Monday, February 27, 2012

From heartbreak to that warm fuzzy feeling - Mom on Monday

First, this post has nothing to do with previous posts although it is still affecting me some.  Instead this post has a couple of videos - one I found on Facebook and 
then later on YouTube and 
the other also on YouTube.  
I do want to WARN you,
especially with the first one-
especially with the first video-
there is a VERY GOOD chance that
it will induce heartbreak at first BUT
  as I said in my subject line-
that warm fuzzy feeling 
followed by 
your heart melting is 
your reward for watching it.

The second video is 
not quite as heartbreaking altho
the first few seconds takes 
you back to Edie's rescue BUT
then you get a glimpse into
the beginnings of Edie's
"happily ever after" life.

This happened almost two
years ago but what happens in
these two videos,
we all know it continues today. 
I wish I had the time,
money and ability to
do rescue but at this
time and into the near future,
it just isn't possible.
I'm just grateful that there ARE
people who CAN do rescue for
dogs and ALL animals.
And I am so grateful that 
Shiloh'n Shasta have never
known anything BUT
a loving and caring home.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A werd frum our mom an'Shiloh haz sum concernz

The mom first - I wanted to thank you all for your super kind and such an outpouring of care and support.  I am always surprised at how much Blogville residents are ever-ready to put their keyboard where their heart is and I know that if we ever had the opportunity to meet, it would be the same way except your lips and tail-wags would be saying what your heart is feeling.  I will be making a donation to the Lance Armstron Livestrong Foundation or Barnes Jewish Hospital Lung Transplant research - this is what Christine wanted in lieu of flowers or plants.  If I could, I would give you all 
  Now I will let Shiloh tell you all about his concerns->

Shiloh here - thanx mom.
I will b breef on this.
oh, I know-
that pikchur up there-
it AIN'T me-
I call it x-ibit A.
Ever since Shasta wuz
crowned co-queen of the 
Valentine's Day Pawty-
walkz around with a crown'n
pointin'that thing'n barkin'orderz tu
mom'n me.
WHATEVER r we gonna du?
x-cuze me all tu heck BUTT 
I thought I - yes, me Shiloh,
wuz the ALPHA.
(I am so confuzzeled) 


Thursday, February 23, 2012

My heart is breaking - the tears are falling

First, if anyone reads this that has not read my last two posts, this is NOT about me or Shiloh'n Shasta nor any other family member.

As Christine's father said, 
"My baby is with Jesus now".  
And with that, the chapter of 
her life on Earth ends and she
 begins her immortal being with Christ.

I was so hoping and praying that 
she and her family
would have a little more 
time together but as God knew, 
using His infinite wisdom, 
it was time to call her home with Him.

Except for my own parents,
I don't think I have ever
been affected in this manner.
I know, other young people have died BUT
I did not know them the way 
I have known this family.
Christine -
you are now at peace, whole and 
healthy again.
I pray that your family and
your husband
find the same peace 
through healing.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

She awaits her final journey

There is not much to say- 
my young friend has been moved to hospice.  This is affecting me more than 
I ever thought it would as I 
struggle to type through the tears.  
I don't understand this at all- 
why is anyone put on earth 
only to have their life end so soon?  
Why does anyone have to 
struggle and 
fight so hard and 
at one point, 
the battle seems to have been won but 
then a short time later, 
the fight begins anew 
then ends so soon?
I pray for peace for her and 
her husband and
her family 
This is so NOT fair!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sometimes what we really want is not what is really needed (from Mom)

NO - not any of us here at Team Beaglebratz altho I did get a little disturbing news at the eye doctor today but it is nothing I haven't handled before and probably will again (more about this later).

I don't know if I have mentioned a young friend and her family I got to know through my sis .  Christine is in her mid-twenties now but when I first met her and her family, she was about 12 - we were at the Relay For Life here in Topeka - me, for family and friends and Christine, for friends and herself.  She had recently been undergoing cancer treatment and was too weak to walk so her dad was pushing her around the track in a wheelchair.  I have a pretty vivid memory of that occasion because Shiloh had joined my family less than a month earlier and he was keeping Christine company, sitting in her lap as she went around the track.

She beat the cancer - is cancer free but before she hit her early twenties, she would lose the same leg due to the after effects of all the treatment.  Also when she was younger and the cancer was active, there were signs the cancer had spread to her lungs so the cancer treatment became focused on her lungs.  But like I said, eventually, NO signs of cancer.  However, all this treatment on her lungs, left them weak also - eventually a lung transplant would be needed.  Christine almost lost her life while waiting for the transplant - her boyfriend who became her husband during this whole ordeal, remained faithfully by her side as did her family.  They are the kind of folks who would give you the shirt off their backs if needed.

Now Christine once again lies in a hospital bed.   Her body needs another lung transplant but this time, things are not in her favor to have one done - no one knows for sure what the outcome will be this time.  I know she must be tired of fighting all of this but I would love to see her fight it all and win but I can only wonder about all of the medical issues she has been through.  And I do have a bit of an idea of what it is like to fight and fight and fight until there is no more fight left - I lost both of my parents to this type of fighting.

So at this time I pray for Christine's healing - whether it is the type of healing that may not be what I or anyone else wants - the type of healing that only God knows is best.   Would you please join me in prayer?

(Now for a quick update on my vision - the defect on my eye is a little bigger HOWEVER, it still remains OUT OF my direct line of vision and I do pray that it remains that way or hopefully improves and heals.  My actual vision is improved - better without my glasses than it is with)


Monday, February 20, 2012

Just a note on Mom Monday

I found this little tidbit of info a few hours ago but just now had a chance to post about - should have posted earlier but didn't have a chance.

Thanks to Teresa and Seamus over at  
they had posted this on their

not everyone has access to FB so
read about HERE->

PS - I really thought this was any and every day.
PSS - Since I'm late posting this, 
feel free to extend it to tomorrow and beyond. 



Saturday, February 18, 2012


We Beaglebratz wuz over at 
the blog fer 
DaWeenies of Florida 
an’read sumthin’
furry much alarmin’that  
Amber DaWeenie wuz talkin’boutz 
an’we Beaglebratz haf 
FIRST PAW experience with 
such a furry much DISTURBIN’situashun!  
 It seemz that Coco The Princess over at
Princess Coco, Lady Godiva & Truffle 
haz bin seein'stuffz leave 
their apartment-
Lady Godiva iz scared their mom will 
sell sum of their toyz like 
she did with their COUCH.  

Like we Beaglebratz sed– 
we haf FIRST PAW experience with 
this cuz our mom HAZ DUN THIS!   
She sed they(OUR toyz) had
b-come ratty lookin an'they 
didn't smell good'n 
had lost their stuffin'so
(this wuz when Shasta wuz a baby)
she didn't know y we
wood want them anyway.
An'c theze pikchurz-

We r not shur where they came frum butt
Shasta sez theze r the same toyz that 
she saw in the BASEMENT which meanz 
when mom takez our toyz, 
she putz them sumwhere, 
AWAY frum us!
So we Beaglebratz r joinin’the 
movement–ya'know like Pips 
Operashun Occupy Your Couch
this movement in support of
Princess Coco,Lady Godiva & Truffle
iz called 
This pikchur of Shasta with her 
duckie sez it all

An'we both HAF tu have


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ALERT! PLEEZE READ! - 2nd post tuday

Sum of u haf had 

this problem b-4 - 

our mom notised it tuday an'she 

found out that

otherz haf had 

this same problem.

Now what r we babblin'boutz.

Miss Luna over at 

didn't haf any posts in

our Google Reading List or

Google Reader since

this past Monday which

iz kind of not 

the norm fer her.

So mom just stopped on by 

tu c what she cood find.

Well, she found there had

bin several posts az iz 

the norm.

So, we wanted tu 

let u all know cuz

that link up there goez tu

a cool thing that 

Miss Luna an'her Daddy K

r duin'fer hiz


So u best hurry on over.

(an'yes, there r other postz tu)

(an'that iz y we Beaglebratz r the 
Secretariez of Social Networkin')

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Kinda Wordless Wednesday - Post Valentine's Day Pawty

Mom Beaglebratz here - this is my post for the week since the Beaglebratz took Monday away from me this week.  Shiloh'n Shasta got home late last night - or was it early this morning.  I guess they had a good time wherever they were - they both had silly smiles plastered on their faces altho I wonder just EXACTLY they were since I know I saw some lipstick smudges on Shiloh's fur. 
Anyway, this is how I left them as I went off to work.

I'm not sure what this look in the next picture is-
is it a dreamy look or one that says I can't believc I did that or a look that says I can't believe I ate that WHOLE thing.

PS - I have still been having doc. appoinments at least one a week - at yesterday's everything was better - the Herpes eye infection is pretty much INACTIVE and I had a little ridge on my eye left by the Herpes and that has smoothed out quite well which explains the improvement in my vision.  HOWEVER (I do wish I could get that word out of my vocabulary - just like the word, but)  anyway, now there is a small defect on the lower part of my eye - this is what CAN contribute to the onset of a fungus infection since it allows for exposure to the eye.  My specialist didn't seem too concerned about it though and for now, no extra steps are being taken to try to avoid it (except I am hoping and praying for the defect to heal with NO problem).
Would you please say a little prayer too?
Thank you

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will you b our Valentine's?

In case anyone out there DOES NOT already know'boutz this - it's only the biggest an'bestest Valentine Day pawty over at  Jess'n Glacier's blog - you really need to go check it out - NOW!

Az u'all can c -  we r waitin'fer our datez.

Shasta wantz tu share her ducky with Seamus (The famous)

Shiloh tellz Miss Tasha an'Miss Ginger - see that ring on
my harness - just hook up with me an'we r off tu the Pawty. 

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Monday, February 13, 2012

We r ready fer the......

We Beaglebratz just want tu take this time tu sorta recap an'remind ya'all just who our datez will b fer the furry much most PAWSUM Valentine’s Day Pawty.
Shiloh here:  I wuz the furry much lucky guy who 
wuz so lucky enuf tu haf 
NOT ONE BUTT 2 loverly ladies tu 
accompany tu the Valentine’s Day Pawty an’they r 
tu most bootiful sissies– 
Miss Tasha an’Miss Ginger from 
Dachsies With Moxie
Go check'em out-
their mom iz What'z Her Name who 
kindly lent her quilttin'skillz
fer the Fearless Five quilt.

Ok, now me, the 
Diva Queen Shasta gitz tu tell 'boutz 
MY most furry much handsum fella.  
Hiz name iz Seamus (the Famous),
pronounced SHAY-mus.
iz where u can find him.
B-sidez bein'a most handsum fella- 
he iz also lendin'hiz photogenik self tu 
hiz mom tu uze az the cover fer 
her nu book-
check it out an'find out'boutz the book.
(Seamus wuz diagnosed with
cancer-underwent treatment'n
iz livin'longer than the dog-torz sed-
Hiz mom underwent treatment fer 
breast cancer'n 
iz now duin'well beyond what the doctorz sed

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kinda Wordless Wednesday - butt then may-b not

We Beaglebratz haf talked a lot the past tu dayz so we d-sided tu just share sum puppy pikchurz of us an'Angel Oreo.

First up - Angel Oreo->>

This was the last of the puppy pikchurz of Angel Oreo that mom had on the 'puter.

Now we all know that new puppy pawrentz with a diggy camera haf enuf pikchurz tu make 87 gazillion posts BUTT we ain't gonna du that. Next iz Shiloh - b-cuz he came after Angel Oreo an'b-4 Shasta->>

This next pikchur, Shiloh lookz all growed up BUTT 
he didn't act like it- he wuz still a puppy- 
'bout 6 monthz old. 
He wanted tu make shur that 
the big green monster wuzn't hidin'nuthin.
 Ok, now when Shasta came tu live with us, mom had a better diggy camera- all the puppy pikz of Shiloh were on thoze shiny round thingz.

This next pikchur iz Shiloh'z version of sayin'Go ahead kid, make my day'

Theze next tu pikchurz were Shasta'z first Christmas - she came tu live with us rite after Thanksgivin'.  We spent the day with Aunt Sis an'thoze r her tu Westiez - Bailie'n Kailie.  The bigger pikchur iz a close-up of Shasta - just look at thoze eyez.

Anuther 1 of baby Shasta with her big bruther.

Shasta wuz almost 5 months old in this last pikchur.  She'z sayin'What? Aren't u dun with that diggy camera yet?

We hope u enjoyed our trip down mem'ry lane.

~Shiloh'n Shasta~
with help frum Angel Oreo

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In mem'ry of our little "big" brudder, Angel Oreo

Shiloh here - I'm gonna talk 'boutz my little "big" brudder, Angel Oreo, cuz 'cept fer mom, I knew him best.  An'sum of u haf seen this b-4 butt we haf sum nu furrendz who haven't.  (mom fergot tu du this last week  so I am duin'it now)

When I came tu live with mom, Angel Oreo - he wuzn't an angel yet - butt mom sez he wuz gettin'older (going on 12) an'mom wanted anuther doggy - a companion fer Oreo an'I wuz it.  Mom didn't know there cood b a lotta truble with an older dog an'a rambunctus pup like me (I wuz 8 weekz old).  BUTT az u can c

we got along just fine, even b-came 'best budz'the older we gotz

Here is me, mom'n Oreo all tugether at our very first Christmas tugether-
sorry fer the poor quality - mom sed the film messed up - b-4 the diggy camera.

This next pikchur iz of me'n Oreo at our second Christmas

Butt then later in 2006, Oreo started sleepin'more an'he wuz stayin'by hisself out in the kitchen.  Mom sed he had a 'episode' erlier that summer - after it wuz over, Oreo seemed fine an'he wuz eatin'ok but mom notised he had more problemz not goin'potty in the house - that'z when mom started puttin'diaperz on Oreo.  He didn't even wanna play no more.  Mom started tu notis that when Oreo walked intu the living room - he wood just stand there az if lookin'fer sumthin'then turn around an'walk bak tu the kitchen tu nap.  Mom wuz worried - she didn't want tu let Oreo go an'leave us by ourselves butt she didn't want Oreo tu suffer any more either.  An'she just didn't want tu let him go tu the Rainbow Bridge unless he wuz really ready.

Rite after Thanksgivin'of 2006, we got little sis, Shasta - this is a tag that mom'z friend made with all of us - it iz furry much speshal tu mom cuz this wuz Oreo'z last New Year an'Shasta'z first.

Mom wuz still havin'truble - she wuz worried that she wood let Oreo cross the Bridge tu soon butt then agin she nu his quality of life wuz just not there anymore.  Shasta wuz more of a pain tu him than I ever wuz az a pup so she kept them separated.  Finally, after mom had talked an'talked 'boutz when tu let Oreo cross the Bridge - all the vetz wood tell her iz "You will know"  No one ever told her how she wood know - ya'see, mom had never had to deal with this b-4 even tho she had grown up with doggyz - her dad alwayz took care of taking the doggy fer that final trip tu the Bridge.  Butt she believed firmly that this wuz her duty - she owed this tu Oreo - she just didn't know when or how she wood know.  Even her sis talked tu sum peeple who owned Westiez like she duz - "How do u know when" she wood ask them.  At first there wuz just more "You will know".  One day tho, a friend of mom's sis sed sumthin furry much impawtent - "You will know when you cradle your dog's face in your handz an'you look intu that face an'there iz nuthin'there lookin'bak at u".  So one day, that iz what mom did - az she sat on the kitchen floor one day, she held Oreo in her armz an'looked intu his little face - an'yes, that'z when she knew.

Mom made Shasta stay home that day we took my little "big" brudder Oreo tu b-gin his trip over the Rainbow Bridge cuz Shasta didn't really know Oreo butt she did take me cuz she knew we were "best budz".  Az we sat there in the room, mom knew she had made the right d-cision cuz little Oreo didn't even wimper when he got that first shot - he just laid there like he wuz takin'a nap.   I wuz rite there b-side mom when Oreo left us - I got tu b there tu say "See ya later, Best Bud"

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mom Monday to Beaglebratz - We got an award - a few weeks ago

(We got this award a while ago so 
I am going to let the 
Beaglebratz have the blog today so
they can tell you all about it)

Thanx mom-
Akchully, we got this a few weekz ago BUTT 
there iz just wayyyy so much goin'on in Blogville
rite now.
(Not tu menchun that our mom iza 
tad lazy sumtimez when
it comez tu helpin'us post)
It haz bin awhile since we got an award so when
Ruthie over at
K-9 Katastrophie
chose tu give this award tu us,
we wuz really surprized-

BUTT this award carriez a few rulez with it
an'since we r the 
Secretariez of Social Networking,
we du haf a duty tu uphold thoze rulez.

1. Copy and paste the award on our blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who gave you the award.
3. Pick our five favorite blogs, with less than 200 followers and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have received the award.
4. Hope that the five blogs chosen will keep spreading the love and pass it on to five more blogs.

Ok, so here r the 5 blogz
(not easy at all to limit it to just 5
altho less than 200 followers did narrow it a bit) 
1. River frum Down River an'in Georgia-
a couragus an'handsum Beagle boy whooze furmily 
haz bin hit hard with that dreaded "c" diseaze-
there r sum strugglez there-
sum r doggy an'hoomin.
 2. Jess'n Glacier frum
well what can we say x-cept
they r hostin'the HOOGE
Blogville Valentine's Day Pawty
an'it iz fer a great cauze.
Not tu menchun that tu our mom-
kinda an inspirin'blogz.
Oh an'Mr. K with Roscoe r there tu.
iz 'boutz one of our
nu-est Blogville rezidentz-
Blu the Doxie.
Mom sez this iz anuther one
of thoze inspirin'blogz.
Ya'see, Blu hurt hisself an'now 
he can't walk after hiz surgery.
So, hiz pawrentz r gittin'him 
a new set of wheelz.
If u haf not stopped by 
Blu'z blog then
u shood git on by there.
4. We haf anuther, kinda nu furrend'n
that iz Luna the Beagle over at
She iz kinda young pup who
livez in Australiz with
her 2 dadz'n they haf lotsa fun
an'sumtimez we git tu c
Luna duin'nu stuffz she haz lerned.
She iz 1 smart doggy fer 
bein'so young.
5. Ok, we iz down tu the last BUTT
Cindy Lu over at
We haf a confeshun tu make-
we seldom haf a chance tu 
comment over there (butt then
we don't haf time tu leave 
tu many commentz ANYWHEREZ) BUTT
we du haf time tu read it'n
there iz sum real 
interestin'stuff there-
stuffz'bout puppy millz'n
her most recent post 'bout the
World's Ugliest Dog Contest in
Petaluma, California.  
An'ya just never know when
she mite b duin'a
This wuz anuther post 'bout the 
Ugliest Dog Contest
she did a few dayz ago.

By the way, 
in case u hazn't herd this b-4,
Liebster iza German werd that meanz
dearest, beloved, or favorite.



Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow - sumwherez BUTT will it git here tu ?????????

Well may-b sum of our Husky furrendz here in Kansas will c their biggest wish come true this weekend.  Yepperz, there is s’poze tu b a BIG winter storm movin’our way – at least that’z what mom told us an’that guy that talkz tu much on that big box.  BUTT it iz gonna b in a difrent part of Kansas – way west of us.  May-b thoze Huskiez shood go west young man, go west (he-he – we made a funny).  Don’t know if the THE OP PACK who live east of us will c it – we may not get anymore than an inch which ain’t much to play in.  May-b the THE ARMY OF FOUR in Manhattan may c a little more than we du cuz they r west of us an’also a little north – anyone in northwest Kansas cood get snow.  We wunder if there r any Blogville doggiez or kittehz in western Kansas – they haf bin gettin'a blizzard. One of our newest furrendz, K the Labrador of ROMPING AND ROLLING IN THE ROCKIEZ iz havin'a whole lotta fun in a whole lotta snow - if u haven't checked out this blog yet well then u just NEED tu stop by there.

By the way, we herd that this weekend iz Sooper Bowl weekend - du we git bigger bowlz?  Mom sed it ain't that kinda bowl BUTT a football game- we haza football so guess we can play tu!

We herd that a whole lotta snackin'goez on tu - du we git that tu?  Mom haz already started snackin.

Well, we gotta go praktise our movez fer the football game - c u later.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Well as the Beaglebratz told you last evening, I did have another appointment yesterday with the eye doctor - actually they just said hu-doc but at this time, you can pretty well figure it was either my local optometrist or the specialist in Overland Park, Kansas - this was the specialist which is why I was late getting home.  They survived just fine and after I gave them each a tater tot and a few carrots with their kibble, I think they forgave me for leaving them so long.

So there is really not much to tell that I didn't already tell you.  Except it has improved a little or at least no worse (gee, haven't I heard that before?)  Yes, the Herpes Simplex virus has migrated from the upper outer edge of my eye, where it caused NO vision problems and now it is moving over the central vision where it is causing a little problem.  My specialist is optimistic that maybe the virus will just keep migrating to the lower outer edge of my eye - preferably just keep on migrating right on out off my eye.

So overall, I am happy about that.  BUT (yes, there IS a but) I use to be able to tell people that I can be there at a certain time and certain place.  If there is ANYTHING that has really hit me hard over the past two years - I can't do that anymore, I can't commit to something anymore.  I know this can happen to anyone really but the chances of it really happening to me is more likely to occur - it already has a couple of times which is why I don't commit to much of anything anymore.  For example - our therapy dog group has an evaluation coming up in about 2 weeks and they depend on members helping out in whatever way needed; I use to do that - if I said I was going to do something then you could depend on me being there.  Or, that evaluation coming up - Shasta and me need our re-evalution which costs us $20 that goes to our local group and is non-refundable but the money is not the issue as much as not knowing if I would even be able to see well enough that day since my vision can change almost hour to hour.  But I think the biggest issue I have is not being able to say "Yes, I can help out" or "I can be there at that time and do that". 
Even here in Blogville it is affecting me - I missed several emails from businesses who were willing to have me try a product and review it here - even if they were willing to try again, I'm leery of committing to things like that now

Oh well, time to let Shiloh'n Shasta out - at least they are something I can commit too.  I'm rambling and I have eye drops to use before I can go to bed so I best stop for now.