Saturday, July 31, 2010

LOOKEE - Pet Blogger;s Blog Hop 7/31- we got nummies

When mom got home frum werk yesterday, she had a surprize fer
us Beaglebratz (no - didn't git'em at werk but in the mail - we need tu b nice tu the mailman fer bringin'us theze nummiez.) 
After mom let us outside in the bakyard, she came out with the nummiez only at first we didn't no they were nummiez -
there wuz just this pakage-
& it smelled good tu.
We found out later that mom  had entered us in a contest over at

SHASTA - az u'all can c, Shiloh tried tu keep'em fer hiz=self BUTT mom woodn't let him - neener neener. 

C'mon mom hurry up!
Well, she did give us a couple rite after this pik BUTT then she remembered what they r fer  - TRAININ'!
So then we had to wait fer more - I mean WAIT!
FINALLY!  we get'em!

We herd that there r sum nice peeple over at
u otta hurry on over there an'c what'z up.

Friday, July 30, 2010


We herd that there iz an URGENT need fer sum prayerz over at The Chronicle of Woos  It seemz that r good furriend Phantom haz 1 of thoze really nasty lumpy thingyz on his face that the V.E.T. iz goin'tu take away next week.  So PLEEEEEEZE all u 4-leggerz cross your pawz an'u 2-leggerz - send out lotza prayerz an'healin'thoughtz tu'we will all help him an'hiz mom an'all hiz family git thru this.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another post from the mom ... short but sweet, kind of

Hello again-

I just wanted all visitors to our blog to know that we do read your comments and appreciate all of you taking the time to leave one.  We do want to visit/comment on each visitor's blog and we will do so as time allows.  Today,  I (mom) finally was able to return to work full-time which will greatly cut into our free time for blogging as the computer is usually turned off when I am at work and the B-bratz can't turn it on.  My evenings seem to get shorter the harder I try to get everything done that I need to plus spend time with the B-bratz.  I feel bad that now I am at work all day and then come home if I don't make time to spend with them.  I need to do a better job of scheduling my time plus remember that there are some posts that can be done on the weekend and then scheduled to post at specified times during the workweek.  Anyway, yes - vision is a whole lot better now and hope to start walking the dogs IF the weather permits (as in less than 100 degrees - yeah rite).  Anyway, please be patient and we will see you around the blogs. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ABC Wednesday ..... B is for ... BEAGLEBRATZ

Ok - mom Beaglebratz here right now - I decided I would participate in
ABC Wednesday this week.

This week is round 7 -
B is for my Beaglebratz.

Remember  this picture in the photo contest?
This is a picture of BABY Shasta and
older BROTHER Shiloh - he is a BIG BARKER
and BAYS at the BUNNIES..

They are now in 5th place in the photo contest.
If you would like to vote, you still have time -
voting closes this Thursday, 7/29 @ 7pm, EST.
Here is the post containing this pic -
The BEAGLEBRATZ' pic is at the BOTTOM of this post.
All you have to do is leave a comment that
you are voting for Shiloh and Shasta.
You can also email your vote for Shiloh and Shasta to
Yes, you can vote BOTH ways BUT please, only 1 vote per comment or email.

The BEAGLEBRATZ say thank you and BYR!
(and g'nite)

From the frying pan - into the .............

Shiloh'n Shasta here - we r late with this post - it shooda bin dun yesterday or Sunday but guess mom wuz tu bizy tu put the pikchurz on the 'puter fer us until last evenin'.

Fer breakfast on Sunday, mom fixed us all sum scrambled eggz an'yep that'z bitz of chiken in thoze eggz.

Az u kin c - thoze scrambled eggz an'chiken went frum the fryin'pan rite intu r bowlz of kibble - YUM YUM!

Hope e-furry-one haz a grrrreat day! 

Sunday, July 25, 2010


                        PET PRIDE

Ok - the Beaglebratz are letting mom post.  Remember that post about the ThoughtsFurPaws photo contest which the Beaglebratz left here a couple of days ago?  Well, I just found out the the B-bratz have moved into 5th place - in fact tied for it.  Once again, here is the pic you are  looking for -
And here is the post at the contest blog
you will be looking for-
Their photo is the last one in this post.
I am REALLY happy about this placing as of last nite - there are so many cute pets in this contest.

If you have not yet voted, you still have time -
voting closes on July 29th at 7pm EST.
You can vote by leaving a comment on the
above post if you have a Google account.
You can also vote by sending an email to -

Thank you all so VERY much for voting for the Beaglebratz.
(hopefully blogger will let me send this now)
I would have asked the B-bratz to do this but
they are really busy rite now-

Thursday, July 22, 2010

PLEASE NOTE- Update on pic contest

The pikchure contest we talked 'bout yesterday iz now closed tu any more piks.  There iz a nu entry on the
Thoughts Fur Paws blog  Our pikchure iz at the bottom of the blog entry.  Mom sed tu tell u that in case anyone iz lookin'at this an'u don't haf a Google account then u can also email your vote to-
U can vote 2 timez - 1 by email an'1 by leavin'a comment.
The last day tu vote iz 7/29/10 @ 7pm EST.

Once agin, g'nite

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Your ATTENTION iz needed pleeze

We no we iz late with this - mom just found out a bit ago and d-sided to enter a pikchure of us in this contest put on by the thoughtsfurpaws blog 
(That'z how she duz sumtimez while we try tu sleep.)

Here iz the pikchure she sent-

This iz me, Shiloh (the adult an'uncle) an'Shasta when she wuz a puppy (the niece).

If u wood like tu vote then just click on that linky thing abuv.  U mite need tu wait until Thursday afternoon tu c r pikchure on their blog.

Ok - we iz all goin' tu bed now.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Note frum the Beaglebratz b-4 bed

Well, mom iz goin'bak tu werk tomorrow - not all day but
just half days fer 2 weekz.

She sez it iz kinda bittersweet but we don't no
what that meanz.

Mom sez she iz happy tu be bringin'home money which meanz fude & treatz fer us but she sez she will miss
us alot.

Of course we r happy that mom iz happy fer this but
we r sad tu that she won't b here so much with us.
May-b that iz what she meanz.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Du u ever wonder ??????? (2nd post today)


This iz Shasta Beaglebrat reportin' live frum r livinroom.  It seemz that r mom found a PRIZE CERTIFICATE in her gmail account frum way bak in FEBRUARY of this year - it wuz frum Mango an'his Mango Minster 2010 contest .
In  case anyone forgot , let merefresh your memory - I Shasta Beaglebrat, placed 2nd in the Hound group an'this prize certificate wuz what wuz in mom'z gmail.  Mom started havin'real bad problemz with her vizion rite b-4 it came.  Ok, that'z it - we now return u tu r regular posting.

It'z 'bout time - Shiloh Beaglebrat here now.  Az I wuz tryin' tu  say b-4 I wuz so RUDELY interrupted.  Anyway, duz any pupper out there ever wunder where r pawrentz lern how tu feed us pupperz?  IF there iza skool then r mom either did not go or she dropped out or we think that maybe r mom missed out on lernin'bout feedin'us.  I submit theze pikchurz tu u az proof - we had just had r dinner then mom let me'n Shasta outside. 

Notice r lowered headz - rummagin' around, tryin'tu find ANYTHIN'tu eat - there iz Shasta tryin'tu scratch up even a bug..  Mom just don't feed us enuf but she will feed herself any time - we no'z she triez but maybe she needz tu lern sum more.  We du git sum good stuff like scrambled eggs an'cheeze, or bluberriez with yogurt - theze thins' r mied in with our kibble but  may-b we just need more.

Blog about your people day - TODAY!

All of us tugether r known az Team Beaglebratz - r mom iz the team coordinater/promoter/advizer an'anythin'else we need.  We all live in northeast Kansas - it'z ok but mom makez it the best.  It iz just mom an' us - no 2-legger kids an'no dad

Here iz mom with Shasta - Shasta is duin' what she duz best - givin' mom sum luvin'.

Mom haz a couple disabiliez but she still werks full-time.
Like a lot of momz, r mom haz tu werk - only
she hazn't bin able tu fer e few months b-cuz of problemz  with her vision - she iz gonna go bak on Monday, 7/19/10.  She werks az a Program Support Assistant @ a Veterans Medical Center.
         Here iz mom with Shasta @ a doggy funday.

Here iz r mom letting us help decorate r Christmas tree.

The next pikchure iz mom with Shasta in an obediene class @ Petsmart.

Here iz mom with Shiloh @ the volunteer Christmas pawty @ the hospice where we vizit.

Here iz mom with Shiloh standin' next tu a BIG furriend @ r animal shelter's fundraizer.  This wuz b-4 Shasta joined the family.

Here iz mom with Shiloh an'Oreo - Oreo went tu the Rainbow Bridge a few months after Shasta joined the family.  Oreo wuz very old.

Here iz mom with Shiloh @ a Relay For Life event fer the American Cancer Society - they even gotz tu walk in the surviver'z lap tu.

It kinda lookz like mom only duz stuff with us an'also werkz but she duz other stuff tu altho bein'with us iz what she likez most.  When she can, she duz like tu go shoppin'with r aunt sis.  She also likez tu bake - espeshally @ Christmas time an'also fer us. She luvz tu cook, espeshally Italian an'Mexican fudes.  Mom luvz tu garden when she can an'collectz Boyd's Bearz, Cherished Teddiez an'of course - anythin' Beagle.  Mom even gotz a little figureen with a Boyd's Bear an'a Beagle.  By the way, us Beaglebratz - we r mom'z ferst Beaglez - she had lived with pupperz most of her life but never with Beaglez an'now mom sez she iz in luv with Beagles an'duzn't want anythin' else.  Mom sez she haz lerned a lot about Beaglez b-cuz of us - she sez we ain't dumb an'stupid like a lot of people think - stubborn yes and challengin'but mom haz taught us a lot.  Mom sez u just haf tu no what motivatez Beaglez an'once u figure that out then Beaglez lern real good.

Hope u liked r story.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2nd post fer tuday

Shiloh here - it'z late so this iz not long.  Mom told me'n Shasta that the doc tuday told her that her vizion iz gittin' more better - mom sez she iz able now tu read a little on the wall chart (whatever that iz).  Hopefully she will stop by an'tell u more.  She also sez she will b goin' bak tu that werkplace a little each day fer a few daze.  Me'n Shasta r sad 'bout that but we no mom iz very happy - she sed so but she also sed she will miss us an'b real happy tu c us when she gitz home each day so I no we will b ok.

Bailie the hunter

Beaglebratz here -This iz Bailie - she iz r cuzin who lifes with r Aunt Sis.  Bailie iz a West Highland WHITE Terrier but on this day she had bin out huntin'.  Aunt Sis sez she did find sumthin' but it waz underground so Bailie had tu dig fer it - what ever it waz, got away.  Mom sed Aunt Sis wood not let Bailie in the house until she (Aunt Sis) washed her off.
Bailie wanted tu wear her dirty look fer a bit - r people just don't understand how when we git all dirty like that, it'z not a bad thing - it showz how good we r at duing r jobz.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blog About Your People Day! game

Shiloh here-
Oskar the Miniature Schnauzer really liked Frankie Furter's Name Game (we did tu!) an'd-sided tu haf his own game.  U kin go on over tu his blog tu find out more.  If we kin git tu r 'puter an'if we ain't bizy with r mom then me'n Shasta hope tu b part of it.

Friday, July 9, 2010

We R sooooo excited!

Ok, we gotz thoze yummy treatz'n they r  yummy - BUT - mom found a nu place an'  it'z here in Topeka, where we r.  An'they gotz sum REALLY yummy lookin' treatz.  Here is the website fer their nu bixness -
Rosita's Ruff Cakes

Mom sez we r gonna find a store around here that haz a few of their things - she also sed she iz gonna order sumthin' later when she iz all better.    Oh, there r also 2 doggiez there tu - Rosita who inspired the bizness an' Chase - both were adopted in Memphis.  U kin read more  on the bizness website.  Rosita an'Chase also have a bloggie thingy at -
Rosita's Ruff Life

We all gotta git tu bed now - c u sumtime....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

We gotz more YUMMIEZ!

SHILOH here -Yep, it happened agin.  Whenever mom iz gone all day tu her I-doc appoinment, she uzually bringz me'n Shasta sumthin' good tu eat.  That'z a pik of Shasta lookin' at the good stuff then a pik of me.  Then a bigger pik of Shasta'n me askin' mom fer a treat.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

How we gotz r namez

Shiloh sez - this iz kinda eazy fer me.   Mom sed that I wuz her 1st Beagle an'b-4  I came tu live here she wuz readin' alot an'seein' alot 'bout  a special little Beagle named Shiloh.  She d-sided then that whatever Beagle she got,  she wuz gonna name it Shiloh.  So in a way, it wuzn't just my name.  But then she did make it just fer me cuz she also added my daddy's name - Ringo but she also added more - Little Boy.  So that meanz my long name iz Ringo's Little Boy Shiloh. "Cept now I ain't that little fer a Beagle but mom sez I iz big like my daddy an'uncle who r also Beaglez.

Shasta - Mom sez  she had a name all picked out, just fer me - Keelie.  But 1 day, after mom an'aunt sis came tu vizit (b-4 I wuz old enuf to go live with mom an'Shiloh)
she sez her an'aunt sis were talkin 'bout namez an'aunt sis sed the name Shasta - she sed she liked that better, aunt sis did.  Mom sed that wuz a purty name - like the daizy but aunt sis sed like the soda (whatever soda iz).  So that iz how I wuz named but then mom sed she wanted tu make it spechial so she made it longer by adding my doggy momz name, Tess, then aunt sis sed   
I needed anuther name with it so she sed the name Sparkling, like the soda (I shure wish I nu what that wuz sinse alot of my name iz like it).  Anyway, my long name iz Tees's Sparkling Shasta but mom siz that iz tu long tu say all the time so she just callz me Shasta - just like mom callz Ringo's Little Boy Shiloh, just Shiloh.  Of course there r other namez we git called but sum of theze can't b sed here.  Anyway, that iz how me'n Shiloh wuz named - we hopez u liked r story.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July

This here iz Shiloh -
Me'an Shasta
just did r name storiez.
Watch fer them tumorrow.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A 2nd Note From Mom Beaglebratz

Me'n the B-bratz are at home now(we were at my  sister's) - actually we have been here since Monday but I have been going slow on the computer so my eye is gradually re-introduced to using the computer - don't want to overuse my eye and possibly develop another problem.  At times it seems like my vision is slowly improving but I can't believe how much improvement has occured in just a little over 2 weeks.  I am still not working altho I feel like I am close to being able to see good enuf to do my job.  I will see the specialist next Tuesday, 7/6, for a re-evaluation - I hope at that appointment I will know better about when I can return to work. 

I am also a member of a few different doggy and Beagle online groups too so I am slowly trying to get caught up on them all.  My sis has 2 female Westies - the youngest is Bailie who is 4 y.o, just a year older than Shasta.  These 2  renewed their playtime friendships and were often seen zooming through my sister's house and if Shasta stopped then Bailie mite start yapping at her while tapping her butt(Shasta's)
with her paw(Bailie) as if pressing a button or should I say butt-on(ok, BAD pun).  My sis got several still shots and I think a video also - I will try to post them when my vision allows.  Even Shiloh and Shasta were doing their usual playtime routine while Bailie tried to follow them, yapping several times to "encourage" them.

Ok, I need to stop for now.  The Beaglebratz are glad to be at home and are doing well.  I can't wait until I can start walking them again and especially get back to visiting.  Hopefully the Beaglebratz will start posting now - they have been terribly lazy since we got home altho when they are in the backyard I find it amazing how quickly they can perk up and move when they catch a scent of something good.