Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday indeed

Shiloh here - du u'all r'member this post a few dayz ago, this wuz my barkday wish-
little Beagle lady
had just been rescued an'she wuz waitin'fer her vet appointment.  Little Beagle lady wuz picked up az a stray an'no one claimed her.

Well lookie-lookie now-
UPDATE on little Beagle lady 
She haz a NEW name AN'a new FAMILY!  She haz TU little 2-legger girlz tu watch over her PLUS the mom.  One of the little 2-leggerz haz already tried tu b little Beagle lady - now named LUCKY - she tried tu b the dog-tor.

Yepperz - lookz like this iz one barkday wish that iz comin'true!


Monday, March 26, 2012


 (When Shiloh posted about his barkday wish, that was sort of for me altho he hates it when any dog is hurting - he really does - both him and Shasta - they can't figure out why one won't play - that was just his wish)
 Okay, so this was a tag made for me back when Shiloh reached his first birthday but, except for a few gray hairs, (those are his words - mine would be MANY gray hairs) he hasn't changed much.  Oh, and his birthday really is today, 3/26 (has a piece of paper that says so) so not sure why that says FEBRUARY.  Oh and that first date - 5/16/03 is when he finally came home with me - I actually first met him in April of 2003.   Anyway, some of you may remember some of these pictures from other posts but just in case, I am taking a trip down memory lane - AGAIN. 

The day I first met Shiloh. That is his mom and littermates. He must be in that pile somewhere - he has the full white marking around his neck.  Oh, and some of the dates on the pictures may be wrong too - I forgot to set the date.

Yep, that pic below is my boy, he liked my shoe - Shiloh was my first Beagle but I had raised puppies before.  Beagle puppies are a WHOLE
   lot different to raise - challenging is the word along with       frustrating.  After we first met, Shiloh still had more growing to do before he could leave his mama - we visited every week til he came home.

The next pic includes Shiloh walking to your right, another puppy moving to your left and the puppy with the pretty face was the runt of the litter - eventually she was given the name of Tess - not only was she the runt of the litter - she also grew up, kept by the breeder who didn't want to let her go - 
 and eventually have two litters of her own - the second one included my little Shasta.  
Okay, so now we move on-

Shiloh is home with me.  And he meets his little "big" brother, Oreo-
and later would meet his Westie cousin, McKalie->

he also "met" a hanging basket that wasn't hanging yet-

and a bit later, would develop a "close bond" with->

 As Shiloh grew, there were times he wasn't sure about his little "big" brother Oreo but->
very soon they became best buds.

During that first year with me, Shiloh developed a variety of "skills" such as tree trimmer and a fighter of tree monsters->

He would also practice his "kung foo skills" with his froggie sparring partner ->

and by the time Shiloh reached his 1st birthday, he was a master at counter-surfing->

I guess I should show you a skill that he developed about 3 years later when his little sister Shasta joined our family - I guess you could say he learned it growing up, being taught by his little "big" brother Oreo just how to help a puppy grow up->

This last picture is of Shiloh with his Happy Birthday bandana - this picture was taken just last year.

I didn't know it was possible but I think I love you a little bit more every year.
Your mom, Kim

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shiloh's Barkday Wish is..........

Hello all my furriendz out there in Blogville. 
Mom wuz "studyin'" her FACEBOOK wall when she 
read the story 'boutz a little Beagle lady who 
cood REALLY uze sum of that Blogville Power of 
the Paw an'if u can, sum help with her vet billz tu- 
u c, little B'lady wuz picked up az a stray by a 
no-kill rescue called

which iz here in Topeka - little Beagle lady had 
bin shot an'now her jaw iz shattered.  She NEEDZ 
surgery butt it costz b-tween $2000 and $3000.  
Just click on that second or third linky-dink above 
an'I bet u can find a way tu help.  Mom even put 
little Beagle lady'z story an'her pikchur on her 
FB wall (the furst linky-dink).

So when mom told me little Beagle lady's story - I,
Shiloh d-sided rite then an'there, fer MY barkday wish,
I wish fer little Beagle lady tu git the surgery she 
DESPERATELY NEEDZ.  Even if u know that prayer iz all u can du,
we all know how powerful Blogville prayerz can b - so 
PLEEZE, can I git this barkday wish.

PeeS - just tu remind ya'll how great thoze Blogville prayerz du 
their job, mom almost cried tunite - me'n Shasta wuz wrestlin'tunite an'chasin'each other around the house - barely a week after I gotz hurt.
Agin - thank-u all fer your prayerz.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday from Shiloh

Well, almost bak tu 
my uzual Beagle-self altho tu keep
mom on her toez, I du haf tu
continue sertain 
"appearancez" like 
the sad-eyez look that sez

Fer my dear furiendz
pleaze click on this link-


Sunday, March 18, 2012


Poor Shasta couldn't figure out why her brother Shiloh hasn't been acting his usual self so last evening she did the only thing (and maybe the best) she could do.  I don't know when she has done this before.  

Maybe that was like the cherry on top of a sundae - all the things I had done was just getting the ball rolling but when Shasta added that extra little "oomph" that was what really put the healing process over the top.  I'm not saying Shiloh is 100% back to normal but a heck of a lot better than Thursday evening when it started.  He's not whining/crying today when he moves and he is walking easier and actually more willing to move and walk around outside.  When I got their breakfast ready this morning, he actually came out to the kitchen on his own.  I think I still see a bit of hesitancy when he begins moving - waiting to see if it's going to hurt but when there is no pain then he just keeps moving.  Last nite he wanted up on his favorite chair but I wouldn't let him - he was NOT happy but the nite before he snuck up on the couch before I could stop him - as he moved, of course he yelped.  I let him lay there until we got ready for bed - he did not want to move and he yelped again when he got down but this time I was there and helped him down.  

So while not completely better by tomorrow, I think he will be close.  Today his aspirin will only be two - 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.  Then tomorrow probably just 1 in the morning, depending on how he is getting around.  In the meantime, I am looking online for some glucosamin chondroitin tablets for both him and Shasta - besides the fact they are both advancing in age, they are also related and also it is an established fact that Beagles, like many other breeds, are known to develope more bone and spinal problems as they get older.  And since Shiloh is known to have Intervertebral Disk Disease, I really should have had him on it already - bad Beagle mom.

Had to take a short break - Shiloh had walked over to the door (initiated by him) then looked back at me to let me know he needed to go out - I was more than happy to accommodate his wish.  We went out, Shasta too, walked around the yard a bit and shared in some raw veggies that I had.  He is out laying on the dog bed on the deck since it is a little cooler out there with a slight breeze and cloudy.  And now I need to go get some laundry done.  We just wanted to thank you all for the well wishes and prayers - once again Blogville came through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta~

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shiloh'n Shasta entry for Bunk's St. Patrick's Day contest

Az u can c, 
we Beaglebratz r ready fer 
St. Patrick's Day.
Ok - u'all know we love 
a good pawty'n there iz a 
purty good one sumwhere'z
on St. Patrick's Day-
that'z y we love it.
An'we don't really know if
we iz Irish BUTT 
doncha think our namez sound
a little Irish-
Shiloh'n Shasta Beaglebratz?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Shiloh - and our vet - 2nd post today

Earlier today I called our vet who told me to just go ahead and give him one of our aspirins, 3 times/day – it’s like a baby aspirin (Shiloh is not on any other meds but the minute I see any signs of problems, I’ll be on the phone to the vet) for the weekend and make sure Shiloh doesn’t jump up on anything.  Last nite we all slept downstairs – me & Shasta on the couch – Shiloh wanted up but I made him lay on the floor.  I described what happened by the fence last evening and like me, thinking it is some kind of a strain or it could be a flare-up of his Intervertebral Disk Disease so basically it is going to be a weekend of a wait and see situation.  Didn’t really have any other plans anyway except to get a couple prescriptions (for me) and a few groceries – Wallyworld, here I come.

Later in the evening - ok, Shiloh has truly made me feel so much better.  First, when I got home from work, he was sitting in his crate - waiting for me to let him out.  Most of the time when he is outside, he is starting to move easier - a more fluid movement altho when he is done outside, it is like he catches something in his leg like a nerve or something and he doesn't want to move anymore but there is no way I could carry him and besides, if I get close to him then he moves away.  Still no problem with eating however I haven't seen him drink much.  So I did go ahead and gave him one of those aspirins. After he walked over and laid down on their bed.  I hadn't been feeling to good about his condition but that soon changed - I finally took the water dish to him but still he didn't drink. I dipped my fingers in the water then ran them over his muzzle - he started licking my fingers so I tipped the bowl a little so he could get to it easier - that was all the invite he needed.  Even tho he didn't get the aspirin until about 6:30p - I wonder if the combination of having way more water plus the aspirin really helped. And back outside he went, freer movement as he walked the perimeter of the yard. but evidently as he was walking back towards the  house, he decided that was enough or something happened because he stopped.  Eventually, after I walked behind him, he started back up and that is the only time he cries out and even then it doesn't last.  So I am hoping and praying that the worst is over and by the end of the weekend - I don't look for complete improvement but definitely significant, maybe 75 to 80%.

Ok - that is where things stand now.  We all will be watching and rooting for our KU Jayhawks play in the NCAA tourny tonite - they have been given a #2 seed spot and many top teams have already fallen so we will see what happens by 11:30  - game starts about 9.  Shasta doesn't quite understand why her big bro cries out like he does and she wants him to play but he ain't budging on that.
Will try to check in this weekend sometime.


Well, at times Shiloh does seem a little better.  He is moving on his own, going down the deck steps(only 2) but still laying down most of the time.  Occasionally whining when he moves - mainly when he first gets up and walks.  Right now I am at work and he is home, in his crate.  Our morning routine includes me feeding the Beaglebratz while I finish getting ready for work.  He was laying in his crate, watching me get his breakfast ready.  When I sat it down on the floor, he actually got up, came out of the crate and walked over to his dish and ate.

So here I am, stuck at work ALL DAY and he is in his crate - which for him, being in the crate, is a good thing.  I just wish I could get home in about 4 hours to let him out but I would have to take a cab which is about $20 for round trip.  He will go to the vet tomorrow morning.  He still wags his tail, voluntarily so I like seeing that.

Anyway, need to stop for now and get to work-
   (maybe for mom too while I sit at work and stress)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shiloh is yelping - doesn't want to move, just wants to lay down

Not sure what is going on with Shiloh - just started in the last couple of hours.  I'm hoping he just pulled a muscle or wrenched his shoulder   when he was trying to escape through the fence.  I have gotten smart about him doing that and whenever he is out Shiloh wears his Sensation harnedd - that makes it easier for me to grab him and get him back in the yard - except I wonder if something more happened this time.  Sometimes, like if I put my arm behind his back legs to move him, when he is standing, he yelps.  Or when he got up from laying down, he mignt have been sleeping crooked or something.  He seems to be eating ok - he had already eaten his dinner but I gave him a small treat a bit ago and didn't have a problem with that.  He did go out and potty a bit ago so that is working - he did drink but not much like he usually does.  I have a 24/7 vet clinic about s block or two but the vet there has a bad rep - excessive tests(of which me and Shiloh have personal experience), surgery, was suspended for a month or two due to poor record keeping, spotty care of animals.  A few years ago Shiloh was found to have Intervertebral Disk Disease of the tailbone area along with two missing disks in the lower tailbone.  Not sure about Aspirin - have an off-brand equivalent to baby aspirin but that's it.

And since I can't drive, not sure what to do and of course it started AFTER our regular vet was closed.  A little while ago when I walked over to him he did wag his tail with no problem - no yelping.  Right now he is laying on an old dog bed I keep on the deck - it is unseasonably warm this week so I'm sure the coolness feels good since it is kinda stuffy in here.  I am hoping that in the morning he will be better, at least some.  I really don't want to take time off work so not sure what I will do about that.

This is a bit of a switch for me - asking for some of that Blogbille Power of the Paw for one of my dogs but right now, that is all that I can do for Shiloh.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

No, this iz NOT our entry tu
we Beaglebratz just hopin'tu
send this reminder tu our mom so
she will remember tu git our entry dun.
(B-sidez, it ain't neither of us in the pikchur-
mom just thought it wuz cute)
It cood b a reminder tu u all tu-
make shur tu git your entry in
fer cool-doozie prizez.
The dead-lion iz 3/17/12.
~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Monday, March 12, 2012

Power of the Paw

Good day all u lucky Blogville rezidentz - it iz I, your Co-Queen Shasta.  Tuday, I come b-4 u'all on b-half of a doggy who iz furry much dear tu my hert az he choze little old me tu b hiz date tu the Blogville Valentine'z Day pawty.  Yes, I am speakin'of the furry most handsum an'dashin'Beagle boy, MY main man - SEAMUS from The Dog Lived and So Will I blog.  You c, a few yearz ago, he wuz diagnosed and treated most successfully fer cancer - he wuz cancer-free.  Then this past December, Seamus wuz found tu haf a melanoma of the eye - this wuz removed.  It haz now RETURNED!  Luckily it iz NOT life-threatenin'OR causin'pain.  BUTT when I found out 'boutz this - well I DEMANDED asked mom whatever cood I du an'that iz when she sed, "Your royal highness, u NEED tu take our blog tuday an'ask all of Blogville fer sum Power of the Prayer fer Seamus" - yep, that'z 'xactly what she sed an'so here I iz - or the post.

Will u'all take a minite tu stop by their blog an'show Seamus an'hiz mom (who haz also had her own cancer worriez) sum of that GREAT Blogville care an'support - the link iz up there earlier in this post..  They r takin'kind of a watch an'c approach rite now BUTT we all know how Blogville comez tugether fer their rezidentz.
Thank u  
Her royal highness, Co-Queen Shasta 

PS- .      
From the mom – I am “donating” my usual blog post space today to my Shasta, her royal highness, Blogville’s Valentine’s Day party Co-Queen (that is how the diva insists on being referred to – she won’t let it go).

Thursday, March 8, 2012

YES, THANKFUL THURSDAY - a bit of good news from the mom

So the past few weeks dealing with my eye has been like a roller coaster.  Well not exactly since things kinda seemed to be getting a little worse each week – yes, weekly eye doc appointments – either with my local eye doc or the specialist.  Almost a month ago, my good eye (the one with the cornea transplant and the only one with any vision) developed a small – about the size of a pencil point) epithelial defect or skin tear on the surface of the cornea – my specialist didn’t seem overly concerned, even when it was a little worse the next week when I saw my local eye doc (these two compare notes so each knows at all times what is going on).  And even the third week, when again it was a little bigger, my specialist tried to downplay MY concern – and this is a good thing.  He was more matter of fact – it’s like this is reality and we know how to deal with it.   I accept this as reality (I have to because I have been living with my eye condition for over 30 years out of my 50+ life) except I still get more concerned, angry, depressed – you name it, I get it.   Ok, so the worst was last week and the bandage contact lens I was suppose to be wearing – it “appeared” to be out so they put a new one in.  So yesterday, I had an appointment with my local eye doctor he removed the contact I had in my eye then proceeded to look through whatever it is you call those exam microscopes.  He took a little extra time and said my eye was looking good then he took the machine away from me so he could take out the SECOND contact lens – yes, I had been wearing TWO contact lenses.  Last week when the nurse tried to remove the old one, she couldn’t find it – she had some trouble getting a new one to stay put and now we know why.   Well, evidently wearing TWO contacts just might not have been a bad thing after all – this week,
Both of my eye docs were totally blown away by this – they thought if anything, MAYBE slightly improved but probably not.  (And we in Blogville KNOW the power of prayer – sorry docs but all your knowledge and expertise ain’t nuthin’ without God with it – my true belief ).  And so where do I stand with this – right now it is better and that is what I am trying to live with – I have no idea what things will be like tomorrow, next week and especially not next year.  I know where I want my vision problems to be – GONE –VANISHED – DISAPPEAR  FOREVER!  I wrote that in my journal and now here.  But like that reality stuff, I really have no idea and I’m trying to live that part of my life like my dogs – one day at a time.  Yes, this moment in time is all we can be certain of.  Only God knows for certain what lies ahead.
And with that, I am out of here for now.  Hopefully the Beaglebratz will be here next time – I hope within a day or so.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (not really) - frum Blogville's Valentine Co-Queen Shasta

(note frum Shiloh - I know March iz MY barkday month BUTT I'm 
sharin'my time on the blog with Shasta - I mean her royal highness,
Co-Queen Shasta - read at your own risk.)

Good mornin'tu all of u kind 
Blogville rezidentz.
Your Valentine Co-Queen Shasta here.
The other day mom brought in 
this boo-ti-ful envelope frum
the mailbox - she sed 
it must b fer us Beaglebratz since
she wuz not 'xpectin'anything.
Of course I had tu look 
since this IZ MY
kingdom - it wuz B-4 March.
Lookie-lookie what I got-
BLING fer the Co-Queen!
 There MUST b a better pikchur-
OH - here it iz, sorta
(fergive my pikchur-taker
who blamez the camera
(yeah, rite)
I also got this yummy biscuit
(it broke when I snooped in the envelope)
this iz where it came frum
I did share it with the Shiloh-Meister.
By the way,  mom sez
I NEED tu thank
Jess'n all over at
At A Glacial Pace
fer my Bling package'n
fer havin'a mostest wunnerful
Valentine's Day pawty.

Wilma the Pug iz havin'a
Stuff my Doghouse Challenge 
You all shood go check it out!

Ok - time fer my mornin'naptime.
See u all around the blogz.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Shasta'n Shiloh

and our mom Kim
are joining in with many from 
the Blogville community to
offer our heartfelt prayers and
support for

sammy, Andy, Shelly & Sierra.
Miss Judi is waiting to hear 
back from her doctor 
for the results of her biopsy
regarding a mass on her pancreas.

All of us here at 
believe that Miss Judi has 
got to be one of the 
kindest and bravest
souls on earth.
She took on 4 rescue kitties and
now she is facing 
a most difficult time as 
she awaits these results.
I wish we all could be there
with Miss Judi so that
we could all give her a 
big hug and lots of 
wet, slurpy Beagle kisses. 
~mom Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta~
YES - this is a blog hop!

We all would like to encourage 
all of you to stop by
Miss Judi's blog 
to leave her your words 
of support and prayers.

Friday, March 2, 2012


We Beaglebratz r joinin'with

fer tuday'z Dr. Seuss 
Birthday Challenge.

Hello there, we r Shiloh’n Shasta Beaglebratz
We like chasin critterz – even ratz
We’re not furry much good at rhymin’,
Shiloh sez - c that gate over there- 

I iz good at climbin’.
Shasta Beaglebratz iz my name'n

Shiloh iz my brudder,
Sumtimez mom sez he iz like no udder.
BUTT that iz ok cuz here in this house 

I reign SUPREME,
Cuz I wuz just chozen tu b 

Blogville’s co-QUEEN.
(and that iz all we cood rhyme)

Gee, y r we not surprized  that this iz mom'z 
fav Dr. Seuss book


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday - The Shiloh Meister here

Tuday iz the furry much first day of March- 
Du u'all c that
little pikchur of ME rite above this post- 
it tellz u 
how many dayz until my barkday.
Mom sez I will b 9 yearz old BUTT
I don't no or care what that meanz-
I just no that-
sumtime in later March iz my BARKDAY!  

We haf a couple more thingz we 
need tu post-
will try an'git thoze dun in
the next couple
of dayz.

Mom iz havin'a little more problem
with her vizion BUTT
me'n Shasta will b there
fer her close if she needz us.
Rite now gotta go 
eat sum breakfast then
take my erly mornin'nap-
C U all later.....