Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hello all - Shiloh'n Shasta here
This heat is just slowin'down all of us here 
at Team Beaglebratz.
Mom sez yesterday wuz 106'n
tuday iz s'poze tu b 100.
We had a breef "cooldoawn' this 
past Monday when it wuz 98 BUTT
all theze daze seem the same tu US-
Time fer our mornin'nap.
U'all haf a grate day!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tooting our hornz on Tuezday - really late with this

We thought our mom wuz gonna du this- 
we thought that wuz y she wanted the blog space BUTT
we wuz CHEATED! 

R'member 'bout 87 gazillion yearz ago
(butt mom sez it wuz really bak in March or April)

Thoughts Fur Paws Spring Pet Photo Contest  
an'our post-
Can you vote for us?
 Well we got 3rd place an'there were ALOTTA entriez 
An we gotta 
T-RIFIC prize package frum Thoughts Fur Paws.
Here r pikchurz of ALL THE GOODIEZ!

Furst-here iz the box that came tu US- 

Just lookit at that loot

Uh-oh, sumthin'iz tryin'tu escape-
think we shood help?

Now we STILL haf the great toyz we got
that critter that wuz TRYIN'tu escape-
that wuz one of them long unstuffed but NOT squeeker-less 
It iz GRRRRRREAT fer a game of 
tug b-tween us Beaglebratz an'it iz still with us. 

That pink toy down there-
that iza HuggleHound an'it
will last a LOOONG time an'haz
a squeeker.

An'then there were theze 2 little critterz-
c that little Westie on the package?
Well it gave us an idea - theze 2 litte critterz 
were an ideal size fer our Westie cuzinz - Kailie & Bailie.
The little critterz were kinda small fer Beagle mouthz 
an b-sidez we had the other toyz'n

An'then there WERE all the T-RIFIC foodablez,
yes, that'z rite - WERE!
Altho we still haf a few of theze left

BUTT theze

Didn't last furry much long
 An'then biscutz that looked like
ice cream conez-

We almost fergot tu tell u 'bout the neat
little sockz-they r called PowerPawz an'help 
us walk on slippery floorz.

AN'we ain't dun yet - more foodablez - samplez of

an'after all that eatin'we got
This stuff iz grate an eazy- 
a liquid that u just add it tu
your doggy'z water bowl an'it iz
grate that we uze it since we go vizitin'.

An'lastly BUTT not least at all- 
mom got sumthin'tu
(we r not shur since 
it wuzn't her pikchur that u voted fer)
 Itza a thriller 'bout a dog that saw a crime'n
hiz owner - a vet turned cop turned thief who mite go tu jail-
the owner of the dog iz suspected of the crime'if goez tu jail then
it cood b the end of the road fer the dog.
Mom haz read sum butt her eye problemz keep gettin'in the way-
may-b now she can finish.

Ok - think that iz all there wuz iz.
Akchually we wua furry much surprized there wuz 
so much grate stuff.
U'all shood keep watch cuz 
there r alwayz thingz
goin'on at

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mom Day Monday

Welcome to what I hope is the first edition of Mom Day Monday (thank you to Frankie Furter for this great idea).  I had contemplated about doing my own separate blog however since it seems at times I have a hard enough time "helping" the Beaglebratz with their's and after a lengthy "discussion" with the Beaglebratz (along with some treat bribery) they let me do my thing here on Mondays.  So I hope you enjoy - this will be MY spot - whatever I choose to write about.
The following was in an email I happened to get then after that is my thought about it.
“When we choose not to focus on 
what’s missing from our lives but 
are grateful for the 
abundance that’s present… 
we experience heaven on earth.”
I have figured out – when we talk about how our dogs live one day at a time, in the here and now … then this is what their lives must be like. Because they are not focused in on what they don’t have but rather they already have whatever their abundance is – what they desire – love, understanding, adequate food &amp water &amp maybe a belly-rub now &amp then along with a cuddle or two.  Some of us humans, me included, could profit by learning this from our dogs.

This little quote is something I "borrowed" from an email signature box I get at work - another good example of living in the here and now-
"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us."
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

This post frum Shiloh

I just think that this iz so NOT FAIR!  
Mom NEVER let ME du anything like what 
little sissie Shasta iz duin'this weekend
an'she iz only 4 yearz old
(Shasta iz 4 not mom)

I bet mom wuz missin'sumthing when 
Shasta asked if she cood go.

Shur du wish I nu what wuz goin'on there-
shur hope Shasta iz safe.
This iz all I no 'bout where she iz-
don't haf a locashun

Camp Sunflower at Wilma the Pug

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Diva Princess Shasta Here - JUST fer us GURLZ

Mom sez I gotta du this post FAST if I'm gonna go outside b-4 bed so here goze-
C that badge over there on our sidebar-
the one that lookz like THIS one-
Well, if u click on that one 
it will take u over tu Wilma the Pug's blog 
where u can find out 'bout
Camp Sunflower that iz THIS weekend.
Mom sez I can GO-
Ok, time fer bed now 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Second post today - this one from the mom

(this is a picture I took last year on a short vacation my sis and I took-it was early morning outside of a convenience store on the east side of St. Joseph, Missouri)

(kinda serious but not health or dog related)  I am thinking - wondering about something.  To do ... or not to do ... another blog, this one ONLY done by ME! (the dogs would put in appearances now and then but only in pictures.) Sometimes I have things I want to share but don't want to take away from the Beaglebratz (is that weird or what?)  I thought maybe, instead of a whole different blog, I mite just do like I am now - two posts in one day only their post early in the day and then mine in the evening.  I mean I seem to have trouble a lot just helping the Beaglebratz get their post done - so how could I do a whole other blog? But then I sometimes think another blog would be fun - at least try it for awhile.  Subjects such as my "experiments" in the kitchen, vacation pictures or just pictures of something else, maybe not the Beaglebratz.  The Beaglebratz would keep their blog by all means, after all they are Blogville's resident Secretaries of Social Networking.

Ok - this is now where you can play a part; I would like to hear some input - Yay, Nay, or ????????????  My vision is better altho the Herpes eye infection is trying to raise it's ugly self again but my local eye doc found it the same day it started.  That's another reason I am thinking of another blog - I really don't want to put that on the Beaglebratz blog - their blog helps to not think so much about my vision.
Ok - we all NEED to get to bed now.  And it would still have my doggy-mom style a little so definitely include the Beaglebratz when I wanted but they would not be the subject of any post (usually).

A HOT an'almost Wordless Wednesday

(butt definitely not Beagle-less)
This iz sum of what we haf bin up to fer the past few daze- 
mom sed tuday iz our  
     Shasta                  Shiloh       

an'sum of this tu

an'mom sed we r gonna haf theze same kinda hot tempz fer the
next 87 gazillion daze 
(ok, may-b just 7 or 8 daze)
so just may-b we will b duin'more of this
~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday

From the mom- 
What am I thankful for, besides all of my wonderful Blogville furrends and their families?  Hmmmmmm, gee - gotta think about that one.  
Oh yea, what about these two?
Now if I could just do what that song says-
Put the world away for a minute-
Pretend I don't live in it...
find my own kind of paradise BUT
of course that would HAVE to include
my Beaglebratz and
my computer so I could stay in touch
with all of you.
~Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta~

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Sorta

Shiloh wonders  - Where'z that recoon?

Frum Shiloh'n Shasta -
our mom iz still havin'problemz with her eye/sizion - the docz all no what they r duin'it iz just the health of her eye that iz cauzin'the problemz.  They seem tu b ongoin'an she/us will post an'comment as her vizion will allow.
So don't give up on us - we r still here an'read az we (n'Blogger)  can.


Monday, July 11, 2011


Mom sez it iz already in the 80'z-

not shur what that meanz 'cept 

she won't let us stay out furry much long.

Not much else goin'on rite now-

az we sed, it iz Monday so

mom iz off tu werk in a little while.

Az fer us Beaglebratz-

we haf had our breakfast so

it iz time fer our mornin'nap.

Yall haf a good day!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Yes, that was the first word I heard -
besides the vet's intro,
I heard earlier this evening.
(Shiloh doing the happy dance)
Shiloh had a benign PLASMACYTOMA
If you read the article that link goes to-
I especially like the last sentence in the abstract-
"The results of this study indicate 
that canine cutaneous plasmacytomas  
are benign..." 

Ok, now comes the 
for all your thoughts and prayers-
they are all so greatly appreciated.
I wanted to get around to everyone's blog to thank you each with a comment but 
besides dealing with what was happening with Shiloh plus getting the 
Beaglebratz's pictures for the luau,
I'm afraid that my vision problems continue-
I'm still working and it's not really bad but 
my eye doc appt.s are at least weekly and this week I will also be traveling to Overland Park for an appt. with my eye specialist.

Right now, I'm struggling to 
keep my eyes open so
need to get the B-bratz outside so 
we can all come back in and 
get to bed.
~Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta~

Monday, July 4, 2011

HAPPY JULY 4th an'the Honorooroo Pawty


This message is comin'tu u via our telepathic wave-stream.

Shiloh'n Shasta here- 

We haf bin furry much bizy with all the fun at the Honorooroo Luau with the Feisty Three
an'haf not bin able tu post b-4 now.  We du invite if u haz not bin there b-4, tu stop by their blog tu chek out all the pikchurz they haf of the Luau.  There haz bin soooooooo furry much tu du there - not just a luau BUTT last nite wuz the big bonfire piknik on the beach

an'a surfin'contest an'a late nite pool pawty an'there iz gonna b a hula-hula dance later then tunite iz the big fireworkz display  
                         An'with sum thoughtz frum our mom, we also want tu leave u with a serious concern of ourz.  We haf herd of tu many doggiez an'kittiez who fur sum dumb reazon, their peepz think they shood stay outside or go tu piknikz with'em an'b around fer the boom-boomz that happen later tunite.  Even tho we iz in Honorooroo(courtesy of the Internetz)-

PLEEZE LEAVE YOUR DOGGIEZ'n KITTIEZ AT HOME'n IN THE HOUSE! They REALLY DO NOT NEED tu b there - if they cood talk, they wood tell u they don't like the sound of the boom-boomz.  They git scared an'run off - git hit by carz or end up in shelterz an'we all no the end result at the shelterz - espeshally now b-cuz the shelterz git  over-crowded with all the scared doggies'n kittiez.  How 'bout leavin'em in a small, darkened room with a radio with hi-volume. 

Ok - now bak tu the Luau
 ~Shiloh'n Shasta~