Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wordy Wednesday - Shiloh haz an IMPAWTENT ANNOUNCEMENT!

Ok - so most of u shood know by now of my love for Miss Tasha from The Dachsies With Moxie

So that iz not really the announcement UNLESS YOU did NOT know this.

So NOW THIS will b the REST of the announcement-

For thoze of u who due not know of this fair-haired maiden, she iz Miss Peaches frum
K-9 Katastrophie
 She asked me a few months ago if I wuz "taken" an'after consultin'with Finnackles at 
The Blogville Chronicle I finally wuz ready tue give her the answer she d-served, however painful it mite b.  BUTT THEN, my sweet lady Miss Tasha surprized me - she KNEW 'boutz my consultin'with Finnackles an'she KNEW 'boutz my predicament with Miss Peaches - Miss Tasha wuz willin'tue SHARE.
Miss Tasha reminded me that b-4 her sister, Angel Ginger had tue leeve us an'journey across the Rainbow Bridge, we had bin a threesum - may-b Miss Tasha wanted that bak - whatever the ree-zon, I told Miss Peaches what wuz goin'on an'she still wanted tue b my gurl.

So now u know the rest of the story - I am followin'in the pawprintz of Blogville'z mayer Frankie - I am the lucky guy with TWO wimmen.  The interestin'an challengin'pawt of this iz gonna'b that Miss Tasha an'Miss Peaches DON'T live in the same place BUTT we can make it werk.  Now I am gonna go take a nap an'dream 'boutz my TWO loverly wimmen - Miss Tasha an'Miss Peaches.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This iz gonna b short butt not so sweet

We Beaglebratz r handin'over our blog this time tue mom fur a breef plea frum her.  Shiloh also haz an announcement BUTT that will hafta wait a bit so mom can haf her say - take it away mom...

Thank you Shiloh and Shasta.  I think it is safe to say that we all know about tropical storm Isaac - I know Floridians know it well and luckily, it did not create the havoc in Florida that was predicted.  Now as it heads towards the Gulf Coast, there are new predictions - I just read a report from CNN that Isaac will make landfall in New Orleans on the 
anniversary of Katrina (Wednesday)
or some say it could come as early as TONIGHT 
Whatever the case may be, the prediction is TS Isaac will be less than Katrina (rated 5) it will be at a level 2 hurricane force when it hits shore.  My first prayer is that the predictions are wrong for New Orleans as they were for Florida.  Then, I think many of us watched with tears and extreme sadness the devastation to both humans and pets following Hurricane Katrina - my second prayeris that IF Isaac does become a hurricane, those in command in that area have learned what NOT to do and will DO what is NEEDED to save lives - human and pets.

Now for those closest to my heart in that area - I have a brother and sister-in-law who live in Bush, Louisiana - we heard that they believe they may get some rain-some wind but Bush is northeast of New Orleans - the greatest danger is N.O. and west.  My sister-in-law is a member of the Air National Guard - she is first in command to head up the medical unit as needs warrant.  She was at the Superdome after Katrina - I pray that there is no Superdome-like fiasco with Isaac like that during and following Hurricane Katrina.  I ask for all in Blogville to come together and pray for the safety for all - humans and animals in and around New Orleans and surrounding areas that will be affected by Tropical Storm - probable Hurricane Isaac.  Thank-you.
mom Kim 

Friday, August 24, 2012


We Beaglebratz never knew that THIS 
would make our mom so furry much silly.  
We thought this stuff on our weekendz wuz 
a bad thing.  
Mom iz sayin'sumthin'boutz 
sleepin'late tuemorrow an'bein'lazy.  
We Beaglebratz can due that- 
we r naturalz at it.

Well, gotta go eat breakfast.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just az we git bak.......

Our mom found out the other day, at her FIRST eye doctor appointment in a month (the longest she haz gone b-tween appointmentz) that the stoopid Herpez eye infecshun iz BAK (NOT the fungal infecshun).  She sez compared tue the fungus, she can deel with the Herpez infecshun eezy-peezy.  She iz worried a little b-cuz her an'Shiloh still want tue start bak vizitin'an they r s'poze tue go tue our city libary in'boutz 2 an'a half weekz so'z the little kiddoz can read tue Shiloh - sumthin'he lovez an'hazn't bin able tue due with mom fur awhile cuz of all her eye problemz
(this iz an old pikchure of Shiloh'n mom an'a little boy readin'tue Shiloh who listenz furry much good.  He no longer hazta wear the Halti since he haz "matured")

So even if mom sez she iz not tue worried 'boutz this new eye problem - cood u still spare a prayer or tue?  We Beaglebratz r stayin'close an'snugglin'when she needz us.
~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Monday, August 20, 2012


So mom FINALLY gotz her Internetz bak up an'runnin'.  She ended up orderin'a new modem fur the 'puter - we think sum squirrelz interfered with the UPS guy cuz it took like 87 dayz tue git the modem.  (ok, may-b a day or 2 less). 

We iz still gonna needz sum time tue git caught up on readin'sum blogz an'newz we missed.  

In the meantime, in case u'all furgotz what we looked like - here r sum of thoze random pikchurez-

This last pikchure sez alot 'boutz what we haf bin duin'this past week - we also had tue keep watch on our mom cuz she started havin'serious Internetz withdrawal.

Ok - that last pikchure above kinda talked tue us 'boutz what we needz tue due now.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge - McKailie

(Thank you to Ann and the girls at ZOOLATRY
for this lovely badge of McKailie)

 In case you missed our 
original post about McKailie, 
look HERE

The cancer proved to be too extensive-
it was first found when doing the biopsy yesterday,  August 8th.
It was spread throughout the inside of her mouth on one side and also 
along her face on the outside.
 It was suspected to be in other areas as well.
She had not shown any discomfort and only missed two meals recently which she went back later to clean up.
Sis thought it would be best not to wake her from the anesthesia but told the vet- 
don't do anything til I get there-
Kailie's mom and her son (Kyle picked Kailie out of her litter when he was in the 5th grade) as well as Bailie were all there as McKailie began her journey across the Rainbow Bridge.
This is one of my favorite pictures of McKailie and her younger sister,  Bailie
McKailie is the one "laughing".

R.I.P. sweet McKailie - you will remain in all of our hearts and will be missed.

Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta

Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympics today - Synchronized Peeing an'the Wanna-Be'z

It iz finally here!
 Our Olympic event which we turned intue
all-inclusive by allowin'singlez
tue compete tue.
We started with the two'n 
turned it intue the Wanna-Be'z tue.
So, without further adieu we 
Beaglebratz bring u our eventz -
So furst up iz the 
(note: the athletez will compete in no pawticular order)

Furst up - we haf Bella who iz on the left an'Daisy iz on the rite ... or iz that the other way?  Anyway they r frum DOWNUNDER DAISY
representin'what else - Downunder az in 

Next we haf-
Dixie duin'her thing on your left while Milo iz over there waterin'the tree - good conservashun tipz u tue.  They r frum SIMPATICO an'represent the United States. 

Now competin'iz-
Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus frum
ANOTHER TEQUILA SUNRISE representin'the United States.  They were concerned that maybe they didn't haf what it wood take tue compete - Ladiez, let us b the furst tue assure u that u both show great form here.

Comin'intue the arena now iz-
Mona'n Weenie frum 
In case sum of u don't know, they r frum the state of Texas an'of course representin'the United States.  We herd sumthing 'boutz they were duin'a bit more than just peein'here butt we say "Hey, whatever it takez tue git your Sync on (or iz that down?)

Next u will c-
Murphy an'Stanley frum MURPHY & STANLEY
of course - what else cood the blog b?  They d-scribe themselvez az "Two wild and crazy Doods"Well, az we haf sed b-4 (an'will likely  say agin b-4 all iz sed an'dun) whatever it takez tue acheeve the d-sired result.

We Beaglebratz were really glad tue welcome theze tue fine kittiez intue our event-
Eric an'Flynn show us that Synchronized Peein'iz NOT just fur us woofiez - kittiez got the talent tue.  Oh yeah, we almost furgot - they r frum
and they r frum the United Kingdom.

Now we haf a team who tellz us they "want to leave our "mark" on the same tree at the Olympics"
Theze tue fine athletez r Lassiter Chase'n Benjamin (u cood probably reed that on their pikchurez butt we want tue make their entry sound o-fish-al) an'they r frum
They x-plained their timin'iz not perfected yet-
we say they r tryin'n trainin'n that'z what countz!  They r frum the United States.

An'now we c tue more kittiez who want a go (fur real)
at the Synchronized Peein'event-
Theze tue fine athletez r frum 
WENDY'S 3-D CATS an'they r frum Canada. 
Dante, who iz in the front, haz started the acshun while Donino lookz tu join in az soon az that purrfect sync posishun iz found. 

Last BUTT definitely not leest BUTT definitely the hoogest az in RELENTLESSLY HUGE an'hiz pawtner 
Yepperz, that IZ the Mango Man an'Dexter there in the bak - they r frum MANGO and DEXTER'S GREAT ADVENTURES
Ok - so both of them r guy doggiez so u may ask yourselvez, y the squatz.  I, Shiloh, can elaborate on this quite well - like the Mango Man sed, it iz more efficient an'I say it IZ safer.  It iz not alwayz eazy tue try an'balance on 3 legz while focusing on the task at hand ... or paw.  Can anyone imagine what wood happen if the Mango Man wood looze balance while tryin'tue stand on 3 legz tue pee?  I shudder tue even pikchure that in my mind.
Ok - so that bringz the Synchronized Peein'event tue a cloze.  That wuz a great diverse group of athletez. Next up - the 
Wanna Be Synchronized Peein'event.
(Agin, no pawticular order)

Ok so furst up in the arena we c- 
Storm an'Angel Deefa frum 
CHARLENE and STORMY PIE Storm iz the woofie who got us tue thinkin'that we needed an event fur thoze athletez who wish tue compete butt haf no pawtner.  What'z that u say - he duz haf a pawtner.  Well that wuz part of the rulez - due sumthin'tue make it kinda look synchronized.  Storm iz frum the United Kingdom.  You can look HERE fur more d-tailz 'boutz this event.
Ok - now movin'ontue the next athlete-
Reuben frum the blog, FLOPPY TONGUE JOY. Reuben can b chozen frum a large room full of Doxies - check out hiz blog an'u will find out y.

Now enterin'the arena we c-
Goose frum GOSPEL OF GOOSE Goose wuz worried that hiz entry mite not git here in time so he did a lot of runnin'tu make shure it did.  An'yepperz-
Goose did wanna b in the Wanna Be event - that doggy furrend u'all c - Goose sed she just got in the way so he iz all synched along with that tree.

Enterin'the arena now iz-
 Bouncing Bertie frum  
Bertie wuz a little concerned that just may-b hiz entry mite not qualify - NO PROBLEM BERTIE  You r lined up next tue that post just fine - sorta in cync with it.  Bertie hailz frum Scotland.

Here we c-
Asta frum ASTA'S WORLD Since she iz now livin'in
Boo-da-pest, she haz no furrendz there tue help her an'since she iz an only woofie in the family, she wuz concerned she mite not b able tue enter BUTT luckily fur her (an'a few otherz) the WannaBe event wuz there 4 her along with the assistance of her wheelie sissie, Mywna.
Here iza a purty little lady butt don't let her size an'dress sway your thoughtz-
Lorenza frum EL DARIO de LORENZA iz here tue compete frum Mexico.  She iz lined up just pawfect with that itty bitty patch of grass an'in
spite of her dress, showz great form.

Here comez an athlete with a baby in tow?
Ever since we furst got this entry frum
we just don't know what tu think.  Iz this a 
Wanna Be orrrrr did Molly have a puppy?  Whatever the case may b - she she hailz frum the United Kingdom.

Enterin'the arena next iz-
This iz Buttons frum BUSY BUSY BUTTONS
Are we seein'double here - shood this b a Synchronized Peein'contestant?  Did Buttons haf a "teammate"?  Buttons iz frum the Uhnited States.

Now this iz an interestin'athlete - did sumbuddy looze their head?
This iz Roo frum ROO'S DOINS 
He sent this in fur the Wanna Be event butt we r not shure - glad it iz the judgez who ake the final d-cizion.  Butt then that thoze tue bodiez an'the stance - that lookz amzingly similar.

Here we haf an athlete who iz bizy az Blogville'z Chief Cop-
Yepperz, it's Sarge frum SARGE SPEAKS OUT
Guess that Yard Bear fella wuz also needin'tue go potty so Sarge just d-sided tue take advantage of the situashun an'show us sum Wanna Be Synchronized Peein'.  Sarge iz frum the United States.

Now here iza handsum WOOFIE (never mind the hoomin)
This iz Corbin frum the blog, OH, CORBIN
You mite hafta bigefy this pikchure butt he sed he wuz peein'in the lake - the judges will b able tu c this.  Corbin iz frum the United States.

Now here iza nuther interestin'entry-
This iz Declan or Deccy sumtimez.  He hailz frum
D-spite the double vizion problem, he iz showin'fine form lined up next tue that wall.  He iz frum the United Kingdom.

Here'z an athlete that can b a little shy sumtimez- she duzn't like tue pee around her sister an'bruther-
We r talkin'boutz Nola frum DACHSHUND NOLA
She iz frum the United States. 

Here iz our only kitty entry in the Wanna Be event (not the baby)
This iz Zoey, one of the ZOOLATRY gurlz.  She iz "in training" with the baby grandbea an'cood b herd mumblin'tue herself, "Maybe I need one of those pamper things like you have while we're practicing"  Zoey iz frum the United States.

This athlete iz showin'great form az he enterz the arena-

This iz Winston frum WINESOME WINSTON
He iz lined up pawfectly with that bush - TOTAL in sync-ness.

Our next athlete tue enter the arena-
This iz Frank who iz frum 
Once agin, a real all encompassin'an inline 
form - haz that in sync groove thing goin'on.

It lookz az if this will b our FINAL entry in the Wanna Be event but definitely not the leest at 
all - just can't say that 'boutz this lady, there iz nuthin'at all leest bit 'boutz her-
You all know an'love this lady frum the United StatesMiss Puddles frum WE THREE DOXIES
We all love her so much that we made her Blogville's own Guv'ner (akchuly - she kinda fell intue it)  Butt duzn't matter how she gotz it.

OK - SO guess that iza wrap on this year'z Synchronized Peein'an'the new Wanna Be Synchronized Peein'eventz.  Hope tue c u all in 4 yearz.  

Oh by the way, don't furgit tue stop by the announcer'z booth an'pick up your medalz - u'all d-serve them.
 ~Shiloh'n Shasta~