Friday, December 31, 2010

2nd post tuday - HAPPY NU YEAR!

Shiloh'n Shasta here-
We didn't want the old year tu go out without
wishin'u a most Happy Nu Year!
2010 iz endin'on a much better note than 
it b-gan an'we r so glad fer us an'our mom.
We r hopin'tu vizit more bloggiez in the Nu Year 
an'leave more commentz.
We hope all our furriendz haf a great year.
We hope we can make our goalz fer
our bloggie happen.

Our Christmas Day, part 2

Agin, we want tu start with sumthin'difrent.
Mom sed we shood probably show u our tree- 
it will likely b the last day 
u cood c it in 1 peece->

See that stand there on the left - that'z Rudolph.
He holdz all them great Christmas cardz u'all sent us-
here iza close-up pikchur->
BUTT mom sez if we can du the card x-change next year then 
she wantz tu show them off in a difrent way so 
that peeple can c them better.

Ok, now on with the show->
R'member when we talked 'bout duin'them product reviewz-
'bout may-b needin'sum clothez?
Well lookee here->
Theze r the nu shirtz that we got frum 
1 of mom'z co-werkerz an'she
gave us a big bag of Snausagez.
U'all can clik on theze little pikchurz if u want tu bigefy them.

We had 1 more prezzie each left tu open->
Mom made us save'em fer Christmas evenin'after
we got home frum Aunt Sis place=
mom sed they wuz speshal fer us

SHASTA:  I got mine opened furst - I gotta 
nu perty pink Fluffy Pup

SHILOH:  I think mine had more wrap on it cuz
it took me longer tu git it->

SHILOH:  Oh there it iz - a Santa elyfant->

SHILOH:  Not shur y Shasta wuz havin'such a conip-shun fit-
she wuz all howlin'an'barkin'at me.
I wuz just gittin'tu no my Santa Elyfant while
her Fluffy Pup wuz layin'there, all by it'z lonesum self.

Oh dear, we fergot tu show u'all what else we gotz in our stockin's

Thoze Mini Naturals r Zuke's an'they
wuz salmon tu - more YUMMY!

An'that wuz our 2010 Christmas-
can't wait fer next year.........
~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Christmas Day

B-4 we start on our day on Christmas 
we r wunderin'bout sumthin'-
Duz any other pupper or kitty haf truble with
their mom or dad fergitten tu give u your dinner?
Sumtimez, our mom gitz so very bizy in the kitchen
(sumtimez she thinkz she can cook like a real shef fer peeple)
anyway there r timez she gitz close tu fergitten that WE need tu eat tu !
An'we can't git our own food.

Anyway, now on with the show-
Furst, we can't show all the pikchurz cuz
(talk 'bout your broken record)

On Christmas mornin', after we all came downstairz,
guess what wuz waitin'fer us
We even gotz our pikchurz on them so 
it iz eazy fer us tu no who gitz which 1. 

An'we r off->

SHILOH:  What'z in here?

SHILOH:  Oh wowzerz - never had 1 of theze Jumbone MegaBonez b-4

SHASTA:  mom coodn't uze that flashy box thin'fast enuf tu git 
a pikchur of me with my stockin'but she caught me with this
I also got one of them yummy Megabonez.

There wuz other yummy stuff tu-
rawhidez stuff shaped like starz an'Christmas treez 
an'even snowmen.

There wuz 1 other thin'in each of our stockin's
B-cuz we all r Kansas University fanz, we gotz a football tu play with.  
AND, we gotz our very own Sock Monkey!

At furst, we tried tu git Mr. Sock Monkey tu feel at home here->
az u can c - we even welcomed him on our couch

We both 
lovez our Sock Monkey->
 May-b we shood give Mr. Sock Monkey a name-
may-b then he wood smile.
Any ideaz fer a name?

Ok, that'z it fer now-
may-b mom will FINALLY git 
the rest of the pikchurz on the 'puter tu-morow.
~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Uh-oh, we kinda goofed a little

Ok, since the mom is the one who helped 
break the news of what the B-bratz will be doing, 
then the mom (me) will be the one to 
let you all know what happened.  
The reviews are 
they won't start until January 1st - which is not that far away. 
Since doing the reviews are all part of changes to be made in 2011, I decided it was only right
that "we" should wait until 1-1-11.

Another change in the reviews-
I was approached first by a large online retailer so
I think it is only right that they be given the first review.
I'm so sorry that my excitement was allowed to 
influence what has already been posted.
This reviewing stuff is all new to me and then
finding out that the B-bratz would be welcomed
to be a part of it, well-like I said-
my excitement took over. 

So, the next post the B-bratz do will be 
all about their Christmas-
with pictures.
Then I will be doing the first review on
Saturday, 1-1-11 and 
after that, the next review will
be "written" by the B-bratz.
~Mom Beaglebratz~

Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Christmas wishes fer all

This will b a bit of a shorter post fer now
until mom gitz all the rest of the Christmas pikchurz on the 'puter.

We hope efury-1 had a great Christmas -
the Beaglebratz (mom tu) spent most of Christmas Day
with Aunt Sis, hoo-min cuzin Kyle'n
Westie cuzinz Kailie'n Bailie.

We will b showin'u'all sum pikchurz in a day or 2 of
what Santa left fer us.

Now fer sum kinda x-citin' nu'ze -
on Christmas Eve day, az mom wuz finishin'up
wrappin'n puttin'stuff under the tree,
we herd the doorbell ring - it wuz the UPS guy-
this wuz a TOTAL surprize.

Yes, we du haf sum pikchurz of what happened next–
b watchin’fer them in the next day or so. BUTT
mom did let us haf what the UPS guy brought.
Turnz out, this wuz NOT a prezzie frum Santa Pawz butt
it still kinda felt like it.
Butt no, mom told us that us 4-leggerz Beaglebratz r now goin’tu haf an impawtent job tu du an’that
it mite just happen agin next year (2011).
Ok – here’z the
U’all ready fer this–
we did not know mom wuz duin’this fer us butt
she gotz us JOBZ!!!
Fer real


Mom told us that we r now goin’tu b


(hope we can still b the 4-legger Beaglebratz – wunder if we now need tu dress in clothez?)

Guess it will b kinda like quality control.

Not shur if we will write all reviewz butt
we du git tu write our very furst one this week sumtime so
u’all need tu b watchin’fer it.
We bet efury-1 will like it.
Stay tuned >>>
Don't stray tu far>>
Come bak later>

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Friday, December 24, 2010

PREZZIEZ !!!!!!!!!

Well mom finally gotz all the pikchurz on the 'puter so 
we cood show u'all what we got frum Chewy an'Wyatt.

Furst we iz gonna show u'all what Shiloh got frum his 
Santa'z lil'yelper(helper), Chewy-> 
Once I got my pakage away frum mom, 
this wuz the best pikchur she cood git.  
Mom nu we got it a while ago 
(so y didn't she git a pikchur then if she wanted one) butt 
 she woodn't let me haf it so once I got it - it wuz MINE!  
An'just lookee what wuz in there->
   Thoze r sum yummy Dingo Goof Balls with chicken-
goof mite b the name BUTT there iz nuthin goofy'bout the taste-
I snarfed down 2 of them b-4 mom nu what wuz happenin'.
BUTT - there wuz more - 
a Christmas tree tug toy
 (no, that ain't me or Shasta in the bak)
 Mom an'me had a great game of tug-
can't show a pikchur of that b-cuz 
mom can't take a pikchur AN'play tug at the same time.
(that wuz her x'cuse)
BUTT I am sharin'it with Shasta'n 
she iza great tug-gamer so mom gotz pikchurz of that BUTT
guess what?
Yep, the pikchur ain't on the 'puter yet.

Ok, Shasta here now an'I git tu tell ya'll'bout 
what I gotz frum MY Santa'z lil'yelper - Wyatt.
R'member in our last post we told u'bout the box bein'kinda
heavy an'we found out there wuz a surprize in it fer mom-
well, we will show u a pikchur of that tu butt furst what I got frum Wyatt.
Well, look at this - MY name iz on it soze it MUST b fer me->
Mom - I no u haf had this prezzie fer like 87 bazillion daze cuz 
I seen it - NOW HELP ME OPEN IT !!!
What'z this - c'mon mom.  U no I can't du this on my own -
gotz tu hurry-
I c a bag an'what'z that lil'brown thin'?
(mom ain't a vurry good pikchur taker sumtimez - she moved)
Hey, lookee there - iz that what I think it iz?
Yep, it'z kinda like that mini-me that Miss Puddlez got x-cept
mine iza mini Beagle.
(I had tu watch out fer mom- 
she haz-a few Beagle toyz only herz don't squeek like mine'n 
she wuz gonna keep it butt I sed NO!!)
Anyway, I named it Baby an'no one can take care of 
my Baby-Mini az good az me.
Butt then I r-membered the little bag-
(agin, mom did not take a good pikchur -
may-b she shood go tu pikchur takin'skool)
(mom sed she will try tu git a better pikchur of one of them) 
They iz called 
Chicken Twisted Biscuitz-
really, the biscuit iz twisted'n 

We Beaglebratz wish tu thank our Santa lil'yelperz -
Chewy an'Wyatt -
they r awesum toy'n treat picker-outerz !!!!!

Oh yeah, almost fergot tu tell u'all 'bout the surprize that
Wyatt'z mom sent tu our mom - the reezon Shasta'z box wuz heavy-
Drum roll pleeze-
 A fresh wreath that Wyatt's mom made-
well, it cood b uzed fer a wreath OR
u can put a candle in the middle fer a 
BOO-TI-FUL centerpiece (that'z what mom did)
She also haz a pikchur of that she will post in a couple of daze.
It also smells really good.
We all wonder if Wyatt helped- 
at furst we thought 
may-b thoze were hiz pawprintz 
Butt they iz tu small. 
Butt we iz shur he put hiz stamp of approval on it.
Mom sez Wyatt an'hiz mom did a 
T-RIFIC job!!

Ok, we gotta git tu bed now-
mom iz gonna b home tumorrow so we 
don't haf tu b all cooped up'n
we can all sleep a little later.
Nite nite all-
one more day then->

Monday, December 20, 2010


Here it iz – only a very few daze until Christmas an’we STILL AIN’t GOT NO SNOW! Oh we had some flurries an’may-b a little more BUTT NUTHIN’STUCK ON THE GROUND! Now HOW iz Santa Pawz gonna b able tu stop here? Oh the man on that talky box duz say we mite haf a white Christmas BUTT that iz only a MITE! That’z like sayin’it MITE b 87 bazillion degreez outside.

We iz so much sorry that we Beaglebratz haf not bin around the past few daze. Mom haz bin duin that walkin’round like a chiken with it’s head gone agin so we thought it best tu just kinda lay lo (ya’ll no – we iz good at layin’lo –>

  or else we may-b ended up in sum of her cookiez

 (ya’ll no how sum cookz just start throwin’stuff in what they r cookin’.)  Or when she wuz wrappin’prezentz – we didn’t want tu git wrapped tu.

Then this past Saturday, mom took sum of what she baked over tu Aunt Sis an’ they had a Christmas pawty with the hoomin family memberz->
 (so how come we wuzn’t invited – hmmm?)

Mom haz pikchurz of our Christmas prezziez frum Wyatt tu Shasta an’frum Chewy tu me, Shiloh BUTT mom don’t haf’em on the ‘puter yet so we can’t show’em tu u yet. Thank u both soooooo very much fer them. Shasta’z pakage wuz kinda heavy – that’z b-cuz there wuz a surprize in there fer mom frum Wyatt's mom – sorry, ya’ll gotta wait fer the pikchur tu find out what it wuz BUTT we will give u a hint – it wuz mostly green an’smelled good – wunder if Wyatt used sum of hiz gardenin’skillz tu help? Our mom haz also bin bizy getting’them Christmas cardz sent out – this wuz our furst year tu du either the card or gift x-change an’it wuz super fun.

Now this next part Minna Krebs an'Crew will probably go all craker dawg like,  altho there are thoze of u out who really like it tu.  R-member thoze pikchurz in our last post with thoze snowmen – well mom got’em all at a Hallmark store an’one year they did a Snoopy playin’the piano with Woodstock sittin on it.Since Snoopy IZA Beagle like us - I guess we're kinda related that way - anyway, mom INSISTED she git sum pikchurz of us with it        Shasta meetz Snoopy an'Woodstock -

she wuz't shur 'bout this relative of herz

Shiloh here - now this Snoopy-dude iz invadin'MY space
Mom, all I wanna du iz take a nap an'this Snoopy-dude iz in my face

 Shasta here - now where du I sleep?

Ok, it iz our dinner time now BUTT r'member, b watchin'fer our next post in a day or tu soze we can show u our prezziez an'mom'z surprize.
Shiloh'n Shasta