Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just waiting for the time to go by...

From mom Beaglebrat - sorry Iwe haven]t been around but it is hard and time consuming to type this altho I do have plenty of time just sitting here at home.  I have beeen working with the B-bratz on their tricks and trying to work up a bit of a dance routine  - something to keep them active and me exercising altho the exercise is good for them too.  My cornea translant is still scheduled for June 15 providing no new problems develope.

I do have a bit of a favor to ask, besides your kindly given prayers.  If there are any Federal government employees out there -  I work at a Veterans Administration Medical Center and al federal agencies, which we are, take part in a leave donation program.  I have been approved to receive donated leave from other federal employees.  If you or if you know of anyone who mite be willing to donate leave all they need to do is contact their personnel or Human Resource office - I work at the Eastern Kansas Health Care Service in Topeka, Kansas.  You can get more info about me and my job in my profile.  Since I am out of leave at this time I am now on a leave without pay status.  I have gotten my tax return which helps  but I have at least another full two months before I go bak to work and even then there will be the added expense of medical expenses.  I know this sounds like begging and whining and I reaally don't like  having to do this but since it is only me and the B-bratz I don;t have much of a choice.  Even IF I could get SS disability, I woul likely be back at work long before any benefits came thru - been there done that years ago.  Have also been denied benefits - almost seeems like one has to be on their death bed before any benefits are granted.

Anyway, I truly appreciate your thoughts and orayers.  Maybe the B-bratz can stop by soon - rite now they are both so totally bombed out on the couch - between all the time they spend outdoors since mom is here to keep the revolving door functioning and the exercise they get grom their tricks and dancing I guess they think they need their rest.  I will talk to you all later.............

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hi all- Shiloh here.  Moms vizhun iz SLOWLY improvin'  She wanted me'n Shasta tu git on here so u woodn't fergit us.  We kan't du no pikchurez yet cuz mom haz tu help since we ain't got no thumbs.

Ok Shiloh, me  now - Shasta here.  It haz bin sooooooooooo grate around here - alot of timez, like tuday, it iz so nice here that mom leavez the bakdoor open so we kin go outside whenever we want.

Shiloh- Mom just duz that cuz she gitz so tired of lettin' u out every few minutez.

Shasta- Whatever!  An' we never no when we mite git a litttle karrot or a bit of cheeze or turky or chiken or...

Shiloh- Yes Shasta, I think they git it.

Shasta- ANYWAY, az I wuz sayin'
b-4 I wuz RUDELY interupted - we gitz LOTZ of treetz.  But there iz sumthin' me'n Shiloh kan't figur
out-mom eatz AT LEAST 3 timez a day but we eatz only 2 - except fer mayb an occazional snak.  Mom kin haf LOTZ of snakz - she evven triez tu sneek 1 when she thinkz we
don't no.

Shiloh- Ok, we iz gonna go take rour afternoon nap now.  I had tu take over the keybord cuz Shasta wuz hittin' it with her noze - we Beaglez haf tu b kareful with our nozez cuz they haz an important job.  We will b baksumtime just not shure when.