Saturday, June 26, 2010


Surgery is over and improvement has started however it is going slow.  In addition to the cornea transplant the doc also added a layer of stem cells.  These stem cells are used to strengthen and hopefully will make the cornea healthier.  These stem cells will soon be absorbed into the cornea however due to the paralysis on that side of my face - making the blink reflex not as effective - rven tho the cornea will be protected a little bit longer it also means the blurriness will last a little longer.  Oh well, I have already had to go through several months of waiting - what's a few more weeks, especially since it will help the cornea in the long run.  I have been staying at my sister's since surgery but starting yesterday I am home during the day and spend the nite over there - and the Beaglebratz are with me.  When I got ho,e the day after surgery, Shiloh stayed by my side almost constantly with Shasta close by.  She has developed into quite a playmate with my sister's Westie, Beilie - my sister got some good pics of those two playing together and I will post them when I can.  Ok, need to go for now - will be bak when I can and so will the


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Hi Shasta and Shiloh, I am soooooo very glad that your mom has gotten this surgery thingy taken care of. I know she will be better very soon.
PLEASE be sure to see my July 6th. blog.... something exciting is coming.
I am soooo relieved to have you and your mom back!!!

Sapphire said...

oh, get well soon! *Heel*!

River said...

We are thinking of you and hoping things will progress quickly. We beagles are great helpers when it comes to healing vibes.

love & wags,

Cinnamon and Mint said...

It is good to hear that the surgery is over after a long wait. I hope your eye heals quickly!