Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Just a quik update on Lady Shasta

Ok - so we have been home for awhile and I have been busy but also on Facebook - should have stopped by here first.
If you want to read what lead to this post, look HERE

Anyway, no xrays were needed after all.  Our vet was examining her - watching Lady Shasta walking and first noticed that Lady Shasta walks pigeon-toed in back so I will be watching this for a few days.  Then when he placed her on the exam table and was examining her spine - pressing on it in different places - she flinched noticeably a couple of times.  So, just like her uncle, Angel Shiloh, she has back problems altho hopefully not as bad as his were. 

We were sent home with a muscle relaxant and pain med - enuf so if/when this happens again then I will be ready.  By the way, now that I think about it, this has happened before with Lady Shasta but I know she did not have this bad of an episode and it lasted for maybe a day or 2 at the most with no change in appetite.  Speaking of appetite - sis stopped on our way home for our happy hour drinks at Sonic and I also picked up a plain hamburger to hide Lady Shasta's meds in.   When we got home I let her out first but then a bit later when she came in, VERY interested in what I was doing as I unwrapped the hamburger.  She was very eager to sample the hamburger - first without the meds then with the meds hidden in it.  Then she snarffed down the breakfast I had saved for her then drank her normal amount of water.  She also ate a couple bites of sweet potato.  Later she ate a bit more for a late dinner.  I would say her appetite is back to normal which I am ecstatic about.  She is still on restricted exercise - definitely no jumping on furniture or using stairs.
I had planned on going to the dog park - she needs to be with other dogs more and had even thought about giving her a few hours at the doggy daycare at least once a week HOWEVER that is all on hold at least for a few days - don't want her around other dogs who could be a little rowdy for a few days.  We will slowly build up time spent in the bakyard and on walks.

I will also be researching senior diets dog kibble - the vet recommended I put her on one soon.  The joint supplement is covered.

Ok - starting to ramble just to here/read myself talking so will stop for now.  Lady Shasta's emergency need for POTP is over 
however she is not totally out of the woods yet but hopefully will start improving more and more each day.  So if there is such a thing as maintenance POTP and prayers - maybe she could get some of that please?
Mom Kim

Now what - at vet with Lady Shasta

By the time this posts, we will be at the vet.  I know this started Monday because I have spent two nites on the sofa - once with Lady Shasta then last nite with her sleeping on her Beagle bed on the floor.  
I am not sure what is wrong except she does not want to walk much - even when she is outside for very long she will lay down.
Sunday as we were going to bed, as she jumped up on the bed, she didn't make it and slid back down before I could catch her.   I am wondering if she hurt her lower bak and bak legs.  she does not really flinch if I touch her.   

Then this morning, as I was getting her breakfast, which she didn't eat, I accidentally bumped her and of  course she yelped.
She also won't eat any treats.  She will not drink much either.
She is having a little trouble with pooping but that started before.  I wonder if it is all connected somehow.

I will  post an update when I know more - hopefully afteer the vet - very concerned since she is Angel Shiloh's niece by blood.
Please send POTP and prayers.
Gotta go
Mom Kim

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Another yummy & healthy #ChewyInfluencer review

My mom iz helpin'me link up tue the Blog Hop hosted by
Sugar the Golden Retriever
Oz the Terrier

Wuz that the doorbell mom?

Oh this iz my most faverit kinda box tue git!

Hmmm - I wunder whatever that cood b?

Now just how due I git this open?

Oh - pawdon me, I shood show u what it wuz.

My mom didn't git no pikchurez of the treatz BUTT
u can kinda git an idea of what they look like frum this
an'they iz super eazy tue break up in tue smaller peesez
(if u think u need tue)

I wunder if mom will help me open theze- 
OH MOM?????

Well, mom fergotz tue git any pikchurez of the treatz OR
of me EATIN'the treatz
(if mom'z head wuzn't fixed on, she'd fergit that tue I think)
So, there'z just one thing more-
I haf NEVER had this kinda treat b-4, Beef Liver-
I give it - FOUR PAWZ UP!
Mom sed I can due the stuff she uzually duz this time cuz
this time it iz kinda eazy peazy -

and cuz of this -
they iz good fer doggiez OR kittiez.  ALSO
cuz of this - they iz good fer thoze who iz 
picky an'thoze who haz sensitive tummiez.
They haf no grainz in them or that gluten stuff.
An'nuthin'iz added or any of that fake stuff iz in'em.
My mom likez'em a lot cuz she can break'em in smaller 
peesez fer trainin'an they r so nutritious. 
(y she wantz tue due that iz b-yond me)
Oh, an'they r made rite here in the 
good old U.S. of A.!

Ok mom, all dun - did I due good?

DISCLAIMER - we were sent one, 4.6-ounce tub, of the
Evanger's Nothing but Natural Beef Liver Gently Dried Dog & Cat Treats
in exchange for my honest opinion.
No other compensation was involved. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Almost furgotz ........

I gotz a surprize on Easter mornin!

Here'z a better looksie at what wuz inside- 

 Mom wanted me tue wait so she cood git sum 
pikchurez with me in my new hat an'my 
Easter baskit.
 I tried.......
an'I tried......

oh well!

Mom got thoze yummy treatz frum my faverit local bakery-
Mom sed her an'aunt sis found
one of theze now a bit closer tue us an'eazier tue find
when she hazta go tue Kansas City fer her eye doc.
Did u miss any mom?

BUTT - mom woodn't let me eat'em all.
Izn't it MY Easter baskit?

Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

Sunday, March 27, 2016


 Easter - Present

Mom d-sided tue haf sum fun with our photo shoot

 Easter - Past

Neether of us looked furry much happee!

Me'n mom will alwayz love u an'miss u 
Angel Shiloh

Mom Kim, Angel Shiloh'n Lady Shasta

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Today is..........

ANGEL SHILOH!!!!!!!!!!!
To my wild and crazy man-Beagle

Your mom will always love you