Monday, October 24, 2011


A bit of an update today.  I had to go to my local eye doc today to have a contact lense put in - the other came out yesterday'.  I thought I had noticed some improvement since this past Friday but I would not have been surprised if when I got up today, because the contact lens came out yesterday, if my vision was a little worse - it wasn't.
YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not only was it NOT worse, my eye doc said it looked like the defect was healing FASTER than it did before -
YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And that haze that's covering my cornea - he agreed that it may be clearing just a tad.  So I'm kinda wondering now if the cornea transplant will be necessary - at least before I can go bak to work.  I won't know that for awhile and will let  you all know when I do.  My local eye doc will be talking with my specialist tomorrow  since my specialist will be here in town - the specialist may want to see the improvement I see.  Not much else going on now.  I think the Beaglebratz are in a rut - whenever I am here doing a post, they can usually be found just snoozing away the evening.
   We will be bak when we can.
Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Still waiting but there is now a bit of change in what I am waiting for.  First I was waiting to see if all the problems healed on their own and at first it looked as though they woul-
the fungal infection cleared in less than two weeks and on September 26 when I saw my local eye doc, the epithelial defect (skin tear on the cornea) had healed over - all that remained was a haze that covered the cornea so the wait continued to see if that would clear.  At this time after the defect had healed it was decided to not use the bandage contact lense I was wearing to promote healing of the defect - this proved to be a BIG mistake and lengthened the healing time.  Two weeks after the defect was healed and while waiting for the haze to clear, the defect returned - that was last Tuesday, October 11.  So the chances of a cornea transplant are now real - the hope (by the docs) that there was a chance of everything healing on its own and  not needing another transplant pretty much ended when the defect returned.   As for me, not sure where my hope lies - I would still love for EVERYTHING to heal by itself however I just want all of this to be OVER!!!    So earlier today I went bak to my local doc and once again the defect has started to heal again.  My local doc did make a statement  - sort of a question - something about maybe leaving the contact lense in AFTER the defect is healed,since it has been proven that as long as the contact is in, the chances of the defect coming bak are almost 0 (I remember when the defect was healed last month and that contact was left out as soon as it was healed, I was wondering then if maybe the lense should be left IN - looks like I was rite - I wish I had said something then).  

Ok - so now it is definitely looking as tho I am now waiting for the defect to heal - once that is healed then I really hope there will be no more waiting before the cornea transplant.  Even then, with the time it will likely take for the defect to heal, at least another 2 to 3 weeks then assuming I can have the transplant at that time (assuming is not a good thing to do so I will pray for that instead) then another month to heal before I can return to work  (that much time is not usually needed to recover from a NORMAL cornea transplant but as we all know, I don't do normal - as with my last transplant, the doc will likely add a layer of stem cells which enhances healing - this also adds to the length of the usual time for healing).  So it will likely and hopefully be mid-December before I get bak to work.  I do know that I will be strongly urging the specialist to do the transplant ASAP after the defect is healed.  I already know that the transplant will not be done if there is any sign of ACTIVE DISEASE - plus it will not be done as long as there is a defect which allows any fungal or bacterial disease set in - in other words, the defect would allow the onset of active disease.  So, here I sit and wait, try not to freeze - down to 29 last nite - still trying to convince the Beaglebratz that the bed is mine - lost cause. 
Gotta go for now  - dogs need to go out and I have eye meds to use that REALLY mess up my vision and it is a good time for bed - IF I can find room for me.  Will keep you allposted onn the latest when it happens as I can.
Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta


Thursday, October 6, 2011

FINALLY!!!! ,Newest update

Well - bak two months ago when this latest problem finally got bad enuf to keep me home and just about totally disrupt my life in every way, there were two things going on with my right eye - the epithelial defect(skin tear on the cornea) which had really started bak in May of this year but had gotten better but never totally healed and as a result of that, the fungal infection was able to attack my eye (yes, deja vue of a year ago).

Ok, now bak to the present - because the fungal infection was caught early (less than 12 hours after initial attack),once treatment started (anti-fungal eyedrop and pills) it was gone in about a week or so.  However, when that was gone, another problem became evideny (in addition to the already know skin tear of the cornea) - a condition I have battled in my right eye ever since the onset of the right facial paralysis decades ago - a condition known as neurotrophic keratitis; basically the nerve paralysis in the face does not allow adequste snd normal nutrition to the eye to keep it healthy (more trivia you will probably never need or use).  It is this condition(the keratitis) that usually causes the defect (skin tear) at least for me.  NOW, actually as of lsst week, that skin tear has healed and yes, there has been some minor improvement in my vision 
HOWEVER it is still not improved enuf to go bak to work or resume much else.  TODAY I WAS able to get to the store on my own which really was a necessity that I get there today for a very few groceries and my over the counter eyedrops that I must use - my sis is having really bad knee pain (as in not able to stand on that leg at all and her current level of pain med is not working).

I see my specialist next Tuesday - to check on that haze left by the neurotrophic keratitis - not sure what will happen as a result - there may be a determination made at that time for a fourth cornea transplant - I need it ASAP so I can get bak to work and be able to pay bills and not draw on my retirement  anymore.  Of course the ideal result and one that I keep hoping and praying for is that by some miracle of healing that the vision in my right eye will be restored totally and I will resume all of my usual daily activities - the dogs need to get bak to going for walks and their visits.  A couple of weeks ago was the annual fundraiser in the city park for our local animal shelter - Shiloh has won the best pet trick contest 3 years
 (not dressed like this but this was part of his routine)
since we started going in 2004 - this was the first time we missed the fundraiser since we started going.  Topeka will be having their Blessing of the Animals next weekend which I really would like to go since we missed last year - between my eye problems and my sis's knee problem, it is NOT likely to happen.  This Saturday is Shasta's 5th barkday
 I DO have a present for her which I had the good sense to get earlier this year and today I picked up a bag of those Milo chicken meatballs - her favorite but then she IS a Beagle and she loves a lot of treats but she does tend to eat the Milo's meatballs first if given a choice of treats.

Ok - it is late and I need to stop for now.  The B-bratz don't miss those things like I do I know that altho I know Shiloh does love his visiting but I know rhey are VERY happy to just have me here with them and I am VERY happy that they are here with me.  Off to bed now......

Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta