Thursday, March 30, 2017

#ChewyInfluencer brings the Luck of the Irish to Lady Shasta

Note from Mom Kim-
This post was postponed from earlier this month when 
my computer monitor died.
Lady Shasta had already completed a photo-shoot for 
St. Patrick's Day post so I decided to go ahead with it 
after I got a new monitor.

Hey mom - I just saw the d-livery guy 
start walkin'up our sidewalk-

Lady Shasta here-
I really don't unnerstand y my mom thinkz 
she hazta uze all this St. Patrick'z Day stuff-
it sorta-kinda interferez with my
#ChewyInfluencer review.
Guess it just iz what it iz.
Az u'all know by now, me an'my mom r memberz of the 
#ChewyInfluencer team an'each month 
mom can chooze a product or 2 frum the
list that she gitz frum Ms Natalie at fer
me 2 review.

Yummmm - sumthin'shure duz smell good-
can't wait 2 taste it!
Just lookie what I found-

Oh gee - salmon an'sweet 'tater - 2 of my most 
fav'rite thingz!

Sometimez u try so hard 2 make thingz purty butt
when it comez 2 duin'a product review- 
sum thingz may hafta b sacrificed. 
MOM - u just gotta help me git this bag open - NOW!

If I am so darn lucky then y am I havin'2 wait fer
that treat - HUH?

O-M-D, wuz that furry much YUMMY!
Thoze treatz haf such yummy stuff like salmon, sweet 'taterz,

applez, cranberriez, green beanz, green bell pepperz, parsley an'a few more thingz that just make'em so great tastin'an
my mom sez they r good fer me 2.
Hey mom - since they r good fer me then shoodn't 
I git a few more - HUH?

This iz now my offishal seal paw of approval-
I award it 2 theze
Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Grain-Free Dog Treats 
an'2 fer this great opportunity.

Even tho we r kinda late with this, we r still joinin'in the Blog Hop bein'hosted by

We received 1 bag of the
Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Grain-Free 
Salmon with Sweet Potato Recipe Dog Treats
for our honest opinion.
We have not received any other form of compensation.

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Today would have been my Angel Shiloh's 
14th birthday.

 I miss seeing this team
           (even if it meant no pillow for me)            

Forever Happy Birthday to my boy!

Mom Kim

Saturday, March 25, 2017

REMINDER.........(videos working)

looks like all is fixed now!
Gotta stop by an'check out all the 
great videos that can b found at the
hosted by Louisdog, the director of
Arts & Entertainment for Blogville.

~Lady Shasta~

Monday, March 13, 2017

What the what happened?

This past Friday mornin'my mom walked outside 
an'looked at her garden an'saw this-
(akchually, theze r not really ourz butt a pikchure of sumone else'
butt like our flowerz)

Then this past Saturday when she got home frum the store,
this iz what she saw----
(really ourz)

This iz what wuz out bak-

Even worse wuz she x-pected ME 2 go OUTSIDE!

 Shure I had a coat on butt what'bout my nekid feetiez?


Oh well, no worriez-

in'bout 24 hourz it wuz like this agin an'it
will b a little butt not much warmer.
WHERE R U????????

~Lady Shasta~

Sunday, March 12, 2017


Good Sunday mornin'all u lucky Blogvillianz!

WOWZERZ - my mom d-sided we shood take pawt in
this week'z
hosted by

It'z just I'm a bit surprized-
this iz our 2nd post in less than a week!
Oh yeah, here iz my selfie-
We haz had sum WEIRD weather lately-
it gitz really warm an'windy fer a few dayz then
yestaday it duz this.
I think I needz 2 haf a 
diskusshun with this Mother Nachure.

~Lady Shasta~

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Can't believe it's been a year....

Our last picture together

 Thank you Ann of Zoolatry 

This picture was taken @ our first meeting @
the breeder's
Yes, that is my tennis shoe❤❤
(I should have known then what I was in for)

My two angels meet each other for the first time -
Angel Oreo & Angel Shiloh, together forever.

Shiloh did not like this tree-
never know where zombies might hide.

One of his favorite pasttimes.

At his first birthday party-
Is it cake yet?

I wonder if Angel Shiloh was feeling good on this day-
a Beagle laying on the floor with 
fresh-baked cookies on the counter?

The sophisticated Beagle-man.

These are the kind of looks that could 
melt my heart anytime
I never knew when he would use that look
 Another favorite pastime of his was reading to the 
little ones at the library,
especially when he was eventually able to go without his 

Lord Shiloh surveying the Beaglebratz Manor grounds.

He loved going for walks with mom.

And of course there was the "Team"
Shiloh & Shasta spend their first Christmas together.

This will  ALWAYS be a top favorite of mine.

There were those times when he made it quite 
clear he had given up on his sister.

This was a picture I made of Team Beaglebratz for
one of the many events in Blogville.

 This next  group of pictures just 
proves how often when you went looking
for one then you usually found them both.

Even when it came time for their 
last car ride as the 'Team" they were together-
Lady Shasta welcomes Angel Shiloh home.

My little Shiloh-man,
it still hurts so much that you are gone-
I still miss you so much-
your mom and Lady Shasta
will always love you.