Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Trying a quick update

FINALLY had a doc appointment with my specialist today - first one in a month and the next one is 3 months off and my local eye doc in a month.  Anyway it was some good and some was not really a surprise and no worse than before but no better.

First the good - vision is now improved to mostly
20/80 which means vision has improved a bit more than it was last month - not much but it is at least an improvement.  I am also going to try to return to work next Monday - 7/2/13 altho not sure if all day or half.

Now for the part that is no worse but no better and what I am not surprised at all. After my eye/vision (rite eye - only eye with vision)  messed up this past March, my specialist did a stem cell transplant using donated stem cells in an attempt to improve the condition of my eye - the procedure went ok however the plan did 
not - no improvement at all in the condition of my eye.   So altho I do plan on returning to work next week - how long it lasts is questionable.  I am planning to work as long as possible or 
3 - 5 years  - whichever comes first.  Eventually my specialist wants to do another stem cell transplant however at that time, he plans on using stem cells from my own left eye which is perfectly healthy - just can't see out of it.  He believes since it would be my own tissue that there would be a better chance of it having a positive outcome.  After that is totally healed and working - 3 to 6 months - then if needed he would do another cornea transplant - first try a donated cornea but if that didn't work after time, my own cornea from my healthy but non-functioning left eye.

Ok mom, now lettus Beaglebratz take over fer a bit.  Sorry y'all - we know - kinda borin'ho-hum stuff BUTT mom INSISTED az in STOLE the 'puter frum us so we thought it best tue LET her post a bit - hope u cood all keep your eyeballz open.  Anywayz, we hope the next post will b frum us.  Til then - hope all iz well in your nek of the woodz.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Duzn't alwayz happen

Mom sez we shood not say thingz that mite not 

happen.  Like when we sed we were bak - well we 

were bak on June 9th butt mom sez her seein'iz 

still bouncin'around (we don't c it 

bouncin'anywhere) frum purty good tue ?????

(whatever ????? meanz) which either meanz we r

bizy bein'cuddly with her or she can't help us 

tue due our postiez.

So we will just say we iz bak fur rite now an'then

we will b bak when we can.  Mom sed tue tell ya 

that she haz family vizitin'frum out of state this

weekend fur her uncle'z memorial service then the 

next time she goez tue her eyeball doctor iz 

June 25th.  So we will b bak when we can - hope

you all haf a good day.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

We're backkkkkkk - again

Shiloh'n Diva Shasta here!  Ok - THIS time we were

gone b-cuz the typin'thing on mom'z 'puter went

out'n aunt sis took mom tue git a new one.

FURST - B-4 we talk any more, we gotta give a 

HUGE SHOUT-OUT & THANX TUE Ann an'her girlz at

ZOOLATRY.  After we took this latest short 

an'un-x-pected break, we got bak'n saw our blog

tranzfUrmashun - WOWZERZ WAHOOZIEZ!    

Mom iz still havin'trouble with her eyeball which 

meanz she iz still home with us which iz good-

sorta-kinda most of the time.  Ya'know, it IZ 

really furry much a good thing tue haf our mom 

home BUTT there ARE thoze few timez - pikchur it-

u r SOUND ASLEEP, takin'a much needed nap'n all

of a sudden u feel your paw bein'tickled or that

flashy box thing goez off in your face'n suddenly-


An'haf u notised that when your mom or dad bring

u home sumthin'good - u only git PART of it?  

Like tueday, when mom got home frum the farmer'z 

market (by the way, wunder if they sell farmerz 

there) anyway, mom brought us sum little doggy

mini-muffinz BUTT due u think each of us doggiez

got 1?  NOPE - NATA!  Me'n Diva Shasta had 

tue SHARE!   Now they iz MINI'Z tue b-gin with'n

then we only git a PART of the MINI?   BUTT 

mom got tue haf a WHOLE sandwich - she sez 

it iza big mac BUTT me'n Diva Shasta thinkz it iza

monster burger.  An'she ate the WHOLE THING 

an'just gave us a bite of cheeze.  


Ok, we iz all tired now'n frusterated so we iz

goin'tue bed - at leest mom iz STILL sharin'it 

with us - we hope.
 Pee-S sorry fur lack of pikchurz - need tue git sum new onez an'thoze we haz don't really look rite here.