support, compashun an'POTP an'prayerz our mom talked'boutz.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mom Kim - Update on my vision problems

From Mom Kim – just a short post to give a little update on how my eye condition is coming along after so much trouble over the past few months plus the surgery for skin cancer and my overnight hospital stay.  It appears (kinda worried I might jinx it if I say this but) at least for now (and maybe longer?) that my eye condition has stabilized for the time being – and I am seeing a little better with each eye doctor visit.  I wanted to post about this today because I was originally scheduled for an eye procedure today, 1/21/14, that would have improved my vision.  Remember back in late September  when I had that skin cancer removed – my vision worsened for a few days but then it started  to improve a little between eye doctor visitis and hasn’t changed course since.  This is pure speculation on my part but it would appear that when the plastic surgeon did what he did to take care of that skin cancer, the skin around my eye tightened up which somehow improved the overall muscle tone on the right (paralyzed) side of my face which is the same side as my eye with all the problems.   After the surgery for my skin cancer I told my eye specialist that I wanted to reschedule my eye procedure so that I could get those medical bills paid off before creating new ones – he didn’t have a problem with that.  Since then, we have mutually agreed to postpone the surgery INDEFINITELY since my vision has slowly improved.  He agrees that as long as my vision is working good for me then why do anything that might pose a risk and as he reminds me, having  the surgery at all was always up to me.  My vision is not yet where I would like it to be but I have been able to maintain my job without missing any work except for doctor appointments and time off around the holidays.  IF the day comes when my vision gets worse again and once again the procedure is indicated then that idea will be re-visited.  However, as with all surgeries, nothing is guaranteed so in the meantime as I always say – “If it ain’t broke-don’t fix it”.

Oh yes, I did want to share something else – some of you may remember all that bruising I had on my face following the removal of that skin cancer that was on my nose along with that line where the stitches were -
 Some of you  thought it might leave some permanent scarring.

as you can see now,  you can't really tell there was ever much done-

even that stitch line now looks more like a natural crease line in the skin.
There are a couple little bumps left where the stitches were but I can tell that even
those are getting less and less noticeable when I touch that area.
This surgery was performed by the same surgeon who removed a \
melanoma from my right jawbone years ago-
can't even see where that was done -
I am real pleased with the outcomes of both surgeries especially since 
margins were clear of any left-over cancer cells, both times!
So, if anyone is ever around Topeka, Kansas and 
needs to have plastic surgery or a skin cancer removed-
just let me know and I can hook you up with a really good surgeon!

~Mom Kim~

Saturday, January 18, 2014

We wait and see - Zuke's bought out by Nestle Purina

Mom Kim here - the Beaglebratz were first going to post about this but like the control freak I can be sometimes, I took over.  To me it's rather a disturbing piece of news that I first read Friday over at the Dog in the Desert blog - yes, Zuke's has been bout out by Nestle Purina - there is a statement about it HERE
(The press release is no longer on their main page - I updated the link)
I want to be open-minded about it - do a wait and see how the list of ingredients change however, even though the statement said "every recipe will remain the same...." it also said "...or be improved".  I am a firm believer in "if it ain't broke then don't fix it".  In my long career as a government employee, I have experienced first hand when things are "improved".  I also have read so many blog posts and your comments about the great taste and great quality of Zuke's and there again, I have first hand (or is that dog) experience of just how much the Beaglebratz love their Zuke's - just the way they are.

What gets me the most or maybe it's the question I have -
why on earth did Zuke's sell to Nestle Purina?  (Of course I know the best answer - MONEY.  Both of the Beaglebratz have been or are registered therapy dogs with Pet Partners (formerly Delta Society).  A few years ago Pet Partners received a significant donation from Purina - shortly after that, plus the placement of one or more of Purina's CEO's or some high up person on Pet Partner;s board of directors, the decision was made that if you fed your therapy dog a raw diet then the dog could no longer be with Pet Partners - luckily the Beaglebratz were not included in this but the national group lost MANY members over this.  Anyway, like the Beaglebratz, I digress from the real news which is in  the subject line of this post.

Anyway, for a few years now, Nestle Purina has left a yucky taste in my mouth - I just hope it doesn't move over to Zuke's treats.  One other quick note - when I research dog foods, I often check out DogFoodAdvisor.  Ever since I first read about the ingredients in Pro Plan and looked at other Purina food listed on that site, I couldn't believe that a company that not just claims but does so much for the dog world can be so low on it's dog food ingredients (although if you listen to their claims, those ingredients are some of the best).

Ok, I am not trying to get anyone to change their minds about the dog or cat food they are feeding - if anyone feeds that food and their dog is healthy and lively and the skin, hair and eyes look good then obviously that food works for your dog or cat.
One final note - their food does contain a significant amount of corn or sorn gluten.  Now producers of corn disagree that corn is an allergen - who knows except WE AS PET PARENTS KNOW WHAT MAKES OUR DOGS AND CATS TICK (or as the case may be, ITCH).  


(The next post should be by the Beaglebratz)
Mom Kim

Thursday, January 9, 2014 review on Thankful Thursday

 NOTE FROM MOM KIM - I know that if the Beaglebratz were in full control of this computer, this review would have been done this past November, a short time after we received the treats.  HOWEVER since they must contend with their mom and her strange and sometimes, sickly life, at times there are some things that just end up having to take a back seat.  Anyway, without further adieu.....


Thank-u mom.  We Beaglebratz were furry much thankful when our mom gotz an email frum ‘boutz reviewin’sum treatz - mom sed YES an’choze the
 (of course Shiloh WUZ the first one tue check'em out)

an’we r shure happee ‘boutz that.  They iz YUMMERLISHUS!!!

Diva Shasta sez "C'mon mom, my starin'at that bag IZ NOT gonna open it - u know I can't open theze.

Shiloh lookz a little worried - "Ain't I gonna git sum?  After all, I already checked the box out tue make shure it wuz ok an'it iz only rite that I git tue try them first since I am the oldest."
Now we thinkz most of u probably know’boutz the great stuffz u can git frum such az foodables fer kittiez AN'woofiez, treatz fer both, stuffz tue keep us all healthy an'bug free az well az the all impawtent TOYZ! 

The Organix treatz come in dif'rent flavorz like Chiken Flavor Cookies Organic Dog Treats an'Cheddar Cheese Flavor Cookies Organic Dog Treatz.  Our mom choze theze treatz cuz first, she knowz we LOVEZ p-nut butter an'Castor an'Pollux makez their stuffz rite here in the good'ol USA butt also cuz she feedz us the kibble made by Castor an'Pollux an'knowz they make quality stuff.  Now when she gitz our kibble frum she can also git us MORE 
Castor and Pollux Organix Peanut Butter Flavor Cookies Organic Dog Treats.

An'we know they will get here
super fast cuz that'z the way duz thingz.

  So, what kind of ratin'due we givez theze treatz?
Well, let's c - I, Shiloh haz 4 pawz an'Diva Shasta haz 4 pawz - I can count sum so I KNOW theze treatz'n r gittin'our full 8 pawz UP!

Thank-u fer lettin'us try theze

~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

We iz still here on Wordless Wednezday (almost)

Stayin'warm an'nappin'on our new bed frum 
Santa Paws.

~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~