Thursday, November 27, 2014


We Beaglebratz r here kinda late out of necessitee - u c, our mom went over tue her sis's place tue haf Thanksgivin'an'LEFT us all alone, ALL AFTERNOON an'part of the EVENIN"tue.  BUTT, we digress a bit (an'mom did redeem herself a bit when she added sum sweet potato an'turkey tue our kibble fur dinner).

Now sum of u may already know this BUTT we wish tue offer a little bakground'boutz our arrival here in Blogville.  Mom furst b-gan "her" blog bak in February of 2008 BUTT she found it sort of ... NOT fun-inspirin'an'it wuz kinda tedious - yes, she WUZ bloggin'BUTT it wuz NOT IN Blogville.  THEN - it wuz late October of 2009 when she d-sided WE BEAGLEBRATZ shood kinda take-over the blog an'WE made that move tue Blogville an'since then, Blogville haz bin so furry much good tue us.  We (yes, mom tue) haz made so many furrendz-friendz.  We all found a world-wide communtiy of peepz an'furriez
(an'non furriez) who cared so much fur other Blogville rezidentz. Thoze rezidentz haf bin there tue offer their support, care. prayerz an'POTP fur us all at Team Beaglebratz tue when needed.  It wuz thru bein'a pawt of Blogville that mom found out'boutz the BlogPaws Community an'then found out'boutz bein'able tue due product reviewz fur good stuff that we git tue try.  An'there iz other fun stuffz like pawtiez, pik-a-nikzl the Blogville Olympicz an'the Christmas card list an'gift x-change;  we r so furry much thankful fur all theze thingz that we found in Blogville.   An'we r all furry much thanful fur every-1 in Blogville who vizit us an'leeve commentz even when we r not able tue due this on other blogz az much az we wish we cood.

Mom Kim here for a minute - I also want to give thanks because being a "resident" of Blogville has also opened my eyes and heart to other dogs and cats who may not be as fortunate as our own - the ones who have no one to snuggle with or give a kiss to.  There has also been other information I have read here in Blogville about the health and well-being of our own pets that I have not known before - like info about what we feed our dogs.

Shiloh an'Diva Shasta here agin - so mom sez we all need tue git tue bed so she can git up ERLY an'go shoppin' - she sed she mite even b talkin'tue Santa Pawz.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Where are we??????????????

 We Beaglebratz shood haf posted this yestaday since our mom haz bin up tue her uzual mischif self BUTT we Beaglebratz wuz tue traumatized – mom took us tue a GROOMER tue git our BATHZ an’that other yucky stuff like our toofz brushed an’butt squeeze.   SHILOH here – That’z ok tho cuz I barked so much an’LOUD that the groomer lady asked if aunt sis cood come an’take us home early after we wuz  dun cuz my bark wuz startlin’the small dogz so we Beaglebratz still got our napz in.  Anywayz,  our mom wantz tue say a FEW werdz so take it away mom (r’member – JUST a FEW werdz).

Thank you Beaglebratz – I wanted to let everyone know we ARE still around, even though lately even commenting on blogs has become few and far between.  And with Thanksgiving being only a day away and even tho I am off work  Wednesday and Friday– Wednesday will be A LOT of decorating here and then shopping on Black Friday – yes, I am one of those crazy people that does the crazy shopping on BF altho not quite starting so early.  I am still hoping Team Beaglebratz can get a post done for Blogville’s Thanks Day and for FFHT – those posts are already in the works.  I’ve been working on getting my house  the manor clean and the daily stuff put away and ready for the holidays.  In the past I’ve waited til AFTER Thanksgiving to do much of anything for Christmas but I have come to realize that I just don’t move as fast as I use to and there are a few other things that take up time.  And I have found out too (and this I really do NOT like) as I get older, time seems to go by faster.  Before I continue rambling much more, and as I look at the Beaglebratz who are signaling to me to end this, I just wanted to let you all know that we ARE ALL still here.

Oh, and the Beaglebratz DID survive their spa day (even if it was cut short due to “some doggy’s” LOUD mouth)   And now they smell clean and they are soft with toenails trimmed up nice (NO – Beagles do NOT do nail polish, at least not mine - not even Diva Shasta).  Except for the embarrassing loud mouth incident, I was totally pleased – especially when I checked the Beaglebratz and saw their RE-USABLE Christmas bows/collars.
Shiloh was not too keen about showing off his Christmas bow-tie 

I think Diva Shasta really liked showing off her pretty Christmas hair ribbon.

Mom Kim
Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kinda Wordless Wednesday with the Beaglebratz

Mom d-sided that since we Beaglebratz hadn't bin here 4 a few dayz then we NEEDED tue join in the
sponsored by BlogPaws
(even if it iz kinda later in the day).
An' b-sidez, Mom KNOWZ we need her help tue blog sooo,
we can't help what she DUZN'T due.

Whatcha got???
We want sum tue!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

THANKFUL THURZDAY - even if it iz kinda late

We are joining in the 
this week with PepiSmartDog.
We all at Team Beaglebratz have a few things to be thankful for this week.

We Beaglebratz know, none of us haf bin

around much the

past few dayz’n we wuz NOT HERE AT ALL 

on Tuezday.  Our mom had anuther eye doc 

appointment in the mornin’then in the 

afternoon, she had sum peepz come out tue 

give our carpet a BATH!  We DID NOT WANT 

that kind of a bath so we spent the afternoon


with our Aunt Sis an'fur cuzin,
Diva Bailie.

And then later, our mom joined us.

We all ended up spendin’the nite with

Aunt Sis an’Diva Bailie.

Now we Beaglebratz r gonna turn

OUR blog over tue

our mom so she can tell u’boutz her

eye doc appointment.

Thank you Shiloh & Shasta.

Well, as the Beaglebratz told you-

I did have an eye doc appointment

Tuesday morning-

it was with the cornea specialist.

As of now-



The epithelial defect WAS almost 6mm-

NOW – 1mm by 2mm!!!


BUT, what I consider the best news and

have NEVER heard before-

the specialist told me that


STEM CELLS WORKING (in my eye)!!!

(To borrow from the B-bratz)


This was going to be what the next surgery was for– a stem cell transplant using stem cells from my other(blind but healthy)eye.  Sooo – between the few healthy stem cells I still have and YOUR prayers and well-wishes,


At least for now and that is ALL that matters!
I am trying to learn this piece of valuable info
 from Shasta and Shiloh.
More from Mom Kim -
I have one more thing I am thankful for.
Last week I missed work the first three days
of the week due to vision problems.
when I returned to work last Thursday &
got home, there was a message from
a florist on my answering machine letting me 
know that they had delivered 
some flowers and left them on the porch since
no one was home.
(I go inside through my garage so I was grateful for the message)
(Please excuse the Beagle nose and the poor quality of this pic and 
wish I had taken a pic right after I got the flowers - oh well)

The florist hadn't told me who they were from-
when I read the card- 
Sydney and Chewy! 
(maybe Shasta smelled something besides flowers?) 
How thoughtful was this?

We all had reasons to be 
Thankful this Thursday!

Mom Kim,
Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta 

Sunday, November 9, 2014



For what u mite ask?

The Christmas card'n
gift x-change!

How due I git included u mite ask?

Yea - due what it sez!

Then look for the little Scottie Christmas pic on 
the sidebar an'click
on it fer more info.

Angel Jazzi an'her mom want tue 
make your
Christmas mail more 

Us Beaglebratz wood hate fer
any of our furrendz tue miss out on
gittin'wayyyyy more 
Christmas cardz than your peepz.


PeeEss - Don't fergit tue click that link above fer more info.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday with an'Diva Shasta

(note from Mom Kim - we began working on this in October but my vision problems and a few other life issues got in the way so we are posting this now)
Since October wuz MY barkday month, I – Diva Shasta – gitz tue tell ya’all boutz a yummerlish treat we gotz frum  When my mom gotz an email frum Sydney at, mom looked thru all the different treatz in this month’z selection an’told Sydney that it hadta b

our mom sharez her ‘naner with us Beaglebratz every mornin’an I LOVE ‘NANERZ! An’I LOVE SWEET ‘TATERZ – mom sed she picked’em just fer me. Now mom sed she TRIED tue git sum pikchurez of us Beaglebratz with theze yummy treatz BUTT she sed we kept movin'tue much - well we WUZ bizy sniffin'an'chewin butt she did git a few-

Aren't theze little bearz just the cutest little treatz u ever did c?

Our mom added this info so that u'all cood read'boutz y they r so YUMMERLISHUS an'y she wood b furry much happee tue git MORE of theze treatz fer us Beaglebratz.

Organic Wheat Flour, Organic Dehydrated Cane Juice, Organic Sunflower and/or Organic Palm and/or Organic Canola Oil, Organic Cane Juice Syrup, Organic Banana Powder, Organic Sweet Potato Powder, Organic Vanilla Extract, Organic Cinnamon, Soy Lecithin.

Key Benefits

·       Suitable for all life stages

·       100% USDA Organic

·       Oven baked

·       USA Originated Ingredients

·       Human-Grade Ingredients

·       No By-Products, No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors

·       Certified kosher

·       All Products Made in the USA!

Ok - so how due we Beaglebratz rate theze YUMMERLISHUS treatz?  Well ferst we gotta tell u that we ALSO shared sum with our Westie cuzin Diva Bailie- 
 Ok so may-b u can't tell frum this pic BUTT we ALL AGREE - 12 PAWZ UP!

That'z Diva Shasta'n Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'the purty Diva Bailie

An'no  - we did not receive any other compensashun fer this honest product review of Grandma Lucy's Organic Banana and Sweet Potato Oven Baked Dog Treats.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Ho Hum - POTP need contines and intensifies

Ok - not gonna try and cover up or make light of this and please be understanding of any typos since my vision is pretty messed up today - even stayed home from work which is a rarity unless my vision just won't allow anything - which is basically wshere it was today.

Ok so for reference, click HERE I had my appt. with the cornea specialist last Tuesday - the epithelial defect that my local eye doc thought he saw  a few days before, was gone - this was good HOWEVER he removed - DID NOT replace the bandage contact lens I pretty much depend on for decent vision (still not sure why he did this but I know leaving a contact on the eye for 2 weeks can also cause problems - should have asked him)  He had PLANNED on leaving it out at least 2 weeks and I was able to work all last week HOWEVER today was different.  Now there is NO DOUBT there IS an epithelial defect (this is like a skin tear on the surface of the cornea) and it is larger than any I have had before.   During my appt today with my local eye doc he also took pics of my eye to email to the cornea specialist and also put another bandage contact lens in (these are basically a contact lens with no power but they PROMOTE healing and maintaining good condition of the eye).  So, after my specialist looked at the pics and read the email, he called my local doc to let him know what the next step is - I have another appt with the specialist next Tuesday (11/11) At least I don't have to take time off for that sppt since I am off that day.  HOWEVER (aren't you tired of that word - I know I am) it is the time between now and then that is really important - a lot of POTP is needed because that defect on my cornea NEEDS to be reduced a great deal or totally gone OTHERWISE I face surgery - another stem cell transplant possibly  followed by another cornea transplant about three months later - this is the surgery I was wanting to put off as long as possible due to time off I would need and finances.

So - the main reason I would appreciate the POTP and prayers is the epithelial defect - my doc says it usually takes awhile for it to heal - I don't have awhile(time off from work)  He has had a hard time before because it healed faster than what he thought it would - thanks to YOUR POTP.

Also not sure how much me or the Beaglebratz will be around for the next few days so if anyone wonders where we are - that's why we are MIA.  Now, before I get any closer to loosing my patience with blogger, I am signing off.  Oh - the Beaglebratz are fine - doing their usual wonderful snuggles and cuddles.