Saturday, June 26, 2010


Surgery is over and improvement has started however it is going slow.  In addition to the cornea transplant the doc also added a layer of stem cells.  These stem cells are used to strengthen and hopefully will make the cornea healthier.  These stem cells will soon be absorbed into the cornea however due to the paralysis on that side of my face - making the blink reflex not as effective - rven tho the cornea will be protected a little bit longer it also means the blurriness will last a little longer.  Oh well, I have already had to go through several months of waiting - what's a few more weeks, especially since it will help the cornea in the long run.  I have been staying at my sister's since surgery but starting yesterday I am home during the day and spend the nite over there - and the Beaglebratz are with me.  When I got ho,e the day after surgery, Shiloh stayed by my side almost constantly with Shasta close by.  She has developed into quite a playmate with my sister's Westie, Beilie - my sister got some good pics of those two playing together and I will post them when I can.  Ok, need to go for now - will be bak when I can and so will the

Sunday, June 13, 2010

jHere we are again

 Howdy all - Shiloh here rite now.  First I gotta tell ya about my little sis, Shasta - she dun me proud tuday, well kinda.  It wooda bin better if she had shared with me but I never share either.  Mom wuz makin a sandwich an/I guess Shasta thought it wuz fer her cuz she made off with a slice of bread.  Did not think she wood du that but she proved me wrong - ohly wooda bin better if she had let me haf sum.

Herd mom tell aunt sis that she felt like a chiken with itz hed cut off -cuz she wuz so excited about Tuezday.  Well me an'Shasta r just glad that mom wuzn't  a real chikem.  By the way, mom sed we B-bratz r goin fer a "spa day" tumorrow - mom sed we need tu git bootified - not shure what all that meanz but I no r bootyz r just fine the way they r.

Shasta here now - what iz this thing with the niknamez?    Now mom iz callin' me goosy-loosy,   Now if u ask me, she iz the one who iz goosy.  An'since when r we B-bratz drumz?  Sumtimez when mom iz sittin'by us an'we r all listenin'tu musik, mom startz tappin'on us - at least she don't uze them stiks they uze fer drumz - just her fingerz. 
Well mom iz callin' fer me an'hiloh tu go outside.  I will say g'nite now frum me an'Shiloh.

Note from mom - Okm ao I'm a little excited - well ater almost 6 months total, I am so BEYOND ready for this to end.  The cornea transplant will be around 2:30 this Tuesday afternoon.  The surgery will be an outpatient procedure in Kansas City(Overland Park).  Along with the transplant, the surgeon is adding a layer of stem cells that he is hoping will aid in healing - stronger and healthier.  Mu sis and I are staying the nite at a nearby motel because I have my first
post-op appointment at 9 the  next morning then hopefully get to do a little shopping before we come home however that depends on what I hear from the doc.  My vision will still be a little blurry for a few days due to the stem cells but they are suppose to adhere into the eye within 2 weeks or so.  So I am not sure when I will be back - hopefully before the 2 weeks are up.  The doc says my vision will be like having a sheet of wax paper over my eye - like I told my pastor, I can deal with a sheet but it/s the box I am looking through now that I can't handle.  Will be bak when we can. 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hey all, we iz here!

Shiloh here - I gotta tell ya'll sumthin' - it'z gittin' a little crazy around here at timez.  A few  daze ago mom came home afta bein' gone awhile an'wuz real happy an'started dancin' around  an'made me dance tu an'got Shasta all excited an'runnin' around an' mom sed "itza go!"   I found out that she had gone tu c her docter an'he wuz really happy about no nu problemz, whatever that meanz.  This mornin' she  told me an'Shasta she haz only 10 more daze, whatever that meanz.  But she did say sumthin' tu me an'Shasta I du no about -  mom sed that she will bring us sumthin' frum 3 Dog Bakery the next time she goze c her eye docter - me an'Shasta got sum surprizez frum them when Santa Paws stopped by - I wunder if mom iz gonna talk tu him agin - I bet she tellz him how really good we bin.  I gotta stop fer now - fer sum dumb reezon Shasta thinkz she haz tu tell ya sumthin'.

Thsnk u my deer bruther fer lettin' me say hi tu u'all - itz bin a while since we wuz here.  It haz bin gittin' really hot around here - mom keepzus cooled off good  - lettin' us out when we need tu but bringin'us in b-4 we git very hot.  Anywayz, mom gave me a nu nikname that she callz me alot - Little Lady-Who.  Now whatz that about - she noze who I am so why duz she add Who on that an'y not add Shasta tu Little Lady - I like that cuz I no I'ma a Little Lady.

Shiloh here agin - ok, ok - b-4 we'all git sik frum that - thoze last few wordz rum Shasta woke me up frum a snorin' good nap - anyway itza about time fer r midday napz so we gotta go fer now.  Not shure when we will b bak but we will sumtime.