Friday, September 28, 2012


(This mornin'mom wuz tryin'tue 
hurry me up soooooooooooo furry much that 
I got so flusterated that
I furgot tue put a subject line 
up there on my post, soooo
here it iz AGIN!
IF u haf already red it,
u don't need tue read it agin - nuthin'new in it)
The Diva Shasta here with a furry much IMPAWTENT announcement.  Our blog, Team Beaglebratz, iz SLOWLY approachin’a most magnamous monumental
acheevement.  This blog will soon reech the furry most HOOGE  500 postz! (SCREEMS n’SHOUTS OF JOY)   Okey-dokey, now hush eferyone.  Also, with the soon’tue arrive month of October, also comez MY 6th BARKDAY! (MORE SCREEMZ n’SHOUTZ OF JOY!) Okay-okay,  that iz quite ENUF of that noize – PUH-LEEEEEEZE, due let me continue.  At furst,
mom thought (this iz not an eezy thing fur her tue due) ‘bout havin’the 500th post happen durin’MY BARKDAY MONTH BUTT then big bruther nozey Mr. Shiloh just HAD tue stick hiz schnoz in the middle
of it all an’sed NOW WAIT!  This blog iza TEAM effort an'that iz y it iz called TEAM BEAGLEBRATZ-

it iz NOT just 'bout the Diva here an'b-sidez, I, SHILOH, iz the oldest.

The Diva Shasta here agin - now if u ask me, just b-cuz Mr. Shiloh iz older - what the %#$#% duz that haf tue due with ANYTHING! BUTT mom caved anyway - she iz such a softie fur her "little guy"
big galute.  So I guess the 500 post will happen AFTER my barkday month (that'z ok cuz I don't like tue share much)  ANYWAY - mom sed she wantz me tue git this posted so u'all can c theze impawtent announcementz B-4 they r over.  There will b MORE info next week 'boutz our 500 post something or'other.  Startin'Monday, October 1st u'all will c more frum me cuz that iz the start of MY BARKDAY MONTH an'mom sez I git the blog fur almost ALL the month.  So Mr. Shiloh will just haf tue go intue hibernashun - take a loooooooooooooong nap - HEY! WAIT A MINIT!  I WANNA NAP TUE! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Anuther sad 2nd post

Mango Relentlessly Huge
May 4th 2005 - September 26, 2012

 Our mom sed she iz thinkin'may-b not duin’the Werdless Wednesday post.  fer awhile.  She sez that the last 2 we did, tueday an'last week, haz bin followed with a late 2nd post that wuz a sad one – one ‘boutz a 2-legger (last week) or a 4-legger(this week), crossin’the Rainbow Bridge.  Last week it wuz Poppy Vic over at ZOOLATRY, Ann’s husband an’Zoey an’Maggy’s hu-dad.  
This mornin'we lerned of the Relentlessly Huge Mango’s totally unexpected crossin’The Bridge.
We just know the Mango Mama, the Master an’Dexter will miss him greatly.  If by sum weird chance sumone haz NOT left their condolencez fur  

Mango'z family pleeze take sum time now tue go due that now. Our mom wuz sent this in an email awhile ago an'asked us if we wood post it here - there r sum peepz who don't think it iz u need tue greeve fur a pet BUTT we all know dif'rent.

  • Grieve - Take time to grieve as you would for the loss
    of a loved one. Cry, get angry, mope, eat or do whatever makes you feel better. Grieving is a natural process and grieving for a pet is just as real and painful as grieving for a family member

  • Ignore mockers - Ignore those who tell you that it is
  • just an animal and get over it. Do not even listen to them or entertain their
    company right now.
     Seek comfort from those who understand - Seek out the
    other animal lovers you know and spend time with them. They are the only people
    who can truly understand what you are going through and sympathize with you.
     Enjoy good memories - It will take a few days but  look
    through photographs -first Christmas, your first home,  playing with your pet etc. cry but allow yourself to laugh through those tears and enjoy remembering the moments they brought joy to your lives.
    Give it time - There will be days months later that you will
    find yourself looking for your best friend or talking to him you may even breakdown and cry some. However, those days will get fewer while the memories still are strong. Someday you will see a picture or think about something without crying and smile.

    ~Shiloh'n Shasta~

    Tuesday, September 25, 2012

    Wordless Wednesday - almost (nap time)

    Last week, we Beaglebratz showed u'all a few pikchurez of us at play.  This week we wood like tue show u'all just a few of the many wayz we Beaglebratz like tue nap.  We wood like tue say a special thank-u tue
    fur makin'this post possible.

    Az u can c in this next pikchure, it'z not alwayz 'boutz the team az Shasta sumtimez likez Froggy'n Ducky tue keep her company when she napz.

    On the other paw, when'n where he fallz - that iz where Shiloh napz.

    Butt really, this blog iz mostly 'boutz the team effort->

    We Beaglebratz r shure that u'all know 'boutz the power of suggeschun when lookin'at pikchurez so if anyone of u haf the need tue go take a nap NOW - then by all meanz - DUE IT!
    ~Shiloh'n Shasta~ 

    Wednesday, September 19, 2012

    A sad loss here on Earth is Heaven’s sweet gain (2nd post today)

     Our Wordless Wednesday post was already posted when I heard the terrible news this morning.  In case there is someone out there who has not heard - 

    Ann, Maggy and Zoey over at ZOOLATRY
    lost their beloved Poppy Vic yesterday.   Ann and Vic had been married for over 35 years.  He died after battling the evil cancer monster for sometime.  Poppy Vic is now at peace and never more will he have to endure the pain caused by this wretched disease.  Praying that Ann and her family - Maggy and Zoey and the two-leggers, may find this same peace.  If you have not had a chance before, please stop by their blog to offer your prayers and support.

    ~Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta~


    Tuesday, September 18, 2012

    Wordless Wednesday - almost

    PLAYTIME!  I guess the cooler weather (40's at night to mid 70's/low 80's daytime)  we have been having is great motivation for the Beaglebratz-
    TIME TO REST & REJUVENATE - I guess after all that,  it was time for a nap-

    Mom Kim

    Friday, September 14, 2012

    Product Review - Lincoln Bark's Sweet Little Butterpups

    A while bak we Beaglebratz (akchually our mom) wuz contacted by Katie @ Lincoln Bark 'boutz taste testin'their Sweet Little Butterpup treatz which come in 4 yummiliscious flavorz - Salmon, Chicken Liver, Oatmeal an'Pumpkin.  We Beaglebratz LOVE bein'taste testerz an'theze Sweet Little Butterpups did NOT let us down 
    They r made with Chia seedz which really help our bodiez - ya know thoze little antioxident thingiez- the Chia seedz haf more than blueberriez.  An'that Omega-3 fatty acidz - there iz more of that stuff in Chia seedz than in wild Salmon.  Thoze little Chia seedz - they r powerful stuff an'u can read all'boutz'em HERE  An'by the way, LINCOLN BARK
    duz make other treatz fur us doggiez an'also fur our kitty furrendz - make shure tue check'em out. 

    Az chief taste tester, me - Shiloh - had furst dibz when mom brought in the box

    The Diva Shasta here - I tried tue git Shiloh tue let me haf a go at the box butt he wood haf none of it.
     FINALLY, mom intervened an'made us sit side by side B-4 we cood try'em

    Like we sed, they r yummiliscious so make shure tue check out thoze linkz above an'try your own Sweet Little Butterpups - mom sed she wuz gonna hafta git us sum more.

    ~Shiloh'n Shasta~
    Offishal taste testerz of Team Beaglebratz

    Wednesday, September 12, 2012

    Almost Wordless Wednesday - THE BATH

    Me, Shiloh had tue haf a bath a few dayz ago when me an'mom went tue the libary so all the little kiddoz cood take turnz readin'tue me - I listen really good.  Mom cood only git a couple pikchurez cuz she wuz bizy makin'shure I gotz a good bath ->

    Have a great day - gotta git goin'tu 

    Frankie'z class


    Tuesday, September 11, 2012


    With the blog of Team Beaglebratz being a pet blog, I couldn't let this article I found get away - I realize that the search dogs used at Ground Zero were and are more than just pets but even our own dogs are hero's in someone's eye - worth the time to read this->
    The 9/11 Rescue Dogs: Portraits of those still living 

    The mom here. Even now, when I see the television specials replayed again and again, it is like seeing it for the first time all over again- the shock, horror and disbelief that something this horrendous had happened on our shore.  I pray it will never happen again.

    Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta